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If you have your own good photos of Yamaha Giggle, you can upload them on our website and become one of our authors. Recent automotive trends, reviews, test drives and the latest news from the world of cars.Read the news section. Mercedes has announced that it can lengthen the GL model in its new generation that will be manufactured in the year 2018. How Audi showed off the renovated S1 during the Geneva Motor Show, many believed that, at the same event, the automaker could also show the post-facelift A1. The SsangYong is planning to compete with the Ford EcoSport market with a new model compact SUV. Renault revealed this Saturday (1) submit a new version of the Clio RS (pictured) during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. After revealing that the show XLV concept at the Geneva show , a project of the South Korean brand was spotted in testing in cold weather.
The French brand gave no clues about the new model, but the international press suggests that it may be the new top version Gordini line. At the time, the C3 was the third 50cc scooter in Yamaha’s already strong lineup (Vino 50 and Zuma).

While not as popular as the other Yamaha’s, the C3 sold well enough to last for 5 years in the USA (2007 - 2011). Yamaha raised the bar for 50cc engine technology in 2006 when they slipped a new fuel injected, liquid cooled and 3-valve engine into their formerly 2-stroke Vino. It’s this same great engine that Yamaha used in the new for 2007 C3 and later in the 2012 Zuma 50F. The C3’s top speed is slightly restricted by a washer that limits the top end gearing of the variator.
50cc 4-stroke are driven wide open 95% of the time so real world fuel milage for the C3 is normally in the (still extremely impressive) 100-110mpg range.
Design and AmenitiesOther than the neat engine, Yamaha has also given the C3 huge storage under the seat which comes in very handy for many items.
Laptop computers often fit well in this space, but unfortunately it’s not deep enough to swallow a helmet. Considering that huge storage capacity seems to be the main focus of this scooter, some people might be surprised by this.
The floorboard location is key in the C3, because it frees up the entire underseat area for storage.

Most non-fuel-injected scooters hold their gasoline under the seat which allows gravity instead of a fuel pump to deliver the fuel.
Other nice design touches include the inclusion of kickstand (and centerstand), the inverted front forks and the classy five spoke rims. On the downside, Yamaha had to pinch pennies somewhere so they opted to use a cheaper drum brake up front instead of a disc like they use on the Vino 50 and Zuma. I’m trying to tip toe around this one, but I think it's fair to say that the styling isn't for everyone. Overall, if you like the styling, this is one awesome scooter for you thanks to its ample storage and outstanding motor. If storage is your primary consideration, the Honda Elite 110 had perhaps the largest underseat storage area of any small scooter, with two helmets fitting inside.

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