Being an iPhone fan & a type 1 diabetic I was quite excited when I came across this product. After looking at the Sanofi-Aventis iBGStar blood glucose meter for iPhone, I am really quite impressed.
The accompanying app is free according to Sanofi-Aventis, and it is rumoured that the device is to be priced at around $80. I will definetly be interested in this iPhone accessory when it is released, but for now visit the dedicated website for more information. Featured in countless publications around the world, the Red Dot® and Good Design® award winning iBGStar revolutionized connected-health. This entry was posted in Industrial Design, User Interface Design on May 15, 2013 by golnik.

Robot Season 2 Episode 8: watch our digital after show tonight with special guest Kor Adana! I have heard rumours in the past about Blood glucose iPhone accesories but have never seen them be released. The blood glucose meter can connect directly to your iPhone permeneantly, or can be use seperately (as it has a battery as well). It has become the flagship product for one of the largest global pharmaceuticals and garnered rave reviews from users.
It features a 128×16 white OLED display and rechargeable battery so users never have to worry about their iPhone staying charged in a life-threatening situation. The iBGStar allows for a passthrough micro-usb connection so users never have to remove their meter from their phone.

So just incase your iPhone battery dies, you will still be able to test your blood(phew!). A digital logbook of sorts that keeps tabs on people suffering from diabetes, this app checks on blood sugar levels by hooking on to a $40 cable developed by Glooko that connects the iPhone to renowned glucose meters available today. Complete with the ability to mark your readings before and after meals, add notes, and email or fax a 14-day summary to your doctor, the app is free for download and seems like a great way to keep those blood sugar levels in check.

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