September was deemed National Healthy Aging Month, with dedicated themes around heart health, cholesterol education and prostate awareness.
Because testosterone is such an integral part of a male’s anatomy and overall health, testing for levels of Low-T by having your blood drawn will also screen for various illnesses and diseases including cholesterol, diabetes and prostate cancer before symptoms occur. FACT: 71 million American adults have high cholesterol, but only one-third of them have the condition under control.
While men should be health-conscious year-round, Healthy Aging Month in September provides an opportunity to reconsider those little habits and routines that can make a big overall difference in the long run.
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men other than skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, which makes this knowledge especially impactful for the average American male.
While there is a blood test specially designed to detect prostate cancer, the prostate-specific antigen test (PSA), this invasive test has high false-positive rates which can result in many unnecessary biopsies and complications. While researching the newly developed blood test, which could be a supplement to PSA tests, researchers compared blood samples of cancer patients and cancer-free participants.
Unlike the name, kidney stones are not associated with the presence of stones just in the kidneys, but also in the entire urinary system. Depending on the size and location of kidney stones, the conservative mode could be resorted to. Sir I have also problem with kidney stone pls help me sir how to control d pain sir any tablet for this pls urjently tell me sir.
Prothrombin Time (PT) is a test that measures how long it takes the liquid portion of blood (plasma) to clot.
PT tests are most accurately performed in clinical settings where plasma is separated from whole blood and mixed with calcium and tissue factor (a manufactured clotting agent).
Warfarin and other anticoagulants are typically used to treat medical conditions like atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.
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This entry was posted in INRatio Monitor System and tagged Alere, INR, INRatio, lawyer, PT, recall, warfarin. The Washington, DC office of The Cochran Firm brings experienced, high-caliber legal representation to individuals and families who have suffered severe, catastrophic injuries caused by the careless actions of others. Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating and unpredictable disease that often is difficult to diagnose. Gaithersburg, Maryland-based molecular diagnostic startup DioGenix wants to change all that. DioGenix is also developing a blood test to look for DNA changes that can portend MS thereby providing an alternative to testing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) altogether. President and CEO Larry Tiffany hopes that the test being studied in the validation trial currently will one day become the accepted method for diagnosing the disease because it will prove far superior to current standards of diagnosis, which often lead to false positives. There really is no one standard test in diagnosing MS and physicians often do a combination of CSF analysis and MRIs as well look at the patient’s clinical history to make a diagnosis. When analyzing CSF, the clinicians typically look to see if there is an inflammation and whether the body is producing the auto-immune response in the central nervous system. Making an accurate and diagnosis of MS, which DioGenix is aiming for, is not simply a matter of helping the patient have a better handle of the disease. MRIs are often used to diagnose the disease and that is problematic for several reasons – one, the MRI of  a patient suffering from a severe migraine or Lyme disease looks similar to that of an MS patient. DioGenix has raised about $8 million, including a grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society that is supporting the company’s research in ultimately being able to track DNA changes in immune blood cells instead of having to analyze CSF. For now, however, the goal in 2013 is to establish a CLIA Lab, where the MSPrecise test may be commercially administered in the future.
Telemedicine rollouts in rural areas may be expensive and complex, but one tech company claims to have a simple and inexpensive solution for rural hospitals. Methods used to diagnose include blood cultures, cultures of bloody sputum, and test of lymph node aspirate.
Mukesh Gandhi MD PA has been providing high quality medical care to adults of all ages to our community for several years. We handle all Internal Medicine related conditions, such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Pulmonary Diseases, etc.
In this article, I'll tell you what you need to know on how diseases can be found by observing your tongue.

Currently, diagnosis of diseases is widely being done through medical blood test and CT scan.
Firstly, a healthy human tongue is pinkish in color and is gently moist with a light coating just like the photo below.
Pulse diagnosis however, is quite difficult to perform and you should have at least a simple knowledge and experience with this technique. Generally, monitoring your health condition by looking at your tongue is a basic, easy to learn form of diagnosis while providing you quick result.
The tongue is quite useful in tracking the progress of your illness, and also helps in preventing it. Orthodox doctors perform tongue diagnosis to detect and effectively spot symptoms based on scientific evidence. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the tongue closely reflects the condition of your health. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body and is the only muscle that is connected on one end. The current world record holder for the longest tongue is Stephen Taylor (UK), whose tongue measured in at 9.5 centimeters as of 2006.
Tongue piercing has been around and practiced since the ancient times by some cultures as a ritual symbol. Junji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases.
Endometrial cyst is also called as chocolate cysts, because the endometriomas in the cyst are filled with the dark blood which reflects the color like chocolate syrup. Endometriosis is a condition where basically the connectivity of the uterine lining departs from the uterus and found in the other part parts of body such like stomach and it creates cysts. The symptoms of endometrial cyst are not specific or in large numbers, as it is a sort of disease that can be easily recognized by a woman during to her menstrual cycle.
Use of vitamins and herbs can help a woman in reducing the size of cysts and in avoiding the medical surgery.
So, this was the short description and its treatment that can prevent this sort of cyst disease by recognizing it. This is crucial because high cholesterol does not have symptoms and prostate cancer may be asymptomatic.
MMi can measure your cholesterol levels and advise you on your risk before seeking treatment for testosterone deficiency.
Because high cholesterol does not have symptoms, many men may not know that their cholesterol is too high.
The good news is that more than 99 percent of men survive prostate cancer when the disease is caught early.
Take the first step and have your blood levels drawn at MMi – it may just save your lift. Growing old is a natural process that can be enjoyed and savored as long as it is approached with the right knowledge and attitude. Len Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, researchers have spent a decade or more trying to develop a blood test to detect cancer. The ease and benefits of undergoing a simple blood test far outweigh the negative consequences that could result from a failure to do so. For most men, we recommend a simple blood test due to its effectiveness in diagnosing a wide variety of conditions. The findings were that cancer patients have specific differences in their serum-free fatty acids and their metabolites. Well-timed treatment of this disease is important, otherwise it could be life-threatening for the patient. Stones less than 5mm (<5mm) spontaneously pass out of the body through urine in less than 4 weeks from the onset of the symptoms.
PT is an important measure to diagnose unexplained bleeding, especially when a patient is taking anticoagulants (blood thinners) like warfarin. PT is measured in seconds and usually provided as an International Normalized Ratio (INR).
The company is conducting a multicenter validation trial to show that its MSPrecise diagnostic technology can look for specific DNA changes in cerebrospinal fluid that ultimately causes auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis. Now 150 to 160 patients are being enrolled in a larger validation trial that will help to commercialize the test a couple of years down the road.

Also, the disease would have to had an impact on the central nervous system to be properly reflected in an MRI. Our well trained and experienced medical staff is committed to the well-being of our patients. Our patients are provided with comprehensive, confidential and compassionate medical services.. Traditionally, body and facial color, including the eyes, tongue, and even pulse, has been used to determine and diagnose abnormality in the body. Lack of water, vitamins, stress, and fatigue, can also lead to slight color changes of the tongue. They are both considered important diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine and are used to plan your treatment.
Nevertheless, pulse diagnosis provides immediate and valuable information about the changes happening in your body together with tongue diagnosis. It acts like a map wherein specific areas of the tongue links to specific organs of your body. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause. After the menstrual cycle these broken tissues bleed and simultaneously create endometrial cyst. Paining is the most and probably the one and only important identification of this sort of disease that occurs in the menstrual cycle.
Many of the cases it has seen that this sort of disease can cause infertility to the woman as this situation force the internal organs to be bind together around the ovary. By using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technique the formation of endometriosis can be found in the soft tissues. Doing ultrasound is the most important tool in this because it helps to test the masses of tissues that are attached to the ovaries and uterus. This natural way can be said safer and more reliable in comparison to Endometrial Cyst medical treatments as it has got no side effects which can harm to the body. So, if you have these kinds of symptoms go and have the consultation with the doctor or see anyone having these cyst symptoms then advice her to consult a good doctor.
A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists in San Francisco reveals that among the more serious conditions that can be diagnosed through this newly developed blood test are early-stage lung and prostate cancers as well as their recurrence.
For this reason, we highly recommend that all male patients obtain blood tests on a regular basis. The importance of this is that it may provide important information to guide clinicians in their course of treatment, especially in high-risk patients. Some scientists dream of a test people could take at home using drops of blood from a finger prick, concluded Lichtenfeld.
A person’s INR may be higher, particularly for those with mechanical heart valves, so it is recommended to discuss your target INR level with your health provider.
Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please notify our office to cancel any scheduled appointments, at least 24 hours prior to avoid a $25.00 cancellation fee. These methods are currently being done in Traditional Chinese Medicine and even in modern medics. The pain occurs at different part of times such like it can be during the menstrual or after the menstruation or it can also be occurs during the intercourse or during the bowel movements; the pain can also be on the lower back.
Since the ancient times, Chinese believe that tongue is like a mirror reflecting the nature of our body.
The pain can be unbearable and if it stays for two long or the blood comes out between the two periods then it is a symptom of endometriosis and it signifies that the proper treatment is in need. When foods and drinks are digested the proteins within them are broken down into smaller fragments for easy absorption into the body.

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