Your body’s preferred source of energy is carbs (sugar is the simplest form of carbs) so when carbs are available the body uses those first for energy, and the extra are stored as fat.
Now that I have given a short rundown on blood glucose, I want to mention that having consistently high blood sugar (usually as a result of eating too much sugar or simple carbs like white flour) can lead to type 2 diabetes. Believe me, I am one of the biggest sugar lovers, and I know it can sound daunting to even think about reducing or eliminating sugar from your life. There are a lot of other significant effects sugar has on your body and it’s functions beyond blood sugar.
Providing a simple, but comprehensive and scientifically based program to eliminate causes of heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes, Dr. Purchase your copy of The Blood Sugar Solution at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or wherever books are sold.
MARK HYMAN, MD, was co-medical director of Canyon Ranch for ten years, and is now the chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine and founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Blood sugar – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The blood sugar concentration or blood glucose level is the amount of glucose (sugar) present in the blood of a human or animal.
Exercises to lower your blood sugar and control diabetes, Control your diabetes and blood sugar with these simple and fun moves. Blood glucose monitoring – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Blood glucose monitoring is a way of testing the concentration of glucose in the blood .

Eating anything, actually, raises your blood sugar, but as sugar is much easier for your body to convert into glucose (the form that is used as fuel for all of your cells), it has a much more immediate and spiking effect. Again, because sugar is a “simple carb” it can be easily broken down to glucose therefore causing a quicker spike in your blood sugar after consumption, meaning the insulin is working hard to get rid of it (usually storing it as fat). Type 2 diabetes seems so common these days that I think people don’t take it seriously enough. And I am not necessarily suggesting you do that right this second, but I think being aware of how foods like sugar can effect not only your weight but also your overall well-being is really important.
Don’t despair; I will be addressing the sugar issue again next week and certainly much more in the future. Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution has been used by the likes of former President Bill Clinton and the members of the Saddleback church, led by Pastor Rick Warren. Mark Hyman – Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine and founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center – reveals the secret to losing weight and preventing diabesity. Hyman stresses that insulin resistance is the real biological cause of the obesity, pre-diabetes, and diabetes epidemic that impacts more than 100 million Americans and over one billion people worldwide and which is a huge economic burden costing us over $2 trillion a year in health care costs, according to a 2009 piece published in Diabetes Care. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Ultrametabolism, The Ultramind Solution, and The Ultrasimple Diet, and coauthor of Ultraprevention.
When your blood sugar is raised, your pancreas excretes insulin (which is a hormone in case you were wondering). The backup fuel in the body is fat so when you do not consume an excess of carbohydrates, your body uses stored fat or the fat you consume for fuel.

He provides a revolutionary six-week healthy-living program that will help all individuals, whether or not they are obese or diabetic, to enable their bodies to function at maximum level. Mark Hyman discusses hidden ways wheat contributes to weight gain on the Huffington Post.The New York Times on The Daniel PlanThe New York Times on The Daniel Plan, a collaboration between Dr. In short, eating a lot of sugar can lead your body to store more fat and hinder it from burning fat.
If your body isn’t able to regulate it anymore (which is what happens with type 2 diabetes) it can lead to some really serious health problems, so your best option is eating healthy to avoid the whole mess altogether.
Hyman, a staggering one in two Americans suffers from diabesity, the condition of metabolic imbalance and disease that ranges from mild blood sugar imbalance to full-blown diabetes.
The insulin acts as sort of a housekeeper by taking the glucose and delivering it to the cells that need it to function and storing the rest as fat. Diabesity is one of the leading causes of chronic disease in the 21st century, including heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer, and the numbers of sick people keep growing.
Finding and eliminating the causes of inflammation along with supporting normal immune function is key to health and longevity.

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