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I also found me a aqua & white pyrex bowl at Goodwill the other day - I was happy about that.
My Mum had that exact mixer when I was growing up, which was the '70s so it must have been pretty old then. I too was given a piece of Lady Baltimore luggage each year of highschool, I only have the overnight bag left. Off the bike, the Nomad turns into a backpack with stashable mesh backpack straps that tuck away into a storage compartment on the back. The Nomad has a beavertail on top for quick-stash items like a smaller DSLR camera (in it’s protective case) or as a place to stash gloves, sunglasses, etc when you stop for gas. Inside the beavertail we’re adding a neoprene sleeve for a Delorme InReach or InReach Explorer Communicator, so the screen is protected by the beavertail, but the antenna remains exposed. This is the bottom compartment, which is a little more spacious, and has zippered mesh pockets for additional small item storage. As a convenient add-on for riders with contact lenses (like Andrew) there’s a spot to hold your contact lens cleaning solution. If it’s used for a hydration bladder, we added this little zipper opening at the top of the bag, so the hydration bladder can be connected to the top of the bag with a clip, so it doesn’t sag inside the pocket.
The side straps connect to these side release buckles, which are attached to the frame of the bike with heavy duty zip ties. This harness goes around the yoke of the bike, and also connects to the bag with side release buckles. We’re compiling a list of edits to this prototype right now, and building them into a new spec pack for the factory. Big thanks to Rick Lieberson at T-Line Design for coming by the shop and helping us develop these cool new hats! A big project here at Mosko over the last few weeks has been creating our first real product catalog for the 2016 season. Last Friday, while Andrew was still in Asia, Lee, Tiffany, and I took the day off and went for a ride. The final version will have slits like these, so the beavertail connection straps can be quickly & easily removed, leaving only the back plate on the bike. The bottom of the bolt-on’s beavertail has these velcro tongues which slide through corresponding slits at the bottom of the aluminum back plate and then fold back onto themselves, attaching the beavertail to the back plate, and holding the removable drybag in place.
A redesigned ‘one size fits all’ adapter for bikes with curvy pannier racks (like the BMW racks).
And a little tool bag designed to sit on top of the flat spot on the adapter, which would also work with our current adapters.
Lee’s preparing for our next assembly run in Portland, which will be by far the biggest we’ve ever done. Now that our website photography & videos are done, Lee and I took the new drybag prototypes out riding, and snapped some pics for the website. We briefly considered doing both bags, but the hatch is such a new concept, we want to try it out with one version before committing to two.
Here’s what the bottom looks like, we’re going to add some compression molded foam to this surface as well. We weren’t totally happy with the ‘grocery sack’ profile of the drybag so we started putting a bunch of other drybag samples and prototypes we have here laying around the shop into the harness to see how they’d fit. Working with that foundation, we cut off the backpack straps and Andrew started experimenting with patterns and strap layouts.
Of the 10 bolts connecting the new three piece design, one was a little lose when I returned, and the remainder were all as tight as when I left. There was one spot where a leg bag seam showed signs of possibly separating from the harness in the future. With the narrow profile of the 200 cc bikes we were on, the metal bar on the harness bent & contoured to the bike, which is what we want it to do, but in this case, after bending, it became too short for the webbing sleeve that holds it. Up front we’ll do some kind of simple collar that connects around the bike’s yoke, and has two side release buckles that connect to the bag. The extremely rough prototypes in these pics are just to dial in the size, dimensions, and general layout of the bag.
We like the idea of an external headlamp pocket, where you can click your headlamp from outside the pocket to illuminate the inside of the bag through a clear vinyl panel.
I’m posting from my phone, beer in hand, watching elephants escape the heat in a watering hole at Zaina Lodge in Mole National Park, Ghana.
Something I’ve really appreciated on this trip are the new backpack straps on the Stinger 22 tailbag. Andrew’s been working on the new tank bag designs, everything is moving forward with our spring production orders, and Mosko is having an excellent February.
We're having a Factory Seconds Sale and thought we'd extend these great deals to our ADVRider, Facebook and Instagram riders out there. As you know we don't normally extend discounts due to the small gap between factory cost and retail, but since these are lightly scuffed bags we don't want to sell them as the ones we normally pull off the shelf new. I brought a Reckless 80 for this trip – a prototype of the new 3 piece version – with the new Stinger 22 tailbag. In terms of performance on the bike: flawless, zero issues so far after riding all week on a mix of footpaths, dirt roads, sandy roads, and pavement.
I’m on my way back to Accra now after a week of exploring the Lake Volta region in Ghana, to meet up with my buddy josh and start a much bigger loop through Togo, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. A on the other hand, there are so many relatives and their pictures are in so many different rooms - trying to design minimalist will be difficult with unmatching frames and backgrounds of dozens of relatives.
In ivory canvas with tan leather trim, and roomy black canvas lined inside, it’s also got feet, so you can rest it on the ground without getting it all dirty.
The pink one is brand new and reversible, and the Christmas one on the right has jingle bells on it. Too much "good stuff" as me and Aaron like to say when we find a great booth at the antique center!!
Yesterday I found 2 of the suitcases & was thrilled, My color was white & my husband is cleaning it as we speak!!

As R2-D2 protected Luke, so will this Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage protect your underwear, shirts, socks, toothbrush, and everything else you need on your travels. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. Andrew has been at the factory working on the first production prototype, and it’s looking really good. On the top of the beavertail, we have MOLLE webbing, which can be used to attach an infinite variety of MOLLE accessories. It velcros to the side of the bag, and the velcro holder can be rotated so it’s always vertical. This bag is sewn-seam, so it needs a raincover to be waterproof, even though the materials and the zippers we’re using are water-resistant. There will be at least 1-2 additional rounds of prototypes before this bag is ready for production. We got the first delivery from Rick and will be adding these new items to our website shortly.
If you’ve seen us at a show before, you probably received either a home-printed, stapled handout, or more recently a slightly more professional tri-fold brochure.
From there we’ll go to Overland Expo West in Arizona, and then from there to the Alvord Desert for Memorial Day. Our bags are in production at the factory, assorted parts and pieces are trickling into our warehouse, and online orders are increasing, but the official selling season and road show haven’t quite begun.
We’ll be using ironing boards to burn holes in the back of the bags for our mounting frames. Something to hand out at shows, replacing the tri-fold handouts we’ve used up till now, and also something we’d send out to our mailing list.
As you can see, we don’t have much of a movie studio here at our headquarters in White Salmon, so Tiffany setup the camera in the back of my truck, and we filmed right outside the shop. Last week we mocked up two versions, one with a small hatch and roll-top, and the other with a big hatch and no roll-top. Plus we’d be ordering double the factory MOQ on a brand new concept and the bags would surely cannibalize each others’ sales. We need to use a really stiff material for the back plate that won’t bend & bow under load. The beavertail would connect to the bottom of something like this, and the connection straps would attach to the sides of the plate, connecting to the beavertail with side-release buckles.
I decided to use the traditional ‘roll style’ for my tools, and use our ‘tooletry kit’ concept for electrical cables and chargers.
These are the pictures we’ll use as the main product images that you can blow up, zoom in on, etc on our website. We put these two prototypes through a lot of abuse on this trip and they held up great. There was one minor issue on a drybag (known issue, fixed in the new version), and a few other things on the harness that we can address in production. We already made some changes to address that, including adding webbing to support the leg bags and disconnecting them from the beavertail.
We’re experimenting with a side release buckle connected to the bike’s frame with heavy duty zip ties.
These then get combined with computer specs, and sent to the factory for ‘real’ prototypes to be made. As an added benefit, you’d always know exactly where your headlamp is, because hunting for a headlamp in the dark sucks. The first is a ‘Reckless 15,’ which is a smaller reckless bag designed to carry extra fuel, tools, and tubes on the back of a dirt bike. This would be a simple, economical, weight-conscious side bag solution for people with hard pannier racks and tight budgets. The manager Arvind is a super cool guy plus he’s also also a fellow rider, and he’s talking to the rangers about letting us explore on motos this afternoon, which would be awesome. We had one clutch go out and one valve rocker seize, both fixed rapidly and without hassle, which is something I really appreciate about traveling on a locally-sourced bike.
When I need to get everything into a guest house in one trip, so as not to leave my bags unattended on the bike, I put the tailbag on my back, carry the rest of the R80 in one hand, and carry my helmet and tank bag in the other. I’m here riding for the month of February, so the blog posts may be a little fewer and farther between than normal. I love that the same bag works on everything from my BMW r1150gs Adventure down this little 200cc bike I bought in Africa. It's got a telescoping handle and 360° swivel wheels for quick maneuvering in any air, sea, or spaceport you happen to be travelling to (or from).
This design is based on our mountain biking & trail riding hydration packs, adapted to tank bag dimensions and mounting.
The bag will include a map pocket that goes over the webbing, so you can choose between MOLLE or the map pocket.
We want this bag to look & feel like a real hydration pack when it’s off the bike, not like a tank bag that’s been awkwardly strapped to your back. I had one of these on my tank bag on the last two big international trips and it was indispensable. On this bag we want to divide the space vertically into layers, because when we took a poll last year, the vast majority of what people said they store in tank bags are small items (headlamp, wallet, batteries, chapstick, sunglasses, charging cables, etc). First, it’s a hydration sleeve, so you can add a standard hydration bladder and run the drinking hose through an outlet hole on the side of the bag. With all the new products coming in June, we’re stepping up to a real-deal, 16-page catalog. We’re using this pre-season period to update our website, shoot some videos, and develop new products. Andrew left for Asia yesterday, where he will be doing quality control on the items coming off the production line, and prototyping some of the concepts we’re working on for next year. However the smaller hatch access is tight, and to unroll the roll-top, you have to unsnap the bag from the bike.
We were considering HDPE, like on the Backcountry panniers but thinner, but then we started experimenting with aluminum. Rather than having the Scout as a scaled-down Backcountry, this would give it an altogether different identity.

We take an extremely high resolution image of the product set against a clean white background with a highly diffused light, creating few if any shadows. It’s trippy to go from riding a motorcycle in Africa one day, to my normal home routine the next. Even if abrasion eventually works its way through the outer fabric, it will rarely if ever get through the internal polyethylene sheet. Still, never a bad idea to inspect the bottom of the bag after the first ride and address any potential abrasion issues sooner rather than later. To further prevent this from happening, in production we’ll be wrapping the fabric all the way around the edge of the bag, so it’s double-sewn for a really solid connection.
Also, the aluminum bar we’re using in production doesn’t have the same sharp edges as the steel bar in this prototype, so the wear in the pic below won’t happen in the production version.
All the small bags would be welded-seam roll tops, no sewing or zippers, so they’d be fully waterproof. There’s a feeling I get on an extended trip, when everything has a spot, the important stuff is on top, the things I need access to are on quick-draw, and my bags start to feel like ‘home.’ I have that feeling now, on this trip. And the farm set was a favorite with my kids and I soooo wished I still had it for my future grand kids!
When they went to apprehend the droid, the Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage's owner (a very short-tempered Aqualish), forced the Stormtroopers out of the bathroom.
Just make sure your Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage leaves all his bartending stuff at home. The removable map pocket attaches with velcro, and there’s additional velcro inside the beavertail gussets, so the map pocket folds around the edge of the beavertail and connects on the sides as well. So instead of one big toaster-style bucket, where all those little things get mixed and tangled up together, the Nomad has its vertical space divided into two compartments, each with a variety of small-item stash spots. That way you can drink water while riding, and not have to wear a hydration pack on your back.
Dan Cox is doing the design work, and he’s been in & out of the shop a lot over the last few weeks. The capacity will be around 25 liters, and it can be expanded with MOLLE bags and by stuffing out the beavertail.
The outerwear samples seem to be taking way too long to prototype, an issue which we’re looking into now.
The large hatch version, on the other hand, offers plenty of access through a single opening, and provides more real estate for external pockets and features, at the expense of a wider bag. It would be lighter weight and lower cost, designed for minimalist travel and shorter trips as opposed to expedition-style transcontinental touring. To address that, we’re going to experiment with making the entire outside of the roll from PVC, which will make it slide easier, and also provide a degree of water resistance. Then the product image gets electronically ‘clipped’ in photoshop, and placed on a new white background with a drop-shadow. The two side bags would be permanently attached to the harness, while the rear center bag would be removable. We spent lots of time on back roads and single-track footpaths, meeting village chiefs, and stopping for the night wherever we got tired. Upon payment we'll process your order within 24 hours on business days and 72 hours on weekends.
The new R80 3 piece system was so easy to pack up for flying, and the Stinger 22 tailbag worked great as carry-on when the rest of my gear was checked. My new camera fits right in the beavertail where it’s obscured from view and securely held to the bike, but also available on quick draw. As a secondary use, we received a lot of requests for a concealed carry pocket, and this pocket can also be used for that. It’ll be economical as well: we’re shooting for price point under $300 retail per pair including all mounting hardware, harnesses, and drybags. With the large hatch, we can also do more with the inside of the bag, in terms of internal organization, pockets, and storage.
It would be a bit heavier than some of the single-layer, bag-only systems out there, because of the metal mounting hardware and the fact that it has both a harness and a bag, but it would also be so much more awesome and functional than those other systems.
We’ll also add a handle to the top, so there’s something to grab and pull on when it’s inside a pocket. For these shots, all the bags have to be perfectly primped, stuffed, and styled with zero dirt or dust.
After riding north nearly to the Burkina border, we headed west to Ghana, and got caught in the middle of a chieftaincy dispute at the border. I was a little overweight with one bag so I pulled out one of the R80 leg bags and checked separately, another cool feature of this system for fly-to-ride trips. I pull the bag off and it’s a real backpack with proper straps etc which is awesome for hiking, walking around villages, exploring markets etc.
I have been collecting Pyrex for over 25 years and thrilled that others are collecting too! One thing we’re not sure about for CC: what kind of internal attachment or fasteners would work best here?
We were removing tiny specs of dust with a mini sponge, which was hilarious, given how dirty our bags are when they’re actually being used.
People torched the houses on either side of us, the gunfight continued all around us until well after sunrise. It has been interesting to watch Josh ‘move in’ to his Reckless 80 over the last few weeks, note what he stores and where, and how he uses the various features differently than I do.
We’ve come a long way since our first Mosko product shoot, which happened in a campground in Arizona with a bedsheet as the backdrop.

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