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Morning all ?? You may remember I did a blog post recently about using vintage suitcases in the home? I love this mismatched set (seen on the Beauty Department) and think a vanity case is a must – they are so cool and practical too! The colour of these next vintage suitcases is just fabulous – a kind of pinky coral colour – love it! I also like the blue colour in this next pic – oh ok and perhaps the sparkly Louboutins caught my eye too!
So style wise you cannot really go wrong with vintage luggage – you can get some real gems with a bit of effort. As well as all of this ridiculously gorgeous authentically vintage stuff, there is also the vintage style luggage for those of you who want to play it safe with something modern and secure, but keeping the vintage look. This Louis Vuitton beauty is the Bisten 70 suitcase which I just totally adore – I think I would probably actually kill for this! You can get this set of 3 Regent Vintage Ivory Suitcases from Overstock for the bargain price of ?179.22.

This unusually shaped gem is handcrafted using traditional methods by Williams British Handmade and each piece is bespoke or limited edition – prices on request.
Good morning and I hope you are all well? I don’t know about you but I am struggling with these cold dark mornings. I love the way they have made a chest of drawers by stacking them in the pic below and the wedding table plan displayed in the suitcase is always a popular one with my brides. I love this idea and think there are so many fab things you can do with them – as can be seen on that previous post!
Try eBay, vintage shops and markets, car boot sales, your grannies attic, charity shops and anywhere else you can think of!
This costs ?3,020 but it is a serious investment that will one day be an antique – a genuine vintage Louis! This again would last a lifetime and again I would likely kill for anything Mulberry really! I can see the advantages of both, but I think so long as your real vintage luggage is in good condition, or you have it re-conditioned then there is no reason why you cannot use it.

I have a lovely big, warm and cosy bed and when its still quite dark and icy cold as soon as you move the duvet, there is not much motivation to get up! I love vintage luggage and have recently started to collect it – despite my husbands complaints of hoarding! I am off on holiday in December and would love some gorgeous vintage luggage to take with me, so have been looking at some pics for inspiration – real vintage as well as vintage style.
You can stack them and use as a table, make them in to chairs or pet beds or even just store stuff in them – a lot more interesting than a boring box!

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