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First, wrap a piece of painter's tape around your suitcase about 6 inches in from the front and draw a line. I get some of my best interior design ideas while researching past eras and visiting antique stores and flea markets.  Included in my favorite objects from the past are luggage sets.
Now, I would like to take this time to discuss a cool way to display vintage luggage while also making it functional. Don’t discount a vintage trunk the next time you run across one in an antique or second hand store. Many times you can get trunks cheap enough that you can paint the details the color that coordinates with your interior. Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks, published by Abrams, provides an intense and detailed glimpse into the artistry of the House of Vuitton. Page by page, stories reveal the painstaking artistry that goes into the works that bear that famous Louis Vuitton.
They’re that thing that gives character to the space and that makes it feel cozy and inviting. In my defence they're only tiny - and I do plan on selling some of the ones I already have. One is a beautiful green one that I do use, another is one that was my Aunt's and still has travel labels.

Blogger Korrie Bastian of Red Hen Home dressed up an empty wall in her entryway by turning vintage luggage into a sturdy set of unique shelves.
Sure luggage has come a far way since the 1960s,  and thank god for the advancements in the convenience area (can you image your biggest suitcase without wheels, yikes!),  but why are the majority of suitcases today so displeasing to the eye?
Patrick-Louis Vuitton explains in the preface, the trunks that this design house is known for were not always made for first-class travelers. I just love the look of vintage luggage - it's such an easy way to add vintage chic to one's home, not to mention useful storage!
Just large enough to hold a framed photo or flower vase, these clever suitcase wall shelves give off a fun, quirky vibe -- and they're functional too.
To make this process easier, it's best to remove your suitcase's fabric lining before running it under the table saw.
Almost every decorating photograph involving trunks shows Louis Vuitton trunks, but you don’t have to limit yourself to name brand luggage. When the trunks were first produced by Louis himself in 1854, they were made for heavy-duty, utilitarian uses.
If your table saw isn't large enough to cut all the way through the suitcase, use your jigsaw to finish off the job. There has been countless times where I have run across great looking rustic slatted wood trunks with old fashioned leather straps.

Decide where you want your shelves to fit on the wall, and tape up scrap paper to use as a visual guide for shelf placement.
A unique vintage wall display perfect for holding all your knick knacks, photos and living room accessories. Ebay has a number of spectacular trunks which are very affordable, making it possible to collect a few to stack up tall on a small feature wall. I love the trunks like the one below which feature a combination of wood, brass tack details and leather.
It’s about the contrasts that you can create in a modern home decor and about the personal touch and charm that such an accent piece has. It’s why in most cases the suitcases are not modified or reconditioned but left as such so they can make a strong style statement.

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