Serum Protein Electrophoresis - GeneralWhat are serum proteins?Serum is the liquid portion of blood from which the red blood cells, white blood cells, and factors involved in blood clotting have been removed. A rapid test for the qualitative detection of lgG antibodies specific to Helicobacter pylori in human whole blood, serum and plasma.
It is that component in which the clot is enabled at the room temperature of 15 to 30 minutes. It can be reserved at 2 to 6 degrees centigrade for many days and may be stored at a low temperature in the freezer for various months. We have been actively engaging in research, development and manufacturing a broad range of one step rapid diagnostic test kits.
Serum separation gel for blood collection tubes, View Serum separation gel for blood collection tubes, DS Serum separation gel for blood collection tubes Product Details from Wuhan Desheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. It is considered that 8% of the whole weight of the body is due to blood which comprises of serum, plasma, red and white blood cells. Ttheir colours can be converted into red or pink because of haemolysis that is by inappropriate management of the blood sample. Pylori Detection Device:- Flexible Testing- Simple laboratory procedure- Rapid results for early diagnosis- Convenient handling- Confidence in test resultsH.
It was the lowest priced test I could find and even had a doctor''s assessment to address the results (which were very comprehensive and detailed).

It might be because of some disease or infection in a person from whom the sample is drawn.
The liquid is confined by an applicator bar after it has entirely clotted and then it is separated by centrifuge for 5-10 minutes at 2500 RPM. The former is an approved part which is needed to check the blood groups and to diagnose diseases. Typically, the proteins in it are removed by the process of electrophoresis.It is needed for many types of tests like in an ELISA, a test to determine the level of hormones and nutrients in the patient. It is needed for transfusion purpose to the patients who are suffering from haemophilia, shocks, burns, and other clotting problems.
Electrophoresis separates the serum proteins into broad groups based on their size and electrical charge. The former takes a long time to produce than the latter because for serum formulation you have to allow the blood clot. There is only one type of albumin and it is found in relatively constant levels in the blood; it is a versatile protein with a variety of important roles, including transporting substances through the body. Levels of globulin are more variable than albumin, and tend to rise in the presence of illness or disease.When a blood sample is analyzed by routine methods, the albumin and total globulin levels are measured. Protein electrophoresis goes further and separates total globulin into its component parts, called globulin fractions, which are then measured individually.

Others, called antibodies, are produced by lymphoid cells, a type of white blood cell, and appear in the blood stream more slowly following injury.
Antibodies are essential to the body's ability to defend against invading bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.In most cases, a high total globulin level in the blood indicates underlying inflammation or infectious disease, but sometimes it indicates the presence of cancer, especially involving lymphoid cells. The basis of the test is the fact that albumin and the various globulins are different sizes, and that each type of protein carries a different electrical charge, like static electricity. When an electrical current is applied, the various proteins migrate across the grid at different speeds, causing them to separate into groups according to size and electrical charge. For example, albumin is quite a small molecule and carries a lot of 'static electricity'; it travels the farthest and the fastest of all the proteins, and is always the first one to appear on the graph. The higher the elevation in total globulins, the more appropriate it is to do protein electrophoresis.
However, more significantly, globulin levels can be very high with some types of cancer of the lymphoid cells. Inflammation is typically polyclonal, while lymphoid neoplasia is more likely to be monoclonal.

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