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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I bought the set just before summer and travelled to Perth, Australia with the smallest as a carry on and the second largest as checked luggage. They are both spacious and the expandable sides allowed me to carry a few extra holiday trinkets on the return trip. The emblem is too prominently raised and this makes it easy to rip off if the luggage is roughly handled.

The two upright large suitcases have 4 spinner wheels while the two smaller ones have 2 in-line skate corner wheels. They held up pretty nicely though the emblem on the checked luggage disappeared somewhere along the way and left a somewhat unsightly dent. The manufacturers should consider reducing the dimensions by about an inch each on the height, depth, and width so it can qualify as carry on. I loved the zippers though on the return trip I kept getting worried that they might tear and I might lose some valuable souvenirs I brought along with me.

The spinner wheels on the larger case had one come loose but was easily fixable by tightening it to the base frame.

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