Having a walk after you meals especially after dinner will reduces the blood pressure for sugar people. Yes it true, having a walk for 15 minutes after your meals or after dinner will speeds up your digestion. A 15- minute walk after your dinner or after meals improves the oxygen levels in body resulting improved blood circulation.
Try to make your friends or your partner to go for walk after dinner who always asks you to have outside food or to make new dishes.
The Thanksgiving food coma is called postprandial somnolence in scientific circles—a fancy way of saying after-dinner drowsiness.
Even though tryptophan is commonly associated with the Thanksgiving food coma, turkey has no more tryptophan than other meats.
Even though no concrete explanation exists for the Thanksgiving food coma, the phenomenon is real. Take your nap before dinner: If you’re on your feet all day preparing the Thanksgiving feast and hosting your in-laws, no wonder you’re tired after the big meal. Go easy on the alcohol: on Thanksgiving it’s easy to celebrate with more beer, wine and cocktails than you’re used to. Go easy on the carbs: mashed potatoes, stuffing and pie are just a few of the carb-heavy foods that most people eat on Thanksgiving. Serve dinner earlier: your guests are more likely to crash after dinner when the sun goes down. Go for a walk: An after-dinner “constitutional” helps you digest all that food without falling asleep on the couch.

Having a walk for 15 minutes after your meals makes you healthy and prevents from various healthy complications. It is one of the most effective an simple ways to maintain a healthy weight as walking not only burns calories but also improves your overall health. Improved blood circulation leads to pumping blood to different parts of the body which lowers the fat.
A study in the British Medical Journal showed taking more steps every day can help ward off diabetes. Walking releases happy hormones called endorphins which decreases stress and elevate your mood. After gorging on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, it’s common to pass out on the couch. Glucose triggers the release of insulin, which moves glucose into body tissues in order to keep blood sugar on an even keel. You’re almost certain to pass out after the feast—and sleep on the couch instead of driving home. Starting the Thanksgiving feast early means there is more daylight to keep people awake naturally. Also consider a touch football game, scavenger hunt or any physical activity that will help control blood sugar levels after the big meal. Head for the door instead of the couch improves digestion, burns calories and can help you to lose weight.
So people with excessive weight should walk for 15 minutes daily after their meals and a morning walk for 45 minutes helping them to improve blood sugar levels to higher extent.

Walking for 15 minutes a 140 pound person will burn 60 calories 180 pound person will burn 84 calories. There are various explanations for the Thanksgiving food coma, but the exact cause isn’t known.
In fact, you would have to eat a whole 20-pound turkey to ingest enough tryptophan to put yourself to sleep.
Eating early also gives everyone more time to get outside and clear their heads after dinner.
However, there are ways to avoid that feeling of overstuffed lethargy after your Thanksgiving feast.
Thanksgiving dinner features foods with a high glycemic index, like bread, potatoes, stuffing and pie. Enjoy little snacks that will keep your metabolism working and possibly prevent overindulging at dinner. With all that food in your system, your body is working overtime to digest rather than producing the energy you need to stay awake.
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