Dream interpretations are merely hints that try to figure out what’s happening in your life and what are your feelings about it.
Blood staining analysis from crime scenes is an extremely specialised area which can often prove to be the most valuable source of information when searching for clues and details of the event.
An expert in this field can extract vital information and characteristics of the crime such as how much force was used, the positions of the attacker and the attacked. Blood staining can disperse differently on altering surfaces however Essential Forensics has the expertise to understand the genetics of this process and therefore does not pose a problem when carrying out crime scene investigations. Clothing Analysis will forensically examine items involved in crimes can provide vital information which isn’t always visible to the naked eye. I have arachnophobia (spiders), that phobia started when 2 large spiders crawled up my leg and started biting me when I was 6 and I have a phobia as some of you know of Ferris wheels, I don't know why its just when people move about or rock the gondolas I loose my crap.
I have a really bad phobia of Bees and Wasps, I don't know what the technical name for it is but it started when a wasp stung me in Cornwall when I was 4 and my hand started swelling and now I'm terrified of them. I can't exactly pinpoiint how or when it started, but it is definitely an actual phobia as opposed to just a fear which any human would have of fire. Basically: I had been at my nan and grandad's after school until mum picked me up from work in the evening.
2) Seeing a house fire from my aunt and uncle's house, not a very clear memory, just remember us all watching out of the window and one of my cousins talking to me, can't remember what she was saying but I think she was trying to reassure me or explain what the firemen were doing. 3) Having a fire safety assembly in infant school and being given this activity pack thingy to take home.
4) A chimney fire over the back of our house when I was about 6, I was already scared to go upstairs alone at night as the window at the bottom had no curtains etc, and I always thought of that book, "Not Now Bernard!" with the monster in the garden! 5) When I was about 9, our grill caught fire after school; my brother had made kebabs or something in cooking lessons at secondary school, and some fat in the grill had caught fire when we were cooking them. Finally there is one other possible thing: that 999 program that used to be on in the 90s, with Michael Burke. I've known that I've had it ever since I had an incident when I was about 7 years old where I cracked my head open on a metal swing in a play park (ouch!!), this was the second time I'd done this as it also happened to me when I was 5. Since that event I've always either fainted, felt faint, had to sit down, or I get a really fast heartbeat & cold sweat, or my body reactions will space out where I'll feel like there's a delay between when my brain tells me to do something and when it actually happens, such as simply walking, hence the having to sit down thing whenever I see anything majorly bloody in person.

Well I have a minor case of Claustrophobia like if I am in a small room like 1X1 Meter and 2 meters in height for just over 2 Mins I become panicky and almost start crying. Karl Landsteiner discovered blood types in 1901 by observing that blood from people of different types would clot when mixed together. The Junior blood type was formally classified just two years ago when researchers pinpointed the molecule responsible for it.
Researchers are investigating ways to insert functioning versions of the clotting factor gene into patients’ own cells. Splatter patters can provide essential information about the process of events such as time scales. The structures in blood are specific to one living organism therefore can confirm a person’s identity.
Removal or intentional disturbances in the blood patterns altering traces left behind can be easily identifiable as a result of our extensive forensic blood staining knowledge. Patterns in the damaged item can reveal from which point the attack took place, the amount of force used or if a fight occurred. This one seems highly likely to have triggered the phobia off, considering the other things didn't shake me up as much, infact, no way near as much. I found one on Youtube from the 70s, it's called "Searching", I will NOT link it as it's really quite disturbing and frightening. There was a bookmark which had a picture on one side of a fireman battling a huge wall of flames. My mum closed the oven door, rang the fire brigade twice (after hanging up the first time thinking there was no need as the flames went out after closing the door, but then she decided to be on the safe side; and the fire brigade said she did the right thing), and we sat in her Mini Cooper and waited Three fire engines turned up with their sirens blaring out, my brother was absolutely mortified!
I believe that these all contributed, with the witnessing of a house fire when I was 11 being the final culprit, and causing the phobia to appear. The vast majority of people are Junior positive, but more than 50,000 Japanese are Junior negative. A more serious burden plagued the British royal family until recently: hemophilia, a blood-clotting disorder.
You cannot change the destiny and fortune, but you can prepare yourself to know what has happened or what will happen in future.

Try to analyze the state of blood you see in dream, as this will give you more hints to understand what they are trying to convey. Try to find out what is disturbing you in your mind and make ways to recover the errors or losses made. The aim of our project is the ability to open the door for you to a new world full of mysteries and secrets. Shapes, locations and concentrations of blood splatter from a crime scene can aid the reconstruction process, this information can then be used to corroborate or disprove statements from a witness, victim or suspect. I thought to myself "Maybe it's a chimney fire" - possibly remembering a chimney fire which happened over the back of our house when I was 6, which I'll explain in a minute. They had some scary s**t on that show, and there was one episode we always remember, where this old couple drove their car into someone's swimming pool! Had to have quite a few stitches one time then the other time they used surgical glue stuff. Fibre analysis can be carried out to establish person to person contact or location presence. But as we drove past, it was clearly not, it was the side part of a house, and I remember the sight of it just really shaking me up, I don't know if it's because I wasn't expecting it or what. I couldn't even deal with dissection of some animal parts in Biology at GCSE, had to leave the room hahaha! Hair and fibre are the two most important resources in forensic science and often provide enough evidence to conclude a conviction and similarly can provide findings to prove a person’s innocence. I read up about it a while back and apparently this phobia is often caused by traumatic incidents which can occur in childhood, so there's the explanation! We had to drive past that house on the way to my junior school, and I vividly remember being intrigued yet frightened to look at it, even if it only was a small part of the house.

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