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In an attempt to avoid paying the extra ?45 to check in an addional bag on his easyJet flight from London to Reykjavik, 32-year-old Matt Botten decided to empty the contents of his second piece of luggage onto himself, wearing every item of clothing from the bag.
The holidaymaker from Cardiff was pictured wearing layer after layer of T-shirts, jumpers and trousers as well as a shoe in each pocket of his trouser and gloves, as he approached the security gate at Gatwick Airport. The heavily-layered passenger was reported to have been questioned extensively by security staff for his unusual extra body-padding.
The latest stunt isn’t the first attempt made by a passenger to avoid the airline’s baggage fee. Last year, a new survey by budget airline Norwegian Air revealed some of the most embarrassing lengths to which passengers go to avoid checking-in additional luggage, from wearing two winter coats with three jumpers tied around the waist to telling airline staff “Me no speak English”. Other ridiculous efforts revealed included bribing gate staff with duty free chocolates and wearing two pairs of jeans doubled up as a “double denim” scarf, perhaps a la Lenny Kravitz, to asking for leniency as they were carrying a beloved pet’s ashes in their handbag.
In 2014, the American brand Scottevest introduced a multi-pocket trench coat that could help beat baggage charges.

Back in 2011, the Rufus Roo - a vest jacket made from lightweight nylon designed simply to carry things - was created by Andrew Gaule, a traveller and full-time business consultant frustrated by rising baggage fees.
Over time I have found that following the US goverment - TSA regulations - is the easiest way through airport security checks, be it domestic or international. A lip liner pencil or a lipstick depending on whether I packed everything already or not (Shiseido lip liner). That's what goes into my bag - or most of it anyway.  What do you carry in your bag for longer journeys? Last summer, James McElvar, of the Scottish boyband  Rewind, lost consciousness on an easyJet flight from London to Glasgow after wearing all of his clothes to avoid the second bag fee. But, as one of the world's largest cruise lines, we know we have a responsibility to do more than just that. Wearing six T-shirts, four jumpers, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of jogging trousers, two jackets as well as two hats, the singer was reported to have thought he was suffering a heart attack when he passed out from heat exhaustion.

People often buy them to use instead of nappy bags, or take to festivals, or wear when they’re cycling,” he added.
To us, that means treating our employees right, being kinder to the environment and giving back to the communities we serve. Take a look at the strides we're making to make a more positive impact on the world around us.

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