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Cylinder Vacuum CleanersPosted on January 27, 2012 by author • 0 CommentsWhen choosing a vacuum cleaner for domestic needs one of the major decisions you have to take is to pick the right style of cleaner either upright or cylinder. Since the hose is longer, one can cover a wider radius standing in one place with cylinders. On the other hand, cylinder vacuum cleaners can provide difficulty in storage because the hose is unstable and cannot stand on its own.
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You will have the option to renew, but you will not be automatically billed at the end of your subscription. Upright vacuum cleaners are more commonly used in US and UK; whereas most people in Europe rely on cylinder vacuum cleaners for their cleaning needs.
Also the hose is great for cleaning under the furniture, in narrower areas, and for cleaning upholstery as well.  Cylinders are usually lighter in weight making it easier for you to clean the stairs and carry them from floor to floor.
Choosing one style over the other can have its pros and cons, but one can make up for the disadvantages with additional attachments.

Many newer models of upright vacuum cleaners come with switches to turn off the brushes making them capable of multi-floor cleaning. Cylinder vacuum cleaners originally did not have moving brushes which made them less effective for carpeting, but suitable for bare floors. Upright vacuum cleaners rely on the suction provided at the base of the structure for cleaning. But today cylinder models come with brush rollers attachment for efficient cleaning on carpeted floors as well. They are unsuitable for cleaning under the furniture and in narrower spaces, but the more recent models provide attachments for this purpose. Nonetheless, uprights are easier to steer, one can complete his cleaning chore without bending.

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