If you met most of the above-said criteria, then you need to undergo for diabetes screening. If the test result indicates that a person has diabetes, then should be re-confirming with a second test on a different day.
Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) – is a blood-glucose test after not having anything to eat or drink (except water - even do not drink a lot of water before the test) a minimum of eight hours before the test.
Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) – or glucose challenge test is a blood-glucose test before, and two hours after you eat a carbohydrate-rich food or drink a special sweet drink. Random plasma glucose test – is a blood-glucose test at any time of the day no restrictions.
Glycated hemoglobin test (A1C) – is a test done at any time, there is no fast or drink anything, and it measures the average BS for the past two to three months. People getting different results between tests may indicate diabetes is trying to get through the system.
For many, making few lifestyle changes such as losing some weight, increase in physical activity and eat healthy can help reverse diabetes or at least delay its onset. Thirty-eight participants, from a variety of countries from around the world gathered in Tiruvanamali, India ; October 2012, to experience THE SAMYAMA, an ancient Vedic practice that has been awakened by living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
For the 21 day period, participants were busy working on projects, and engaged in an out-door work project that included physical labor. This most unique combination of clinical findings is leading the scientific community to look at the possibilities of medical miracles. Vitamin B-12 is the vitamin that is involved in the metabolism of every cell in the body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and function. Yet the Niraharis had massive increases in this LIFE giving Vitamin by only drinking veg-based fluids.
Nirahari’s have awakened the body’s natural ability to use the direct energy in the environment to nourish and revitalize every cell in the body. Total Cholesterol levels reduced to normal levels in 85% of the participants in just 21 days! Implication: NIRAHARA SAMYAMA can reduce high cholesterol levels in a very short time, and boost immunity for a longer life, and strong bones!
85% decrease in UREA indicates that the Niraharis’ bodies were self-cleaning the toxins and organic waste materials from the body. Implications: This added boost in cleaning the toxins from the body is especially applicable in people with high blood pressure and diabetes. Thyroid functions improved drastically, altering the levels of TSH.(Thyriod Stimulating Hormone). Science tells us that fat cells shrink when we lose weight, then expand again when we re-gain weight. Abusive self-talk like “you’re a failure, “you can’t win for loosing” and years of listening to the emotional abuse of parents, siblings, bosses gets planted in our fat cells. We record our self-inflicted abuse in our bio-memory, In the DNA, the building blocks for Dis-ease or Health every cell in our body has a tiny built-in tape-recorder. These data from THE Samyama, demonstrates the miracle of fat cell re-programming and the side effects which include: normalized cholesterol levels, stabilized blood sugar, and optimal immune system functioning. Millions of dollars are spent every year on weight loss, yet the weight is never gone for good. Further research is warranted for Nirahara Samyama; the implications of this panacea for so many common modern diseases are mind-boggling. People are walking out of serious illnesses, experiencing higher states of consciousness, and a genuine reversal of aging is becoming commonplace. The Nirahara science is being revealed by an enlightened avatar from India, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Nithyananda indicates that we unknowingly authorize our destructive cellular patterns of the past to rule the future.
The key to health, happiness, and a perfect weight is the same key: Establish cellular alignment.
Dis-ease is a thing of the past, a painful serious mistake that can be corrected in just 21 days of Nirhara Samyama. Kathy, a nurse from Ohio, USA who had suffered from Diabetes for 20 years, recovered totally in 21 days!!
All participants reported that their food patterns, including emotional eating, were erased. All participants remarked that they observed the gradual melting of destructive “holding patterns.” Patterns that had caused relationship issues, irritation, impatience, jealousy, attention need, worry and fear, simply disappeared. The up-heavel and removal of these “holding patterns” appeared to be the result of enlightened master Swami Nithyananda, who provided consistent “downloading”; a transference of his bio-memory to the participants.
The good news is that through “entanglement” with a higher functioning life-form, like Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a direct transfer can be made from his “bio-memory bank” into ours. IN 27 countries 67 centers, the knowledge of THE Samyama is being shared with the world for free. These centers are sharing free food, the science of permanent weight loss, perfect health, and the science of life with Cellular Integrity. Swami Nithyananda is sharing the “Master’s Key” to help people to find the root patterns of their suffering and go beyond them.

ExpertiseI am an exercise physiologist with a PhD who specializes in diabetes--as such I CANNOT answer general questions about other endocrine problems as I am neither an expert in all areas of endocrinology nor am I a medical doctor. Most people who have been told they have "borderline" diabetes actually have diabetes or may have pre-diabetes.
We intend to do this within local communities, with partnerships and just through word of mouth.
The final destination of a journey is not, after all, the last item on the agenda, but rather some understanding, however simple or provisional, of what one has seen.
In these modern times, with the plethora of blood-sugar-related diseases, we need tools like GI and GL to help us understand ways to control blood sugar. The self-testing, graphic approach to food testing developed in the balance of the newsletter is a less scientific but a more dynamic way to explore postprandial (post-meal) blood glucose levels (BGLs). GI measures the blood glucose impact of foods eaten in isolation, yet we rarely consume foods this way.
GI readings vary with the individual—blood sugar and insulin reactions are more extreme for diabetics, for example (See Charts 2A and 2B). GIs are calculated in the science lab as the day’s first meal after a 12-hour fast and using a fixed serving that includes 50 grams of carbohydrate.  Most of our daily calories, however, are consumed in combination and throughout the day, when our blood sugar is affected by other foods that we have eaten earlier, as well as by our level of activity. Of the following numbered charts, the first three are based upon scientific research journal articles (Charts 1, 2A, 2B), while the last four (Charts 3-6) are constructed from my own self-testing of foods4 using a simple blood glucose monitor.
Chart 1:  Blood Sugar Curves of White Bread Compared to Bread with Added Fiber, Sourdough, and Vinegar. Chart 3:  Instant Oatmeal, Whole Oats (Soaked and Not Soaked), and Whole Oats Combined with a Protein and Fat.
To fully appreciate the impact of two back-to-back carbohydrate breakfasts please notice that the scale used for Chart 6 is twice that of Charts 3-5. Resetting the Table–to Control Blood Sugar (For a discussion of other strategies, see April 2011). Ramekins filled with condiments like nuts and seeds (GI=0).  Nuts and seeds provide healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while they slow digestion and curb blood sugar. Sourdough bread or whole-grain bread with whole kernels; butter from grass-fed cows and organic nut and seed butters such as tahini and pumpkin seed butter. A pitcher of water and glasses for all—sometimes we mistake hunger for what is in fact thirst.  You might flavor the water with a little lemon juice or other flavoring.
Because 12-hour fasting, pre-meal blood sugar reading can vary, all data points at time zero prior to the first morning meal were indexed to zero in order to illustrate the change from a neutral starting point. I use the label “traditional” carbohydrates, just as we call unrefined fats, “traditional” fats. For a growing number of people knowing and maintaining their blood glucose level normal range is the difference between a long and happy life and a short life filled with health problems. Diabetes is a disease in which the body, due to insufficient production of insulin or resistance to insulin, is not able to correctly process glucose and move it out of the bloodstream. In order to maintain the blood glucose in the normal range the diabetic should check their blood sugar frequently, often many times daily, and keep a log of the findings. The blood sugar solution – the ultrahealthy program for, "want to end blood sugar problems without drugs? Diabetes diagnosing tests are Fasting Plasma Glucose FPG test, Oral Glucose Tolerance OGT test (most emphasized), Random plasma glucose test (not reliable) and A1C. Where blood-glucose levels have not risen high enough or not yet stabilizes to be higher level to show up on every test result.
Further research is needed for replication, however; these data are still pouring in from ongoing THE Samyama courses. Without ample amounts of this vitamin, we can experience irreversible damage to the brain, increasing the risk of Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease. This natural ability has been lost over time, but with the awakening of each Samyama participant, through direct multiple contacts with Enlightened Master Nithyananda, the Nirahari bodies literally re-formed themselves into performing at peak level and started emulating the physiology of an enlightened being. High levels of Vitamin D leads to reversal of aging, heightened immune function, and promotion of calcium absorption. Hemoglobin is essential in producing red blood cells which carry oxygen and provides us with vital energy. Carbon Dioxide is easily transported out of the body with good Hemoglobin levels; so the body is iron-rich and the blood can fight off infection easily and effortlessly. T3 levels showed an increase of 33%.These thyroid hormones are responsible for metabolism and raise the mitochondrial energy supply and reduce the risk of obesity. The implication here is that their bodies were triggered into manufacturing glucose naturally after THE Samyama, without eating solid food, so their bodies experienced reduced cravings and food addiction.
A life of endlessly searching and constantly suffering has been the reality for so many….until this astounding new research has provided the solution… the key to permanent weight loss… the science of Nirahari.
The depression returns, the emotional eating re-starts and the risk of Cardio-vascular disease sky rockets! So when the psychological root patterns are broken, our bodies can be re-manufactured, restored to perfect health. The doors are opening allowing people to literally create their own bodies, a true ownership of  human life.
Nithyananda has re-vived THE Samyama an ancient science to re-program the biological blueprint of a human, and erase the destructive memories on a cellular level.

Many observed an initial up-heaval of emotions leveling out, then an experience of deep pervasive silence, emotional well being, and restful awareness. Many participants shared that they had not found a solution in traditional weight loss programs, medical consultations etc. These centers provide support to all who want to live with a balanced weight, body, and mind. According to the American Diabetes Association, the definition of diabetes is a€?a former term for Type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerancea€?. People with blood sugar levels that are higher than normal but not yet in the diabetic range have a€?pre-diabetesa€?. This means your body is producing insulin but the insulin is not able to get the sugar into the cells, causing the sugar in the blood to be high. We intend for these key elements of sustainable lifestyle change to become pervasive within communities, and within the lives of all of us affected by the disease. The second factor—the postwar shift from traditional to refined carbohydrates—is largely due to the growing role of the commercial food industry and processed, convenience foods.  Convenience foods must have a long shelf-life, so food companies rely upon refined flours and oils, which do not go rancid.
Visual pictures of postprandial blood sugar behavior, while less scientific than GI measurements, are nevertheless powerful learning tools, providing a real flavor for how our body reacts when we eat different kinds of foods.
This chart illustrates the second meal effect– that what we eat at one meal affects postprandial blood sugar behavior at the next. What we do to our children when we give them a sugary cereal or a Pop-tart for breakfast extends beyond this first meal to affect their blood sugar, hunger, concentration, and desire to overeat throughout the rest of the day.
One of the best herbs and spices to moderate blood sugar.  It can be sprinkled on hot cereals and desserts such as puddings, custards, and stewed fruits.
This is seen as the case in normal patients, with no other medical conditions, but the blood glucose level normal range can be affected by metabolic diseases like diabetes, as well as it may be affected by other factors such as the age or weight of the patient.
By the numbers, diabetes cases are growing faster than any other disease, and as numbers increase the importance of the correct blood glucose normal range increases. While glucose is essentially the fuel that powers every cell in the body, when glucose levels are too high it becomes toxic and begins to damage organs and other body systems.
If this is done the diabetic can begin to see patterns in their blood sugar in relation to their diet and lifestyle and can make have medication and dietary changes in order to keep their glucose levels as close to normal as possible.
It also plays a key role in the prevention of heart disease, because of its ability to lower homocysteine levels. If Urea is not cleaned from the system, the body is basically a walking trash can; inviting disease. Messages from our past…emotional messages   of low self-esteem, depression and fear pollute our fat cells! It’s time for a wake-up call for a permanent healthy body weight, and the bonus of perfect health! It’s time for a wake-up call for a permanent, healthy body weight, and the bonus of perfect health.
It is important to make sure you are following a healthy eating plan and adding physical activity into your day.
As a result, tight blood sugar control as well as tight blood pressure and cholesterol control are required to improve survival with this disease. If blood glucose levels are not maintained as close to the normal range as possible the diabetic runs a very high risk of developing heart disease, kidney problems, stroke, glaucoma, and even coma and death. When it come to living a long and happy life knowing the blood glucose level normal range is of absolute importance.
The oral glucose tolerance test is no longer useful in hypoglycemia diagnosis because experts say the test can actually trigger hypoglycemic symptoms. But this year my Fasting blood sugar level is suddenly gone to 118, I did not do the postprandial test this time because I was confident that my sugar blood levels shall be normal. Eating well, exercising, and losing weight if you are overweight, will help control blood sugar and improve insulin resistance. This is why diabetes and obesity often go hand-in-hand (90% of diabetics are either overweight or obese). David Ludwig regarding high-glycemic foods and overeating, cited in the Recommended Reading section at the conclusion of this newsletter. I do not have a sweet tooth, there is no history of diabetes in the family trees of either my mother's or my father's side and 5 days a week I have a brisk morning walk for 45 minutes and never had a complain of fatigue or lethargy.
It shows the higher sensitivity of IGT over IFG for predicting progression to type2 diabetes. Do I repeat my blood sugar test at a different laboratory, or do I see a physician and take his advice? Screening by the criteria for IFG alone would identify fewer people who subsequently, progress to type2 diabetes than would be the oral glucose tolerance test.

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