CFG Wealth Management offers securities and advisory services through Madison Avenue Securities, LLC.
You’ve chosen the path for your life, worked toward your goals, envisioned your legacy. Jennifer joined CFG Wealth Management as office manager in May 2013 after more than six years as executive assistant at Catholic Charities Oregon. Jennifer enjoys helping the advisors at CFG provide full service wealth management for business owners, medical professionals, and other successful individuals in the greater Portland, Oregon, region.
Outside the office, Jennifer enjoys attending her daughters’ high school activities, camping, traveling, and running 5K road races.
Today’s evolving health care landscape has created new financial challenges for medical professionals.
At CFG Wealth Management, we focus on meeting the specialized needs of medical professionals. CFG Wealth works with accomplished business owners and their families to design and implement the wealth management plan that moves them to personal success.

In her role at CFG, she coordinates marketing strategies and client events, manages office operations and technology, and assists with client service requests. Together, the team helps investors make better decisions about every facet of their financial lives so they can spend more time with their families or focus on their businesses. In the community, she volunteers as a freelance French interpreter for Congolese refugees in the Portland area and serves as a board member of the State of Oregon’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program Set Aside Committee.
With reimbursement rates declining and the cost of everything from office space, equipment, and malpractice insurance on the rise, medical professionals today face an uncertain financial future. Whether you are balancing the need to pay off student loans against the need to save for retirement or your children’s college education, we can help you protect your business interests and grow your personal wealth. We examine both short-term and long-range goals to help you maximize cash flows and minimize taxes. Your family has been there for you every step of the way, helping you build a successful practice. Sharing the fruits of your success with community organizations or your favorite charities requires a thoughtful plan.

Streamlining the firm’s operations and enhancing efficiency enables the advisors to spend more time serving clients and growing the firm.
We review every facet of your financial picture to develop a comprehensive wealth management plan. Our team of money management professionals can help simplify your life by managing your short-term and long-term assets in accordance with your goals and risk tolerance. We can help you build an enduring legacy that maximizes the impact of your charitable giving and the tax benefits you gain. Whether your goal is capital preservation, capital growth, income, or a combination of these objectives, we will develop a customized approach to help meet you meet your goals.

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