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Vintage Speed Roof Rack For Beetle and Super Beetle, 155-391-01988 comes complete with stainless steel nuts and bolts, and protective pads for the rack base and roof eave hooks.
The rack rails are precision CAD designed then computer controlled laser-cut from stainless steel, then TIG Welded and Polished to "show standards". Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation (or tech question) is complicated. One of the finest roof racks available for Vintage VWs, this rack provides a retro look and feel!

The ensemble is contoured, resulting in a more ergonomic roof fit, and is very aerodynamic, resulting in virtually zero wind resistance! This great priced reproduction wood slat foor racks can be the finishing touch for your vintage Beetle resto.
This is a new reproduction classic style Westfalia wood slat roof rack for Type 2 VW Volkswagen Bus.
The use of VW, Volkswagen and any model names and numbers is for the sole purpose of description of parts application.

We return calls DURING THE DAY at various times throughout the week as time allows, so please be prepared to wait a few days for us to call you back. If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply by EMAIL.

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