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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! If the gun was involved, the ATF would confiscate it with no reimbursement or a thank-you note. I can only imagine a .001% chance of a thief selling stolen guns, and then keeping records to give to cops to bust the buyer if he is ever picked up. Also, I will tell any FTF seller to pound salt if he wants to create his own personal gun registration list with my personal information. I happened to find that website one day, and couldnt believe what they showed as available online.
Are there any indications on the website to show the difference between in store, and in stock in Dallas? I'm the owner of Cypress Armory and wanted to respond to the last post to clear something up.

Z-strain is a very aggressive colonizer and one of the fastest shroom strains from inoculation to harvest.
By having a Bill of Sale you at least check a Sellers ID and other credentials, thus, reducing your chances to loose your purchase in the future. His store front is very small with only 2 display cases for pistols and one wall of riffles.
If I was to meet someone to buy a gun who I wasnt comfortable with once I met them, Im not buying. He has most of his inventory in dallas but he can get your gun by the next business day, unless it's a pistol.
Not really something I would drive out to just to window shop exactly but John is very knowledgeable and will answer questions and chat with you.
But until then, the idea that citizens should hold private personal info on other citizens is ridiculous.

What I do is find what I'm looking for at a place with a larger in-store selection and get my hands on there as well as compare their price.
If he doesnt show me a CHL, or gives me any inclination that he is unable to legally buy, Im not selling. He's a cool guy to talk to and when I went it was just us two there and we were able to talk all about guns and my order.
When I am sure I want something then I go to cypress armory and place my order with them, if they have the best price.

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