SOYBEAN MEAL, APPLE, BEET PULP, BLOOD MEAL, GROUND ROASTED SOYBEANS, BLUEBERRIES, BROCCOLI, HONEY, RASPBERRIES, BEE POLLEN, CANE MOLASSES, CORN GULTEN MEAL, CALCIUM CARBONATE, MONO DI-CALCIUM PHOSPHATE, SALT, EUCALYPTUS, YEAST CULTURE, L. As a woman in demand, you're stretched in all different directions and I know that often you just have to grab whatever food you can when you can.
Anything that claims to be fat-free – the flavour is compensated for by using large amounts of sugar. Biscuits, cakes, breads and wheat crackers, pasta, pizza, pastries – unfortunately all made using refined wheat flour. By the way, refined carbs can be disguised in ready-made foods, even where you're not expecting them. So, in order to make your time reading these post meaningful, make a commitment now to a change that you're going to implement from this moment.
I’m Ania Nowicki [novitsky] and I’m devoted to freeing women from their emotional eating habits and teaching them how to enjoy real food so that they can lose weight once and for all and feel great in their bodies. Miessence Deep Green is a 100% raw, vegan and certified organic combination of three very deep-green families.
Deep-greens are pigment-rich dark green vegetables, grasses and single-celled algae that form the basis of nutrition for all complex life on earth.
Miessence Deep Green is made without fillers such as flax seed, rice brand, beans or legumes. Miessence Deep Green is great for those on low carbohydrate diets and perfect for those with weak digestive systems who are unable to obtain enough green foods through their diet. To optimise our health, immunity and energy levels, the ideal balance of food intake is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. It’s not that acid forming foods are bad – it’s just that they need to be eaten in moderation.
Eating few deep green leafy vegetables and too many proteins results in the overproduction of different types of acids in your system such as sulphuric, nitric and phosphoric.
To compensate for this, before the body neutralises this acid by excreting it from the kidneys, our bodies donate alkaline minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. When our bodies are even slightly alkaline (from eating alkaline foods like raw veggies and green food powders), bad bacteria, yeast, and viruses and other dreaded diseases can’t survive! Miessence Deep Green like all of the other Miessence superfoods have been certified organic by Australian Certified Organic and the USDA. Here’s Narelle Chenery – the creator of Miessence Deep Green chatting about the importance of alkalising foods in our system, and why Deep Green is so good for us!
Miessence Deep Green is a FOOD, and so it therefore can be taken in larger amounts if you want to do a more intense cleanse of your body.
Check out this organic, raw, green smoothie recipe from Narelle Chenery – the founder of Miessence. Tip: to crush the linseeds or chia seeds, purchase an inexpensive coffee grinder from your local supermarket. This entry was posted in Miessence Reviews and tagged deep green alkalising, miessence deep green, miessence deep green alkalising, miessence deep green alkalising superfood.
I decided to give Miessence deep green a try as a quick method to add more veggies to our diet.
I have heard a lot about Miessence Deep Green lately and I am really interested in getting my hands on this product. Subscribe NOW to get Luke's email updates & FREE Superfood Recipe Book with 26 YUMMY Recipes! Disclaimer- This blog is based on my own personal opinions and research which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only.
A recent study examining the potential impact of sin taxes—increasing the cost of junk food, in particular—as a means to promote healthier choices found that, in a lab setting at least, when unhealthy foods cost more, people tended to eat them less.
Analyzing the cost of soda and delivery pizza in terms of adjusted 2006 dollars, the researchers found that, during the 20-year study period, pizza and soda costs actually went down—making them more accessible for less. The study and accompanying editorial come the same week that Bill Clinton announced the result of a three-year study finding that large beverage companies are voluntarily reducing the sales of sugary sodas in schools, and New York politicians are again bandying about the possibility of a soda tax. 5 Things You Should Know About Chicken Pox and Shingles13 Reasons Tea Is Good for You10 Ways to Build Healthy Bones (and Keep Them Strong)6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or LessTrue or False?
Michele Borboa, MS is a freelance writer and editor specializing in health, fitness, food, lifestyle, and pets. For many, the word -?fiber-? evokes visions of bland-tasting, far from satisfying, crunchy health food.
Fiber is a form of indigestible carbohydrates that promotes intestinal health, heart-health, blood sugar control, satiety and weight control. According to the Institute of Medicine, to optimally benefit from fiber, women under 50 years old should get at least 25 grams of fiber per day -- the average American diet contains a mere 15 grams. Brighten up your whole grain hot and cold cereals as well as whole grain toaster waffles with fresh fruit and crunchy nuts. Pilafs and grain salads are versatile dishes that can be deliciously mixed with a near endless array of ingredients.
Instead of using breadcrumbs and flour to coat poultry or top-crust fish, use a mixture of crushed whole grain cereal or shredded wheat and breadcrumbs.
The whole grain and multi-grain crackers and chips of today taste far better than the first fiber-full baked snacks.

Whole grains can become satisfying stuffings for vegetables, fruit, poultry, pork or pastries when combined with other ingredients. When your busy schedule requires quick-to-fix meals, reach for convenient frozen entrees made with whole grains and all natural ingredients. I want to talk about Candida because I feel that so many people suffer from an overgrowth of it and it is never realized. Check the labels for sugar, syrup, starch and any words ending in -ose, such as glucose, sucrose, lactose, maltose, etc.
When children are given a really good start they can truly thrive later on and t :)hat’s why education about good, bad and truly horrid carbohydrates is so crucial!
She has not only educated me about the foods I have been eating, she has introduced me to new foods, recipes and information that I would never have had access to otherwise. The first reason is that she does what she preaches – she lives a life of health and vitality like no one else I know.
There are 3 types of BLUE-GREEN ALGAE, 5 types of GREEN GRASS juices and 4 LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLES concentrated into one potent kilogram of grass juice powder. These dark green foods contain all the essential nutrients and precursors upon which all other life depends.
The only thing in Deep Green is just literally as the name suggests – pure DEEP GREENS! They also detoxify and alkalise your cells, boost your immune system, and give you more energy. This is because that unlike horses or cows, we cannot digest the cellulose in grasses and therefore all the nutrition remains “locked” in those fibres.
Unfortunately particularly in the western world, the majority of people are CONSTANTLY eating acidic foods, and of course, diabetes, arthiritis, osteoperosis and even cancer are on the rise. A body which is too acidic has been linked to other conditions including athersclerosis, kidney and gallbladder stones and arthritis.
Miessence Deep Green is the PERFECT way to optimise your health, energy levels and your immunity. This means that these foods have been tested by an independent third party and gone through stringent testing to truly be approved as organic. My boy calls it “Hulk juice” and surprisingly, he enjoyed it from the first time he tried it.
Yet, their analysis also showed that every 10% increase in cost was associated with a decrease in calorie consumption—7% for soda, and 11.5% for pizza. Duffey, from the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, points to the results as possible evidence supporting the use of taxes as a means to promote healthier eating habits. Mitchell Katz and Rajiv Bhatia of the San Francisco Department of Public Health argue that it’s time to put these proposed policies into practice to combat obesity.
And all of these developments add to the already heated debate over the merits of enforcing public health mandates through taxes, of course. Michele is a health and wellness expert, personal chef, cookbook author, and pet-lover based in Bozeman, Montana. And with good reason, the fiber-rich health foods of yesterday were more about improving the diet and less about fulfilling flavor.
And with the growing demand for fiber-rich foods, food manufacturers are including more vegetables, fruits and whole grains in their products.
By adding cooked whole grains, such as barley, wheat berries, brown rice, quinoa or buckwheat, to your salad bowl, you not only increase the fiber, you also add texture with a delicate chew – a nice contrast to crunchy vegetables. Try a seven grain pilaf tossed with crumbled feta, roasted red peppers, olives and chopped fresh parsley. However, you can further improve their flavor by pairing them with creamy dips or chunky salsas.
Instead of a processed preservative-heavy microwave dinner that is high in sodium, calories and fat, opt for wholesome entrees high in fiber, protein and - equally important - flavor.
Even small changes, such as eating whole grain cereal for breakfast or whole grain pilafs for dinner can deliciously improve your health. Candida albicans is the most common of the yeasts that reside in human beings that can cause infection. The diet is healthy and includes restoring pH and reducing acidity in the body, mildly detoxing and learning what foods may trigger sensitivities and should be avoided. Ultimately alcohol is a poison to your body and, whilst it can be tolerated in small-moderate amounts, overconsumption leads to all sorts of health complications and well-being problems. However, I don't keep these in my kitchen and endeavour to make all my food from scratch, whenever I can, using wholesome alternatives (see the recipe tab at the top of the page). Our coaching sessions were bespoke, personal and tailored to my needs to really help me find and understand the inner me. Keeping this pH balance of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic in our bodies is vital for ongoing good health. If you find yourself falling short of the recommend 5-7 servings of vegetables every day, Miessence Deep Green alkalising superfood is the fastest and easiest way to get your daily alkaline hit!
I’m sure you’ll agree the Miessence Deep Green alkalising superfood is one powerful way to get your hit of daily greens! He’s very picky and I thought I will have to do a lot of begging but I guess as a huge Hulk fan, he had to try it.

Miessence Deep Green is one of the best superfoods you can get – chlorella, spirulina etc. A study published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine followed more than 5,000 people from 1985-1986 to 2005-2006, tracking food consumption habits, as well as height, weight and blood sugar levels. Duffey and co-authors suggest that, based on these findings, an 18% surcharge on soda and delivery pizza could, on average, cut 56 calories per person per day—a reduction that means dropping five pounds per person during the course of a year.
Or are they indicative of a dangerous trend toward government interference in our freedom of choice—”punishing people for enjoying life once in a while,” as one detractor put it?
However, today's fiber-rich products have struck a delicious balance between health and taste - and you don't even have to be on an extreme health food diet to enjoy them. It travels through your body like a sponge, absorbing bile acids, cholesterol and other toxins along the way. These tips are so flavorful, you will never equate fiber and bland, unsatisfying diet again.
Top whole grain waffles with banana slices, toasted walnuts and a dollop of sour cream or yogurt. Make a tropical grain salad by cooking brown rice with coconut milk (in place of the water) and mix it with crushed pineapple, green onions, shredded coconut and chopped macadamia nuts. Puree cream cheese or goat cheese with fresh herbs, garlic and a bit of curry for a Middle Eastern inspired appetizer. Look for all natural whole grain pizzas, pocket sandwiches filled with vegetables and lean proteins, and the increasing array of nutritious frozen dinners in your whole foods market or supermarket freezer aisle. If you have been reluctant to try the growing array of whole grain products, give a new fiber-rich food a try and sink your teeth into the satisfying flavors you've been missing.
Candida yeasts normally live in the mucous membranes and on the skin without causing infections but our environment and our diet can cause an overgrowth and possible leakage into our bloodstream leading to a myriad of health disorders. Sugar addictions will be addressed and worked through, and guidance and direction will be available at all times.
Our sessions have helped me to gain confidence which is enabling me to better achieve my maximum potential.
When our bodies are acidic – viruses, yeast, bad bacteria and other unfriendly things tend to happen inside you.
I mix it with my smoothies and I’m good to go, I strongly recommend you try it and see how your body reacts!
Even better, there are many creative ways to transform foods high in fiber into mouthwatering meals that are also high in flavor.
Fiber also slows your body's uptake of glucose, keeping your blood sugar levels more stable, and it helps you feel full longer, resulting in you eating less. And don't forget to slather whole grain toast or bagels with pureed fruit or fruit preserves. Make a fruit salsa with chopped strawberries, peaches, jalapeno and cilantro as a sweet-hot side for chips.
Roll pilaf, sun-dried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and fresh herbs in flattened chicken breasts or boneless pork loins.
A list and regimen of supplements will be discussed and explained.I explain everything and am truly on your team for success and restoring your health and vigor for life. If your diet is made up of 80% wonderfully wholesome and nutritious foods, it can cope with the 20% devil-in-you.
Miessence is really for people who are after QUALITY certified ingredients to the HIGHEST standard. Researchers found that, incremental increases in price of unhealthy foods resulted in incremental decreases in consumption. Similar trends were seen for a $1 hike in pizza cost, and when both pizza and soda costs increased by $1, the effects were further amplified, the researchers found. Once in the system, candida overloads the kidneys and liver, and weakens the immune system. The yeast may show up as oral thrush, yeast infections, jock itch, athletes foot and nail fungal infections. Once addressed, recovery can begin, and it will be easy to follow because you're feeling so good! We combine the pellet with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to give your Sugar Glider exactly what is needed for proper growth and development.
Some of the diversified ingredients that are ground into the pellets include blueberries, broccoli, raspberries, honey, and bee pollen.Premium Sugar Glider Diet 22 oz.

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