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My grandmother bought this Star Wars luggage set for my boys when she was on one of her shopping sprees, she has never told me how much she paid for it, but I can see that it is ?24.99!
She must be mad!It's a four piece luggage set that has a wheely bag, a rucksack, a gym bag and a wallet. My eldest son nabbed the wallet as soon as he saw it, it is just a normal little wallet with the picture on the front.

The backpack isn't the biggest, I was surprised by how small it was actually, when we took it swimming I could fit 2 rolled up towels and the kids swim shorts in but no more!The gym bag is average size and works just as a gym bag should.
I could easily fit in enough clothes for my 2 eldest boys for the weekend and it works fine.
I would however like to mention how low the pull handle is, my eldest son had to stoop down to pull it, whereas my middle son (who was 5) could pull it along easily, so I think would be more suited to children under 6yrs.Overall I think it's a lovely luggage set, but I would never have paid the price my nan did!!

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