Sleep Well is a wireless blood glucose monitoring device concept, designed aiming to eliminate the sleepless nights of parents with the tension of getting their kids glucose level down to the extreme level. Design(dot)fr is a place to discover and share web content about design, architecture and decorative art. Even as the number of people suffering from heart disease, stroke, and cancer declines the number of people diagnosed with diabetes is steadily climbing each year, this means that for more and more people a truly noninvasive glucose monitor would be a godsend. The fact is that the key to managing diabetes and heading off the worst of the detrimental health care effects associated with the disease is to keep glucose levels under control as much as possible.
In order to do this glucose levels need to be checked multiple times each day and each time a check is perfomed a blood sample must be taken, usually by pricking the finger.
Unfortunately, a true noninvasive glucose monitor that is FDA approved and able to replace the blood sample type glucose meters is, as yet, unavailable. The current technology in noninvasive glucose monitors cannot replace the modern blood sample glucometer, but technology is advancing every day and a completely reliable noninvasive glucose monitor will soon be able to replace the constant finger sticks that most diabetics must endure. Using a small piece of silicon from Intel, four Israeli engineers are preparing to transform the lives of diabetes patients in third-world countries. For a person who lives on a few dollars per day, buying the necessary instruments, or travelling to a clinic, are major barriers.
Yet another obstacle to treatment is that existing blood sugar monitors instruments require a regular power supply – provided through the grid or via batteries. Intel® Edison technology was designed specifically for prototyping the connected computing devices that will drive the next industrial revolution.
For years, accurately measuring blood glucose levels was only possible in clinics with the right equipment. Most blood sugar monitors require patients to prick their fingers and analyse a drop of blood. Using Intel Edison, the team can analyse blood sugar tests and build a profile of the patients that use it. Assure® PlatinumThe Assure® Platinum is the first auto-code meter designed for long-term care. ARKRAY USA manufactures and distributes high-quality, cost-effective products that are simple, convenient and easy-to-use, including blood glucose meters, test strips, safety lancets and urine chemistry.

Important Notice: The contents of the website such as text, graphics, images, and other materials contained on the website ("Content") are for informational purposes only. The system comprises a portable and lightweight monitor with an ability to take wireless signal that parents keep with them and a wearable bracelet monitor that remains fastened on the child’s hand to transmit the health condition to the monitor.
There are noninvasive glucose monitors, like the glucowatch, which are worn on the wrist like a watch. The innovation that won them victory is an appliance designed to help diabetic patients, which measures blood sugar levels with no need for pricking the skin. This, the Israeli team discovered, has created real problems in third-world countries, where tens of millions of patients cannot afford to pay for basic therapy. As a result, patients in developing countries are often not receiving the ongoing treatment they need. It combines a small, powerful, adaptable hardware platform and a partner-enabled ecosystem with extended software compatibility and a supportive online environment.
But non-invasive appliances often fail to provide results which are as precise as those provided by the more traditional instruments.
The Intel Edison appliance projects light waves of different lengths onto a patient’s finger. In addition to its small size and low power consumption, the Intel Edison technology at the core of the appliance provides advanced, fast data processing so that results can be obtained in near real-time. The winners from Israel will receive a crowdfunding campaign, support from product design and marketing experts and production of a professional image clip to help them advance their development.
Feature loaded and made for multi-resident use, it aids in compliance with state regulations and eases infection control concerns. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
This monitor allows the parents to check their kid’s health without even leaving her bed and can be set to trigger an alarm when the blood sugar level of the child crosses a particular height. A reliable noninvasive glucose monitor would change all that, as a noninvasive glucose monitor is, by definition, bloodless and painless.
These noninvasive glucose monitorsread the glucose in a small sample of interstitial fluid that the machine draws from the sweat glands by means of a small and painless electric charge.

If their conditions worsen, they can suffer vision impairment, limb amputation, even death. This obviously requires pricking the skin to draw blood, sometimes several times a day, a process that can be a major inconvenience for patients. In addition, a survey conducted by the Israeli team showed that home appliances for non-invasive blood glucose measurement are not readily available, not even in advanced western countries.
Sensors that are sensitive to various light frequencies measure which wavelengths are absorbed by the blood’s glucose molecules and which wavelengths are reflected back. The four of us are good friends; we enjoy working together and hope to create many more things. Precise and accurate strip chemistry is augmented by auto-coding, which can reduce chances for user error. Moreover, parents can easily review their child’s nightly activities during the middle of the night at their bedside convenient. While the current technology in noninvasive glucose monitors cannot replace the blood sample meters, it is able to take a reading every 20 minutes for up to 12 hours at a time, recording up to 250 entries with time and date stamp.
An analysis of the findings lets the user know if the glucose level in the blood is higher or lower than normal.
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or product usage.
If an emergency situation takes place, they can rush to their child’s room with the monitor to perform the aid that has to be taken based on the information displayed. This makes the current noninvasive glucose monitor invaluable as a tool to track and trend glucose levels for proper diabetes maintenance. As more samples are taken, the instrument can learn a patient’s glucose values and create a more accurate profile for them. Most of these noninvasive monitors can also be set to alert the patient automatically if the blood glucose level reads outside of the preset limits.

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