According to a study conducted in the United States instead of salt sugar is more harmful for patients with hypertension.
Scientists have reported that high levels of sugar in the body affect the mind is an important part hypothalamus, which increases heart rate and blood pressure. High blood sugar – Hyperglycemia – occurs when the glucose levels in the blood and body are too high.
It is possible that someone who is suffering from Hyperglycemia may not display any symptoms, however it is worth knowing that the condition itself can be symptomatic of diabetes. Any of the above can be indicative of high blood sugar, and should be investigated thoroughly. High blood sugar, or Hyperglycemia, is a condition in which the body produces too much glucose. Carbohydrates; carbohydrates are a form of sugar, and it is quite possible to eat too many.
Infections and Illness: blood sugar levels can rise very quickly in people who are ill, an in those who are recovering from surgery.
The above are the main causes of hyperglycemia, and if symptoms are detected they will likely stem from one of the causes on that list. High blood sugar is a treatable condition and one that is not uncommon, so medical help is almost certain to assist with the condition. It is important that diabetics keep on top of the problem in order that it does not become exaggerated. The methods of bringing down high blood sugar are similar to those that prevent or treat it: you should take exercise, eat less sugary foods, balance your diet and inject insulin as prescribed. We hope this article has helped you to understand the condition that is high blood sugar, and the symptoms that come with it. Written By Chris RenfrewChris Renfrew studied initially in paediatrics, gaining a high class distinction in the subject at the Dayton Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Poor memory arises when any part of this complex network slows down or malfunctions due to ageing, disease and many other factors like intake of medications, lifestyle etc. One of the most common causes of poor memory is ageing when the brain function slows down.The brain will no longer be able to efficiently process the information sent by various parts of the body as certain parts of the brain becomes sluggish and this leads to poor memory.
At this stage, storing and processing information becomes low and the person takes longer time to retrieve memories from the brain. The release of cortisol which is a stress hormone can cause a lot of trouble for proper brain function.
Generally, mild stress is known to improve your brain function and overall efficiency as there is a controlled release of cortisol which can enhance concentration.
Stress for a long time can permanently damage the brain cells and lead to inability in storing and retrieving information from the brain. A balance of nutrients and vitamins and adequate oxygen supply are essential for optimum brain function. All these factors must be corrected without delay to protect your brain from permanent damage and provide a better life for your brain for all the years to come.

Now that you have a better knowledge of what causes high blood sugar you can learn how to deal with it. The team of researchers says that high amounts of sugars affect a significant portion of the brain, which causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure is intensified. According to experts, therefore too much insulin is produced, the hormone insulin is also a major cause of the increase in heart rate is considered.
We need a certain amount of glucose to ensure that our vital organs work correctly, but too much can cause some health problems. By not dealing with the problem quickly it can lead to dehydration, and this leads to further symptoms such as difficulty breathing, drowsiness, general confusion and – in an advanced state – coma. The blood carries essential glucose to the vital organs, and an excess of glucose may affect the production of insulin, an essential hormone that is also involved in energy levels.
Keep off caffeine and drink plenty of water, and check that it is not your regular medication that is causing the problem.
You should also have learned how to control the condition, prevent it, and how it is treated. It was during his residency as a consultant at Dayton that he began his research and studies into diabetes in children. The risk of miscarriage in the first three months is 75 percent and in the second trimester it is 3 percent. When we lose our memory, whether it’s short term or long term, we lose our efficiency, be it personal or professional life. The ability to remember and retract memories rest with the brain’s efficiency in performing intricate procedures where we can store as well as retrieve information. The onset of memory loss happens gradually and can be due to a variety of factors like neurological, psychological, physiological and onset of age. Areas like hippocampus become inactive with age and this directly affects a person’s ability to store information and retrieve it when needed. As the brain cells become less in number, the process of neurotransmission gets affected due to inadequate number of brain cells present. A number of problems like dementia caused by Alzheimer’s sets in during old age due to degeneration of brain cells. Cortisol can tamper with proper neurotransmission and as a result, the person will have long term as well as short term memory loss. Prolonged stress hormones in the body will have an adverse effect on the brain and affect the hippocampus of the brain, which is the area related to memory.
It can also result in insomnia which is again a factor that can contribute to poor memory and lack of concentration.
Just like the body, brain too requires nutrients and in the absence of nutrients, brain function deteriorates and the person experiences memory loss. Symptoms of malnutrition can crop up as poor memory, mental fatigue, forgetfulness and confusion due to lack of proper brain function. Also called hyperglycemia. High blood sugar is a finding in a number of conditions, most notably diabetes mellitus. It pays to be sensible when dealing with diet related illnesses, and this can be treated as such.

Most women miscarry their babies in the first three months, hence these are the crucial months of pregnancy that women must be careful about.Now coming to the age of a woman, the risk of miscarriage after the age 30 is 12 percent, after age 35 it is 39 percent and after 40 years of age the risk of miscarriage is 60 percent. Elevated blood glucose leads to spillage of glucose into the urine (glucosuria) so that the urine is sugary. Another surprising thing about miscarriages is that about 5,00,000 pregnancies end up in a miscarriage worldwide.It is also true that 1 in 4 pregnancies end up in a miscarriage. In this article we will look at the problems associated with high blood sugar, what causes high blood sugar, high blood sugar symptoms and what can be done to treat the condition. Hypoglycemia is where the body produces too much insulin (or too much is injected) and causes low blood sugar.
Other things that can be done are to constantly check your blood sugar regularly with a glucose meter. When there are symptoms, they may be dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination, urination during the night, blurry vision, fatigue or drowsiness, weight loss, or increased appetite. An elevated level of blood sugar may be a useful independent indicator of heart disease risk. When the body does not produce enough of this chemical glucose levels spike, this is what causes high blood sugar. This is also dangerous and its symptoms are dizziness, confusion, tiredness, and eventually fainting. Also you should right down each test and its results on a graph to see what you can done to better your average sugar level. The risk of dying from heart disease has been found to rise as the level of blood glucose increases (regardless of age, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and smoking status).
Some women may even miscarry before they even know that they are pregnant.Hence, let's know the reasons of a miscarriage, so that it may help you in diagnosis. Vast amounts of greasy food block arteries and causes high blood pressure but at each blood pressure reading you should do the same and graph your readings to watch yourself improve. This happens to two out of ten women during their pregnancy and can be deadly to both mother and child.
We do not take enough of some minerals such as zinc, selenium, and other minerals and vitamins in our diet, resulting in low quality of eggs and sperms. Hence, have a check on your blood sugar level during your pregnancy to avoid any complications and a miscarriage.
In this case, some tiny blood clots may be formed in the blood of the mother that cause death of the foetus.
In this condition, some part of a chromosome can be split and get attached to the other chromosomes. A woman has to keep on trying in this case and chances are that she may get a healthy pregnancy too. In a physical trauma, a mother may lose her baby and in high mental stress also the stress hormones can attack the uterus to cause a miscarriage.

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