Every diabetes patient should understand how to control their blood sugar level to avoid other health complications. The patient’s main goal in controlling his blood sugar level is to make it less than 6.7 or 7 percent. In order to live normally with having a complicated disease like diabetes it is important to do a regular physical activity.
Go to work earlier than you used to and park blocks away from your office so that you can walk on your way there for at least 15 minutes. Find an ankle weights which is about 2-5 pounds and walk with it in a certain time of the day.
Regular exercises or even doing a simple physical activity everyday will help lower your blood sugar level. If your A1C level is monitored it would be easier for your physician to determine what medication is appropriate for you.
The technology plugs into the base of the iPhone or iPod Touch and users prick their finger with a lancet and then press the blood sample to the meter.

The blood glucose result will appear on the mobile screen within six seconds and can be emailed to relatives or medicos instantly. This will not only help you control your sugar level but it will also give you other health benefits. In order to know if you are managing your diabetes well it is important to take the A1C test.
This means that you are not only helping yourself maintain a normal blood sugar level but you are also keeping yourself healthy. Sanofi will be releasing the iBGStar on Thursday to be sold in pharmacists across the country for 90 dollars, the Daily Telegraph reported. The test does not measure your sugar level every day but it takes the average of you sugar in the period of six months.
Here are some of the simple daily activities that you need to take to incorporate yourself a daily exercise. The test will give a feed back about your condition and how you have reacted on the medication given by your doctor.

In order to check if the treatment is effective doctors usually recommends patients to undergo an A1C test during the medication.
This test will show how well you have controlled your glucose level for the last 2 to 3 months.
If you decided to have it at home, just make sure that you share the result to your doctor so that he can monitor your health. The test results will be shown in percentage and converted in an A1C chart so that patients can calculate their blood sugar level.

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