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Now, being that we were probably the youngest table at the gala, my friends and I could not disappoint and like truly appropriate adults, we held champagne glasses like mics and asked each other “who are you wearing tonight?”  Between the jokes and the Vine-ing (what better opportunity for 6 second videos), we overloaded Instagram and I have news, we cleaned up well!
So, I wore a black, (obviously) slinky BCBG dress that I picked up at Sawgrass Mills Mall, BCBG Outlet.
I picked up this turquoise and gold, Bangle Bangle necklace at TJ Maxx for $29.99 from $49, for about 40% off. I really loved the necklace with the red skirt and although I cut them off, I wore nude patent leather heels. As I attempted to merely put on clothes, not look nice, not look put together, simply not leave the house naked, I became very frustrated with my summer selection. After a stop at the new Loehmann’s earlier in the week when I really was in no mood to be shopping, I did catch that they were having a 25% spring sale promotion.
Now, I’ve already made it clear that I will buy duplicates (or more) in different colors if I love something.
Each of these Tresics dresses were  priced at $20 from $46, minus 25% for the sale with an additional 10% off the total for being a Loehmann’s member so before tax I paid $27 for both.

I received this email because I had purchased a t-shirt for my brother for Christmas and I would never unsubscribe from a company that sends so few emails and has such great stuff. As I mentioned, about two weeks ago, there were a couple items I’ve been looking for with little success. I always get online or walk into the stores and recognize I need some casual tees or comfortable tops (but only rad, comfortable tops), however I never come home with any. I know I said I wanted to wear combat boots and body suits everyday but now I’m highly considering my other favorite option may be cutoffs and snap backs.
Although, we’ll never know what we truly save when Macklemore-ing, I certainly love thrift shopping. As I was inevitably lost in my Twitter timeline last week, I came across my girlfriend Kelly bragging about some awesome vintage finds.
She got this amazing fur coat for $10 and the vintage Verdi luggage for $4 at the Salvation Army. Then at Goodwill, she picked up this AMAZING black clutch  and small cross body, both perfect for going out for $3.

Happy hour lasts until 8pm which automatically makes me more apt to return… frequently. In the lot behind the main bar strangers, friends and pets are all relaxing at picnic tables tattooed with writing and graffiti.
Although the fantastic happy hour prices ended by 8pm, I did not close my tab until about 9pm. Magically, somehow, I did not walk out of Wood Tavern, like I said earlier, until nearly midnight.
Not to worry, though, I believe I am expecting some packages in the mail this week (two thumbs way up). In the meantime, here is a short laundry list that sums up March but still doesn’t disappoint.

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