How does a mixed martial artist change health care delivery, investment strategy, and people’s lives? A patient of mine whom I’ll refer to as “Sue” passed away recently due to destruction of her nervous tissue connections resulting in a lack of feeling in her feet and her body’s inability to appropriately regulate her blood pressure. Our human behavior is part of a complex and multi-variable system strongly influenced by people and ideas. Achievement of our full potential requires careful planning, through research and execution with constant attention to detail.
This was not a sudden, untreatable condition but rather a slow, progressive effect of elevated blood sugar over many years. But she was unable to take action until just before she died, when the effects from the disease were irreversible. Choosing knowledgeable trainers and working past physical and mental limitations separate competitors.
Fortunately, there are abundant resources to help that are readily available such as Alliance MMA for expert martial arts instruction and Robert Kiyosaki’s RichDad for financial principles.

We see a similar response in substance abusers where our treatment interventions have a poor response rate. Myles has surrounded himself with expert management and works harder than most people can imagine. Meaningful transformation and lasting change also requires insight that alters the way we see ourselves. Instead, when we see major improvements in health, it’s usually because people “just decided” to change. Exposure to ideas and concepts improve not only our knowledge but can also affect our attitudes about what is possible. But Myles also talks about his “decision” to devote himself to martial arts and become a champion.
This is outside of ordinary decision-making and relates to specific brain activity influenced by people and ideas.
Psychologists and marketers know that exposing people to certain emotional situations can have a dramatic effect on our actions.

The tv commercials that use humor or even sadness to make a connection to the brand will make us purchase the product.
Myles understands that aligning the right people and ideas to expand his understanding and influence his life in a positive manner help make him a better martial artist. He also knows that he can have the same effect on others, causing a network of extensive transformation. The habits and attitudes of those around us, both good and bad, are likely to be reflected in our own behavior.

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