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Zhao Xiuxiu were detained at Tongzhou District Detention Center in Beijing for more than a month following their arrests on January 21, 2016.
The guards also forced them to take ice-cold showers and wear wet underwear, despite freezing cold weather in Beijing and no heat in their cells.Ms.
Tian Changying was found to have an extremely high blood sugar level, but the guards continued to torture and starve her.Ms. Zhang, the guards once ordered inmates to hold her by her hair and force her to squat during roll call. If other practitioners tried to stop inmates from beating her, the inmates would beat them.A guard once slapped Ms.

Zhao in the face and twisted her arm so viciously that it was bruised for about 20 days.Restraint StrapsMs.
A guard then handcuffed her and tied her arms with a set of restraint straps usually used on inmates exhibiting violent behavior. She was also only allowed to sleep at midnight.Ice Water ShowersDuring freezing weather of a Beijing winter, all the practitioners were forced to take ice-cold showers in the detention center. The inmates applied excessive shampoo on their hair and private areas and, before the practitioners could rinse out the shampoo, would cut short their shower time. Practitioners were forced to wear cold, wet underwear and socks when they finished showering.Denied Restroom UseAnother common tactic used at the detention center was restricted restroom use. One practitioner wasna€™t allowed to defecate for two weeks, which caused severe physical problems.Sometimes the inmates denied the practitioners toilet paper.
If the practitioners defecated, the inmates would pour ice cold water on them and then force them to put on pants immediately without letting them wipe off the water.
If a practitioner used the restroom several times in one day, she would end up wearing wet clothes all the time.a€?It was terrible to wear wet clothing all day during the winter,a€? Ms.

Zhao had severe back pain and demanded toilet paper instead of the cold water torture after restroom use. Zhao said that guards and other detainees forced her to clean the restroom seven times a day because she would not renounce her belief in Falun Gong. If she started from the inside, inmates would force her to pay a fine or buy makeup or snacks for them.a€?The inmates often forced me to roll up my pants to my knees and sleeves to the elbow. They forced me to stand in cold water for a long time each day while I cleaned the restroom. Anyone who put one foot on either would have to pay 200 yuan, and if they put both feet on one of the towels, they were fined 400 yuan.

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