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Rochester Institute of Technology students heading home this week have the chance to go green while helping new students arriving in August.
A new initiative, Goodbye, Goodbuy!, urges students moving out of their dorms and on-campus apartments to donate what they can instead of tossing their furniture, clothes, canned goods and other items in the trash. Even electronics in good working order were left at the curb last year, presumably because people couldn’t fit them in their cars.
This year, about 60 people have volunteered to help collect, sort and store items starting on May 18 and concluding on May 24. Several 40-foot-long storage units have been rented with a discount from DeCarolis Truck Rental and will contain the donations once they are sorted.

After being sorted and cleaned, items to be sold to incoming students will be available Aug. Excess office supplies collected from moving students will be donated to the Rochester Central School District.
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The items will be sorted and what can be reused will be sold at thrift store prices to new students coming to RIT. Collection areas will be in the lounge areas in dormitories, in Global Village, and next to dumpsters.

Items are also being stored over the summer in the barn at RIT President Bill Destler’s home. Non-perishable food and toiletries were collected then and donated to FoodLink and Bethany House, a local shelter for homeless women and children.
Giordano, president-elect of RIT Student Government and an avid fan of thrift stores, said items will be sold with thrift store pricing.

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