In order to do this the diabetic patient must be constantly vigilant and keep a close watch on their glucose levels.
When it comes to charting or keeping a log of blood sugar readings the newest and best meters, such as the new precision glucose meter, have a built in memory that does away with the old practice of needing to carry a notebook everywhere just to keep track and trend glucose readings. If you are diligent in keeping a chart or log of your blood sugar levels you will begin to see patterns and trends so that you may even be able to anticipate changes before they happen. Not only should a good glucose meter be reliable and easy to use, but it should also be fast and require a minimum of blood. It is not only necessary to check your blood sugar; additionally one should track the readings of blood glucose level in a regular.
In this digital era it is very easy to log the blood sugar ranges on daily basis either in a note book or on your digital device. Hello there, simply was alert to your blog thru Google, and located that it’s truly informative. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable knowledge on the topic of unexpected feelings. Hi there mates, how is all, and what you want to say about this piece of writing, in my view its truly remarkable in support of me. Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes) is a potentially life threatening condition where the body loses its normal ability to process glucose.
When the system is working well, the insulin unlocks the door allowing glucose to go in and be used by the cell.
In the case of type 1, for some unknown reason, the bodies immune system, which is there to protect the body against foreign invaders such as a virus or bacteria, destroys the cells inside the pancreas that make insulin. In the case of type 2, the cells gradually become resistant to insulin, so although insulin is there with the keys to unlock the door, it has lost its ability to do its job. The cause of type 2 diabetes is unknown, however it’s strongly linked to lifestyle with excess body fat around the waist, being inactive, and a diet low in fibre being the main drivers. Complications of unmanaged diabetes include damage to nerve endings and small blood vessels.

In summary, the difference between type 1 and type 2 is that one is an autoimmune disease and the other is largely lifestyle related (in that order). Facebook: meeting place for those who want to ask questions, talk about their health improvement story or what they thought of their HealthStyle experience. When it comes to properly managing blood glucose levels a reliable glucose meter is a must have. In these cases only the most reliable and easy to use meters, like the precision glucose meter, will do the job as it needs to be done.
In this way you will be constantly prepared to manage any changes in sugar levels through medication management or dietary changes. Nobody likes the idea of sticking themselves three four or five times a day to draw blood to check their sugar. The precision glucose meter is among the best available and is a vast improvement over the glucose meters of the past. Use this as a comprehensive data presented to your physician to develop a regimen of blood glucose monitoring.
Hence, you are able to produce your own health monitoring to aid the physician in diagnosis and treatment fluctuations in blood sugar levels besides food and medicine can be comprehensively monitored through these charts. On-line free customizable templates are offered to just jot down the blood sugar readings in the pre-formatted column. I wish to apprentice at the same time as you amend your web site, how could i subscribe for a blog web site?
Microsoft® and Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft® Corporation. Whilst there are similarities, there is a clear difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
In the digestive tract, that sugar will be broken down into glucose and transported into the blood stream so it can be used as a fuel source in the muscles, tissues, and organs.
To get inside the cells it needs a hormone called insulin to unlock the door to allow it to get insides.

With no insulin in the blood stream, glucose is left to build up in damaging numbers and if left unattended can become dangerously high and in a short amount of time cause death.
That’s why type 1 diabetics have to constantly measure their blood glucose and inject the right amount of insulin.
This is a gradual process and can take years, often without symptoms, to eventually develop into type 2 diabetes.
At the extremities this can lead to infections and gangrene which can lead to amputations, whilst damage to the vessels behind the eye can lead to retinopathy and eventually blindness. The big one is heart disease with the majority of diabetics eventually dying from it. The key to fending off the worst diabetes complications is my maintaining a blood glucose level that is as close to normal as possible. With the newer blood glucose meters, like the precision glucose meter, only a very small amount of blood is needed. So let’s take a look and it all begins with the food we eat and a hormone called insulin. Some people have an insulin pump which constantly measures blood glucose and automatically puts the right amount of insulin into the body. This process starts with insulin resistance and over time can move on to insulin dependance as the pancreas doesn’t secrete insulin any more.
The chart includes the date, time medication and dosage, your meals and your exercise regimen. The process of making jaggery which does not involve any chemical agents has all natural mineral salts retained in it.

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