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Compact and lightweight design allows you to easily slide your luggage scale into your carry on or luggage. The Master Lock 4688D TSA Accepted Cable Luggage Lock in Assorted Colors is super protection for your luggage and it's easy to set desired combination. The next time you travel by airline, check the weight of your luggage beforehand with the cool new Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale.
How many of you have been hit by excess baggage charges when you've gone to the airport?
The Digital Luggage Scales is small enough so you can throw it into your hand carrier right after you've finished.
For the order valus over AU$,1000 - Australian Custom Clearance Service is provided by Fedex or DHL, we will provide all necessary documents bundle with the parcels.

For your peace of mind, all the item are shipped with Insurance covered, replacement will be sent to you once the parcel is confirmed missing in transit. Featuring a sleek, ergonomic design, the luggage scales have a tactile rubberised finish and a clear, easy-to-read display that changes colour when the scale has registered the weight. When you get this lightweight set of Electronic Portable Digital Luggage Scale Travel, you can measure the weight of your luggage so you never go over! Once you've lifted, the scale will then tell you how heavy your luggage is on the large digital display. It features automatic hold which allows you to lift the luggage with a durable webbed strap, set it back down and then read the weight on the display. Privacy Policy5588 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.

Who knew how pricey it could get until the narky airline hostess informs you need to re-mortgage the house to pay the extra cost. It sure beats paying those ridiculous overweight fees, saves you from angry stares from fuming passengers waiting behind you and gives you that great peace-of-mind feeling.

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