QUESTION: I have done my lab tests and it was high sugar in urine, but blood sugar level was normal?
ANSWER: Hi, First of all, you have to know that there is no glucose in the urine of healthy individuals.
Is your Diabetic Heart Killing you softly?Get to know about Diabetes Heart Failure link to more severe complications. Now, let's see how the lack of insulin as seen in Type 1 diabetes and the insulin resistance of type 2 DM affect your body to produce the typical signs and symptoms associated with diabetes.
The lack of insulin or insulin resistance directly causes high blood glucose levels both after a meal and also during times of "fasting".
Because your cells have no glucose coming into them from your blood, your body "thinks" that it is starving.
You feel tired because your cells cannot absorb glucose, leaving them with nothing to burn for energy.
The ketones in the blood and urine seen above are usually associated with Type 1 diabetes but can occur in people with Type 2 diabetes also. The high blood glucose in diabetes produces glucose in the urine and frequent urination through effects on the kidneys. Now that you know the symptoms of diabetes -- high blood glucose, excessive hunger and thirst, frequent urination -- let's look at what happens to your body during diabetes.
Your lack of insulin or insulin resistance directly causes high blood-glucose levels during fasting and after a meal (reduced glucose tolerance).
The lack of insulin or insulin resistance acts on many organs to produce a variety of effects. High blood-glucose levels increase the osmotic pressure of your blood and directly stimulate the thirst receptors in your brain.Your increased urine flow causes you to lose body sodium, which also stimulates your thirst receptors.
Your poor blood circulation causes numbness in your hands and feet, changes in vision, slow-healing wounds and frequent infections. Fortunately, these consequences can be managed by correcting your high blood glucose through diet, exercise and medications, as we'll discuss next. Ketones in the urine, as detected by urine testing stix or a blood ketone testing meter[1], may indicate the beginning of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a dangerous and often quickly fatal condition caused by low insulin levels combined with certain other systemic stresses. Note that the triggers and signs are somewhat interchangeable because ketoacidosis is, once begun, a set of vicious circles which will make itself worse. In a diabetic, any urinary ketones above trace, or any increase in urinary ketone level, or trace urinary ketones plus some of the symptoms above, are cause to call an emergency vet immediately, at any hour of the day. Dehydration becomes involved with ketoacidosis, which can mean that subcutaneous insulin injections are not properly absorbed; when this occurs, intravenous treatment with soluble, short-acting insulin is needed[24],along with rehydrating intravenous fluids[25]. Veterinarians have sometimes been known to send pets home from a DKA episode while still displaying ketones in the urine due to owner financial constraints -- this can turn into a fatal mistake. When there's not enough insulin to allow conversion of glucose to energy, the body begins to break down fat cells, which produce fatty acids. At the same time, massive amounts of ketone bodies are produced, which in addition to increasing the osmolal load of the blood, are acidic. Glucose begins to spill into the urine as the proteins responsible for reclaiming it from urine reach maximum capacity.
Since diabetic dogs are considered insulin-dependent--unable to naturally provide any of their own insulin needs once diagnosed with diabetes--they are prone to ketoacidosis[30]. Undiagnosed diabetic cats are also likely to be ketoacidotic by the time they're brought to a vet, but not all cats are prone to ketoacidosis. The usual method of testing for ketones is with urine testing stix, available at any pharmacy.

At present there is only one device for consumers who wish to test blood instead of urine for ketones--Abbott's Precision Xtra[38]glucometer. The premise behind blood testing for ketones is the same as that for favoring glucose testing of blood over urine[40][41][42].
Children with Diabetes[47] advises every family with a child with diabetes should have this type of meter because of its blood ketone testing ability. Written for people but contains a lot of good information applicable to diabetes in pets also. Family members and Caretakers of patients with diabetes will also find this information useful and give them a better understanding of diabetes.
Most people don’t realize that there is always a bit of sugar in our urine and this is okay, it’s when there is a large amount of sugar that it when the problems begin. Usually our body can reabsorb the sugar from the fluid when the amount of sugar is normal, however when there is excess sugar not all of it is reabsorbed and the rest stays in the fluid and becomes urine. Since high amounts of sugar in the blood is usually associated with diabetes this is why sugar in urine is a common symptom of diabetes. If the amount of sugar in the blood is really high you may also notice a few things about your urine that is not normal.
If the cause of sugar in urine is due to high blood sugar, this can be a potential life threatening complication.
Speaking the truth, there are several medical conditions, which can cause an excretion of sugar (glucose) through the kidneys, when your blood sugar level is still normal.In addition, several drugs can also cause the excretion of sugar through the kidneys as their side effect. Alba, What would be the glucose reaction if I eat 2 scrambled eggs with 2 slices of salt-cured bacon and one slice of wholegrain toast? Right after a meal, there is no insulin to act as the key to allow the glucose to enter the cells, as we have seen above and this leads to raised blood glucose values.
It's not clear exactly what stimulates your hunger centers, possibly the lack of insulin or high glucagon levels. For the purposes of this discussion, let's suppose that you have undiagnosed, and therefore unmanaged, diabetes. It's not clear exactly what stimulates your brain's hunger centers, possibly the lack of insulin or high glucagon levels. The lack of insulin or insulin-resistance directly stimulates the breakdown of fats in fat cells and proteins in muscle, leading to weight loss.Metabolism of fatty acids leads to the production of acidic ketones in the blood (ketoacidosis), which can lead to breathing problems, the smell of acetone on your breath, irregularities in your heart and central-nervous-system depression, which leads to coma. So dehydration, hyperglycemia, fasting, and presence of ketones are not only signs, they're also sometimes triggers.
If a vet is unavailable, look for some of the other signs or triggers, and try to remedy any you can.
About 40% of newly-diagnosed canine diabetics have some amount of ketones when they are brought to the vet[31]. It is suggested that cats who are prone to ketoacidosis may benefit from a slightly lowered protein diet, [32], but note that this is lowered from an ideal mouse diet, not from an average domestic cat-food diet! The urine ketone measurement, like urine glucose measurement, can be hours old; testing blood for both gives current values as of testing time[43][44][45][46]. Whether you have been recently diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for years you will find something new here. Now let’s look at one of the most common symptoms of diabetes or pre-diabetes sugar in the urine. Our blood is filtered through the kidneys this is where all the toxic and unwanted substances in our blood gets turned into the fluid that becomes urine. You may notice your urine is sticky and there might also be what looks like very tiny crystals.

Since it can be caused by diabetes, not seeking treatment can lead to serious complications and problems.
Therefore, it is compulsory that you read all the side effects of every drug that you take, just to see if this is normal for them or not. Glucagon acts on your liver and muscles to breakdown stored glycogen and release glucose into the blood. Because the cells are unable to use the glucose, they pull fuel from other sources-fat stores and muscle-and the diabetic person begins to lose weight. The glucose in the blood reacts chemically with an enzyme on the test strip called glucose oxidase.
If your cat or dog comes back from the hospital and still has ketones showing on urine testing stix, it's usually best to find the financial means to go right back to the vet's as your pet may need to stay in hospital longer. The trace element balance of the system is altered by falling bicarbonate blood levels and rising serum potassium levels.
Dehydration worsens the increased osmolality of the blood, and forces water out of cells and into the bloodstream in order to keep vital organs perfused. Note also that some ketone-prone cats are ketone-prone due to pancreatitis, which requires just the opposite, a lowered-fat diet. Ketones evaporate quickly, so there's a chance of getting a false negative test result if you're testing older urine[36]. The Precision Xtra also does blood glucose testing with standard blood glucose test strips made for use with the meter. This form of testing can be done at home and most pharmacies sell urine dipsticks that can be bought over the counter. Various kidney diseases can also cause a glucose excretion in the urine without having any problems with blood sugar.For your information, the urine is a mixture of substances, which the organism doesna€™t need any more.
The product of the reaction, gluconate, combines with another chemical to make the strip turn blue. The potassium level of the body as a whole is reduced by the polyuria of ketoacidosis[27][28]. The device measures the degree of color change to determine and display the concentration of glucose in the blood sample. When there's not enough insulin to allow the body to burn glucose for energy, it begins metabolizing fat to fuel its cells. There can be changes in breathing (deep, sighing breaths) because the ketones themselves are acids. In particular, the brain cannot go without energy even for a second, so it demands fat conversion to ketones when glucose energy is unavailable[26]. When insulin is inadequate, fat must be turned into ketones for energy instead, and they rapidly become a major component of the brain's fuel. Continuing this process using fat and ketones instead of glucose without sufficient insulin intervention is the path to ketoacidosis. As a result, the bloodstream is filled with an increasing amount of glucose that it cannot use (as the body continues adding glucose to the blood with gluconeogenesis and perhaps also glycogenolysis). Perhaps (to my virtual judgement) you are adding caloric foods (sugary ones like candies, honey, or other ones). You can also discuss with her pediatrician for the best menu according to her age needs (because at this time she needs energy).

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