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On Line luggage retailers were judged on price, customer service(before and after the sale) and shipping. One of our client's is looking for the Cabin Max Wheeled Trolley Backpack Hand Luggage Bag.
Requirement: fit for the business card 8,5 x 5,5cm, 4c print on one side and the card window on the other as promotation item.
We are a fast growing supplier, we want a similar product of your product, So please confirm to me if your Company can make provision for exact products as shown on trading site.

I am looking for travel bags and luggage in all types we are wholesalers looking to buy good quality and prices. Buy Luggage ProtectorsAirlines' frequent mishandling of luggage has paved the way for a flood of products promising to keep your suitcase damage-free.
If you are crazy about Texas, browse through our online store to view Texas themed fine art, leather travel bags, western dinnerware, tooled-leather business accessories, corporate gifts, office and home decor, and other unique Texas gifts! Protective covers for your bags are sold by companies like Luggage Protect Travel and Storage, which offers a giant clear plastic sleeve, and Carry-rite of California, which also sells giant clear plastic sleeves.

Travel-goods company Hartmann produced a YouTube video extolling their brand of sleeves; watch it here.

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