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Most women will tell you that it’s not a good idea to just pack lingerie in a suitcase. As a traveler who loves her beauty products, the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule has personally tormented me for ten years now. Keeping your luggage safe and secure is one of everyone’s top priorities while traveling.
1 7 products found for Wholesale Luggage lock in wholesale Luggage and Travel Traveler's Deluxe - Gold Plated - Brass deluxe luggage lock. Under rules by the US Transit Security Administration (TSA), you can still lock your luggage — it won’t be turned away if comes locked to the airport — but there is a slight hitch. In order to still lock luggage when you fly, you need to purchase locks certified by the TSA. Since the September 11 attacks, there have been many restrictions added to flying in the US, including those requiring people to show ID before they board a plane. For many passengers, it is a relief to know they can still lock their luggage when they fly, and you may even find a few baggage locks at airports. This is just one of the numerous regulations we have to put up with for our security even though it's frustrating. What good is a TSA lock when they are the ones most likely to steal your stuff?If you fly with firearms, you *have* to lock the luggage with a non-TSA lock which only you can open.
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I doubt that TSA can open them so they'll have to break off your lock and it will become unusable.

I know that airport personnel open and check luggage regularly, so I just don't put a lock on. Thankfully, I haven't had any problems with theft.
Every time I fly, I check the TSA website to see if they've changed any of the rules about what you can bring on the plane etc. However, last time I flew, my suitcase was chosen for a random search and they cut my Samsonite luggage lock off! I'm glad to know there is another solution than just not locking my bag.
But at the same time, I want to make sure that all the luggage brought in by passengers are safe. We have no choice but to put up with it.
But I guess I should look into getting TSA approved locks for my next flight. By the way, are those locks sold separately from luggage? I have a few friends that worry about everything, so I think getting TSA approved luggage locks could put a few peoples minds at ease.
Every country has its own airline security procedures, so you need to check with the country you're flying into or out of. I've had my luggage one time checked coming back from Cyprus by UK Security and i didn't know it. I've never heard of this TSA luggage lock before. I don't think I will buy one though, because I don't fly to often. I found out when in the bag my prescription pills were opened as if someone thought they were illegal drugs. Instead, I just put clothes and toiletries in my suitcase, and anything valuable, I take in my carry on bag. Normally, when you buy China Products from wholesalers, you have to buy in large quantities Customized with your logo.

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