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I don't know if a lot of people realize this, but TJ Maxx, aside from Runway fashion, shoes, handbags, clothing and homewares, sells luggage. In fact in my experience, it has by far the best selection of good quality, functional, stylish and affordable luggage in the U.S. The selection was pretty immense - and most price points were under $100 - including brand names, Ralph Lauren, Samsonite, Heys and even Diane von Furstenberg! I'm going to share more pictures and a full review as I start my packing plans for the rest of my summer travels (my British Passport arrived today - I'm going home baby!) So stay tuned, for now feast your eyes on the other travel delights to be found at your local TJ Maxx! The store also gives you well-known brands like Ralph Lauren, Samsonite and even Diane von Furstenberg at highly reasonable rates with guaranteed quality on each unit. Most TJ Maxx luggage section items are lightweight, sleek and in tune with the latest styles and designs. Printed ones having geometric designs, leopard prints, patchwork etc are a specialty and are in vogue. If you dona€™t require branded ones, you get the others too which too are of standard quality. I recently purchased a 28″ Liz Claiborne tap dance series piece of luggage at a Harrisburg,PA Tjmaxx. Just purchase three pieces of Heys Leopard designed luggage at your store in Deerfield Beach, FL. Get TJ Maxx CouponsThis website is dedicated to collecting and publishing various coupons available for shoppers at TJ Maxx. Get New Coupons by Email Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified by email when new coupons become available.
The Kings are a digital nomad family that are learning from life, experiencing the richness of diversity and loving the whole process while traveling.. I thought you’d be interested in what fills our suitcases and how we pack for a move half-way across the world. So, when I went out to check on the garage sale we were having to sell all of our stuff I wasn’t surprised to find our old suitcases sitting there marked for $20 for the set of 3.
I have a Kindle, but there are some books that I just started reading, The Ringing Cedars of Russia series, that are not available on Kindle. You do not want to be fumbling around, twisting your body in the 2 sq ft of space designated to you to find things that provide a quick relief to you or your children.
My notebook, so I can write down any genius ideas that come to my mind at 36,000 feet altitude. Wow, and I felt proud of the 4 hour flight to mexico we did with an almost-2-yr-old this past fall. My husband and I are looking to move to Peru or Ecuador in about a year (when I finish school for the second time) The kids will be three and one at that point so I would LOVE to hear how your much longer flight goes. I think I’ve already expressed my feelings to you about how much I like your new luggage. I love the idea of your packing cubes – makes it so much easier for when you reach Bali.

Who are the Kings?We are a digital nomad family of four (with a 5 & 3 yr old) that sold our suburban stuff in order to live our dreams of travel, adventure and new experiences in different cultures. There are few other places in the world where shopping seems more natural than in New York.
Filene’s basement is a chain of outlet stores that has become a true legend among US bargain hunters.
With a nice location close top Broadway, this store seems stuck in a never-ending discount season. So when Mr Style and I decided that it was beyond time we replaced our pre-marriage hodge podge set of luggage with something sturdy and fashion forward - it was to TJ Maxx we headed - and thanks to a special treat from HQ - I had a giftcard in tow to make the trip even more affordable. You can also get personalized or initial-ed ones that help you keep track of your luggage on a journey.
You can also get great discounts and coupons which can be used on them to make purchasing easier and hence avoid empty pockets.
I would like to purchase other pieces in this pattern but have been unable to locate any at the two stores I checked.
King has wanted new luggage since we were bequeathed our old set from a neighbor in Colorado. We really don’t need much since we live in tropical climates, but we do enjoy a little variety in our wardrobe. Each of us has one travel cube and whatever you can stuff into it, you can take on the trip. They are a wonderful series that challenges conventional thought about human nature, spirituality and ways of living and I can’t bear to part with them, just yet.
I sold all of my kitchen stuff in Belize and am hoping that Bali has really good quality knives for me to use OR a really good quality full time chef I can hire. I always have my little day pack available under the seat that has items that bring contentment and peace immediately. Would love to meet your family to hear about your travel stories, and meet your lovely children!
With its classy boutiques, historic department stores, underground labels and outlets New York makes the ultimate shopping destination in the US. The company was started years and years ago and today it owns two huge shops in Manhattan alone.
Anything and everything you need to make your journey easier can be found at a TJ Maxx store near you.
But, we did have to purchase another carry-on to fit all their new wares, so the new number is 2 suitcases and 3 carry-ons. Turns out she must not like us at all because they were the most cumbersome, hard to pack black cloth beasts on wheels.
For a move, we pack our clothes in vacuum seal bags that compress them so we can fit more in. I have paired down the number of flipflops I own, but just cannot rid myself of my bulky hiking shoes.

The iPad gets stowed into my Quick Grab Bag (see below) so that I don’t have much trouble getting to it when I need it, which I think I will for a 30 hour journey to Bali. You can get a whole meal delivered for 4 people to your house for less than $10, or simply go out. The great thing about New York shopping is that you don’t necessarily to be Paris Hilton in order to dress fashionable: there will be plenty of brand outlets and US and European labels offering trendy outfits for bargain prices. The great thing about this kind of store is that you are very likely to find some of the most famous designer brands among the numerous racks of clothes, shoes and accessories.
With a couple of hundred shops, this mall is big enough to have its own public transportation system.
The department store in downtown Manhattan is huge, with 3 levels and a great variety of products that also includes sportswear, electronics, luggage, gifts and watches.
So even if you are just wondering around you are likely to find one of these discount heavens.
We’ve spent the last four weeks traveling through Mexico, flying out of Cancun to Denver, selling our stuff that has been in storage, visiting friends, flying to Chicago to visit family and now we are ready. They are one of those purchases where once you’ve paid for it, you are so glad you own them.
They help organize the suitcase and help keep it from becoming one jumbled mess of clothes. The merchandise offered is very varied, from furniture and house appliances to jewellery and high street designer brands.
Like the above mentioned stores, TJ Maxx also specializes and reselling leftover designer products at discounted prices. Plus, now we have 2 matchy-matchy really cool red spinner carry-ons for when we do long weekend excursions within Asia. The wheels didn’t work and even if they did, the narrowness and height of the suitcases just made them tip over. Like upgrading from a Chevy to a Lexus, both function to transport you from one place to another, but the experience is so different. The compression bags work so well, there are times where we’ve gone well over the weight limit allowed and had to repack at the airport. The only disadvantage with this kind of shops is that you might go in at mid-day and realize it’s already dark outside when you and your several shopping bags get outside. King has an electric razor, our special no-fluoride Toms toothpaste with toothbrushes rounds out our products.

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