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And, for the type of riders looking for that sort of bike (and who probably wouldn’t even contemplate the size and expense of most baggers so far), I reckon it’ll be a big hit.
This low and reasonably light (for a Bagger) middleweight is easy to manouevre and is a joy to ride smooth;ly and sensibly. The familiar Bonneville twin is a reliable puppy of a motor, pulling away easily, revving freely and consistently, bounding happily enough up to 80-or-so and always being soft, pliant yet useful.
Though understandably built down to a price (and at ?7999 it’s getting on for half that of its ?13,999 Thunderbird LT big brother), in some areas the LT comes over as a little cheap or ‘budget’. The LT (with LT standing for ‘Light Touring’) is essentially the first of a new breed of ‘baby baggers’ – mini Road King-style touring cruisers defined by their plexiglass screens and (usually soft) panniers. Screen - Tall, plexiglass affair is similar to that on its recently-introduced Thunderbird LT big brother in being easily detachable via a pair of spring-loaded levers at each side of the screen. Panniers - Leather, retro-styled panniers are claimed to be showerproof and cleverly fasten with quick release plastic clips underneath the cosmetic metal buckles. Back rest - Or ‘sissy bar’, to use the correct, US vernacular, is again similar to that on its Thunderbird LT big brother and adds comfort and security for any pillion passenger.
Footboards - To complete the ‘bagger’ style the LT gets full-sized footboards, complete with a heel-toe gearchange on the left, in place of the bog America’s footpegs.

1 owner has reviewed their TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE AMERICA LT (2014-on) and rated it in a number of areas.
There is a basic America which uses the same engine but has none of the 'Bagger' accessories. The Bonneville America is Triumph's alternative take on the entry-level middleweight cruiser. Last week, MCN brought you an exclusive first look at the new entry-level Bonneville being tested.
The arrival of the updated 2013 Bonnevilles marks 55 years since the launch of the original.
In 1968 Evel Knievel jumped the Caesar's Palace casino fountains on a Triumph Bonneville T120.
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It’s manageable, yes, but is sufficiently full sized to carry two and luggage and tour hundreds of miles with ease.

Besides, if you want extra bling, spending some of your savings on extra chrome accessories is part oif what the whole cruiser experience is supposed to be about, isn’t it? Push on and it all gets a bit wobbly, but this is a bike you want to sit back on and enjoy the scenery. Based on the 865cc Bonneville-engined America its timing looks set to capitalise on the introduction of its big brother, the 1600cc Thunderbird LT, earlier this year. Ride quality is generally smooth, however it is harsh at the rear when subjected to poor road conditions. The LT also has enough style, comfort, performance and practicality and yet is still a doddle to get on with, as well.

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