Collider: Since the the Fast and Furious franchise is all about cars, I was curious what your first car was. Carano: It’s a film that piqued people’s interest and I think people still, even after Haywire, were a little gun-shy, but they still wanted to talk about it. After that, I did In the Blood, and that was directed by John Stockwell.  I went straight from London to Puerto Rico and only had a day and a half off from shooting Fast 6 to filming In the Blood, and it was just a four-month, intense, crazy shoot that I learned so much about myself acting-wise.
Carano: I think with such a massive film like this and knowing that they wanted the fight scene between two women to be great, they hired such a wonderful stunt coordinator and we were training, it seems like, forever. Carano: That was really interesting because when I did that Haywire experience, what was written in the script with the revisions and everything is what was shot.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what Justin Lin does next, because he takes such care. You get to do a bit of a tag team with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Can you talk about your experience shooting with him on the movie? You already mentioned In the Blood.  You’re also attached to the Adi Shankar project, which I believe is the female version of The Expendables.  Are you still involved with that and can you give us an update?

Briefly, Steve interviewed you previously for Haywire and he brought up the topic of Wonder Woman.  With all of the recent superhero movies that are coming out, have you done any auditions for any superhero roles recently?
Well, I’ll tell you what, there’s always Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  If they can get that off the ground you might have a part; you might get to do both things in one! Limited Paper Exclusive: Wanna Know How To Get The Variant Edition of Mark Englert’s STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Poster?
I was so excited to be like, “Okay, I think I really want to get more into this, I really want to explore this, because if I can do what I have done so far in such a short amount of time, I want to see what else is inside me.” It’s challenging. I heard they had to pretty much pry the movie out of his hands just to get it shown in London because he was just so meticulous and there’s just so much respect to someone who takes that time and energy. I’ve heard that about him, people say, “I just love working with Dwayne,” and it was exactly that.  He’s such a pleasure to be around and, at the same time, for me, knowing where he’s been and gone and kind of having a similar – not exactly the same, but a relatability to that – I have so much respect for that.
Yeah, they’re soldiers, they’re ex-soldiers that you don’t really want to mess with.  They’re sitting there watching us play soldiers, so if I had a question I’d go up to one of them and be like, “How would you do this?”  You feel really safe when they’re around, they’re just good solid guys.
So, when I got the call for Fast and Furious 6, that was, “Okay, now I can go from doing something like Haywire with director Steven Soderbergh and take that experience and then go into a huge franchise.”  Really, there’s nothing that can teach you more than experiencing all this.

We went over the fight scenes over and over and over, me and Michelle did, until we were absolutely sick of it.  That made it, on the day, so much easier to perform, like a dance that we had done over and over and over and on the day it was just like, “Oh!” And you put your energy in there that you’ve been holding up until the day and it was just such a beautiful way to do business and to work. I wish I could say from the first conversation I had to the last conversation I had what transpired, but I think Justin Lin is a great, great director because he can take something on such a massive scale and have that many huge characters on and off the screen and he can manage it with a smile on his face and keep the positivity up and really keep everybody working. It’s just like studying for a test and making the test easy; it makes it a lot of fun, especially when people enjoy it. I really like the idea of creating something new that’s fresh and something that people don’t understand what they’re watching.

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