Blood glucose monitoring – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Blood glucose monitoring is a way of testing the concentration of glucose in the blood . Blood sugar – angelfire, Most of the food we eat is broken down into glucose, the form of sugar in the blood. High and low blood sugar symptoms – youtube, It can be important to recognise the difference between low and high blood sugar symptoms. DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products.
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Specifically calibrated and balidated for dogs and cats, resulting in accurate readings Easy to use 3-step process with results in seconds Instructional DVD includes simple steps on how to perform a blood glucose test, capillary sampling tips and tricks, and other useful information for you to get started Small blood sample needed making it easy to get results fast Downlable software that tracks and reports AlphaTRAK 2 Meter readings, the pet's treatment and other activities View Instructional Videos Here Test Procedure: Insert the test strip in to the meter port.
Cons: new strips turn meter on, I like to put the strip in and then when ready, turn meter on.

Comparison: using my old gray meter (AlphaTrak) with new AlphaTrak II strips, results 219 and 199 in succession, and resetting code and using old strips, I got 177 and 181. After running a side by side comparison several times, I found the new alphatrak 2 results to be 75-100 points higher than the original.
We tried numerous places that the manf and our vet advised us to use without getting any blood. We even brought it to the Vet to obtain blood and she had much difficulty in getting even a little blood to make the test happen. It was so much stress on the dog that we had to stop using it and went back to glucose urine test strips. Click on the product and It's an Alpha Trak 2 Monitor and yes I give credit fot the bold print saying it uses AlphaTRAK 2 Strips. On the same page you see related items and there are the test strips that say Alpha Trak Test strips.

No No No these strips are for the Alpha Trak not Alpha Trak 2 moniter and no Alpha Trak2 strips found on the website. It takes so little blood that Sammie doesn't feel anything, and it has saved us a bundle on vet bills--no more low blood sugar crises!
I have read some folks have problems purchasing the strips; you MUST verify you are buying strips for the AlphaTrac 2, otherwise you will receive the strips for the previous model.

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