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BRAND NEW: This Hi-Quality Powder-Coated Roof Rack will add a vintage look to any year Bug or Super Beetle.
The rack I had on my Derby was a wood slat rack like that one, made for the air-cooled beetle. Over the past 15 years K&M Development has built 40+ luxury homes in some of the Bay Area's top residential neighborhoods (Hillsborough, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Saratoga, and Cupertino). Commercial and 'regular' sellers, please take a banner advert or become a Member Sponsor and support the site before running your 'business' or 'just selling' through VZi. This great priced reproduction wood slat foor racks can be the finishing touch for your vintage Beetle resto.

I had to shorten and narrow the legs on it to meet the Derby roof but once fitted it looked like it was made for the job.
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Utilizing well established relationships with key contractors, K&M Development consistently produces high quality custom homes for sale as well as for residential owners.
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