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Buying a Eurorail pass and traveling by train is a cost effective, popular way to travel around Europe. Many budget travelers within Europe rely on regional and national airlines that sometimes offer inexpensive fares. Staying at a pension offers a private room, although the bathroom will typically be shared.
Hostels cost less money than hotels and often attract younger guests, who will most likely be sharing a room with other customers.
People who decide to travel through Europe may find out that it can be hard to see Europe on a budget. Travelers might not want to stay in the United Kingdom for too long, since it's typically an expensive place to visit.
One good way to see Europe on a budget is to buy a Eurail pass (also known as a Eurorail pass), which will give travelers relatively unlimited train and some ship travel throughout Europe for a certain period of time. Though often recommended in guide books, staying in youth hostels is not always the best way to see Europe. A hotel that's geared towards students or other people who want to sightsee can often provide customers recommendations for the best deals on attractions, restaurants, and more. However, there are probably still many skeptics out there when it comes to the expenses of travelling. Now, before you pack your bags, let me break it down for you in terms of rent, food, transportation and your monthly bills. Rent in Toronto is no joke, and every month when I sign that cheque, a piece of me dies along with it. According to a renting guide for Toronto tenants, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $1,250, and $1,500 for a condo. Cities such as New York City and London are even worse, averaging just over $3,000 a month in the Big Apple, and roughly $2,300 in London. Not to mention, there’s free accommodation opportunities by volunteering through WWOOF or HelpX.
For those of you not looking to work in a hostel, you can stay in a hostel for about $25 a night practically anywhere, which would cost an average of $750 per month.
I’m not even sure that I want to know how much I spend on food a month, but for the sake of honesty, I’ve projected my eating habits to cost me roughly $400 a month. Determining the cost of food while traveling is sort of impossible considering everyone’s eating habits are completely different. Before you get all excited at the fact that you usually eat out more often while traveling, let me remind you that that is a personal decision. New York fares relatively the same with approximately $116 for a 30-day pass, while London’s system is absolutely ridiculous – a month long pass can run anywhere from $140 to $580. As long as you’re flexible with your dates and destinations, flights to Europe can cost less than $200.
Now, less than $300 is still more expensive than Toronto and New York and sometimes London. If we narrow it down to Europe, there are flights that go all around Europe for less than $20 through Ryan Air.

If you take a one-way ticket to Europe, travel on public transit once a week, fly to a different destination once a month at $20 per plane ticket, and buy a plane ticket home, we’re looking at an average of $94 per month. Even if you can’t manage to find all of the cheapest possible transit options, the elimination of your additional bills will far outweigh any unplanned travel expenses. With utilities, phone bill, heat and hydro, I’m spending approximately $250 a month on my bills. No one pays utilities, heat or hydro in a hostel and it’s generally unheard of at homestays or volunteer experiences.
Some of you might be excited and have already planned for your departure, while others of you are still doubtful. By Norbert 21 Comments Having taken over 71 trains in all Europe with the Eurail Global Pass over the past 3 months, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on how trains work, which ones are good, and which ones are plainly bad.A  So, while many train companies offered pretty exceptional train rides, none of them offered the a€?perfecta€? train (even though a few came extremely close).A  So, why dona€™t I create what I think would be the perfect European train by picking the best of all the rail companies? It would have BIG panoramic windows like some of the Swiss SBB trains to let you appreciate the beautiful landscape, which in their case, includes the Alps! It would have FREE wi-fi like the Norwegian NSB trains (even the regional trains!).A  Seriously, all these other countries should catch up on their wi-fi. It would have the route from Oslo to Trondheim, from Zagreb to Split, and from Vienna to Innsbruck, which had the most beautiful sceneries that included snowcapped mountain ranges, waterfalls, rivers, endless greenery, lakes, small beautiful villages, and lots of farms.A  In my opinion, these were the most impressive, varied, and inspiring sceneries I saw from a train while in Europe. It would have the hotel-like sleeper cabin from the TrenHotel (created by Spaina€™s RENFE), which runs in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Switzerland.A  This little cabin does compare to a small, but nice hotel room. It would have the online service and route selection from Germanya€™s Bahn.A  The Bahn does connect you with almost all European countries.A  And now they have a very useful free app that can help you with timetables and routes in almost all Europe! It would serve the snacks served in the FrecciaRossa in Italy.A  Ok, this is only for first class, but they were nice dolce o salato snacks with a drink. It would have the interior design of the Italian FrecciaRossa, the French SNCF, and the German Bahn.A  These three are all different, but they do an effort to make your journey more pleasant with a well-designed environment (mostly on first class). It would have the most comfortable first class seats like the Italian FrecciaRossa, and second-class seats like the French SNCF.
Overall, I would have to say that if I had to pick one or two favorite trains, they would be tie between the Norwegian NSB and the Italian FrecciaRossa.
Love trains myself but the old-fashioned kind that amble along the country side around 50 mph.
I use AirBnB on a regular basis during my round the world trip to stay like a local in several locations while saving a lot of money on accommodation. Depending on the exchange rate between the traveler's home country and the European country he is visiting, as well as the visitor's current financial state, traveling on a budget may be a difficult, but not necessarily impossible, task.
People who are traveling on their own may find that it's cheaper than a hotel, but groups of two or more can often find pensions that cost less per person than a hostel bed would cost.
The location was an ideal one with museums and the main railway stations close by.High Street for shopping was within walking distance. Well, let this stand as proof that if you play your cards right travelling for a living is actually cheaper than living the traditional 9-5 lifestyle.
Based on those standards, I’m sitting pretty with a rent of $1,950 for a three-bedroom apartment just outside of the downtown core. There are hostels around the world not only offering free accommodation in return for work, but they also award an allowance to employees.

So, it’s slightly more expensive than my student rent, but still considerably lower than the average renter.
That’s pretty generous considering that includes groceries, eating out and alcoholic beverages. Many hostels offer a kitchen to cook your own meals, and if you’re lucky you can even score breakfast for free. Flights to Europe are so expensive that definitely has to be more than regular transportation. However, once you get to where you’re going, you can stay in a centrally located hostel that will allow you to walk generally anywhere you need to go. Full on proof that if you’re willing to do a little research and become flexible with your travel plans, travelling for a living is completely possible. I can crunch the numbers until the cows come home, but at the end of the day the will to travel lies within you.
I have done the 3 month eurail pass as well around most of europe, and I have been living abroad in Spain for years, and dealing with renfe is an absolute nightmare.
There are a wide selection of passes available, for single country, multi-country, and more. Includes hostels in Europe for a backpack, budget or student trip, message boards, book hostels online in Europe.
If you want to take public transit say once a week to travel outside your realm that would still fall below the $40 mark. Their customer service by phone and online is nonexistent, and in the station can be awful, especially in madrid with huge lines.
I actually quite liked the trains in Spain and Italy which I thought was surprising, because it seems the Northern Europeans are always giving them a hard time. After dying on a few trains in Romania and Bulgaria this summer, I appreciate that air con SO much more now.
You can work 36 hours a week in exchange for free accommodation and approximately $185 a month. Their website has all sorts of problems trying to buy tickets without spanish credit cards, and you can’t search transfers, the trains are late a lot and sell out fast and are really overpriced, just to name a few. I remember being excited about seeing the pilot from my seat on a tiny plane inside New Zealand. The work is spread over three days, leaving you with plenty of time to grab extra cash working odd jobs or freelancing. It looks like you did mostly international and AVE trains in Spain, which is probably why you had good service, but trust me, it’s not like that most of the time.
So, when there are some seriously beautiful sceneries, you can expect the train to have bigger windows.

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