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I am not the neatest person in the world.  Even here at my hotel I need to shove things into a drawer or the closest when the housekeeper wants to clean.
Regarding the above mentioned Travelon Packing Squares, I recently found these in a local luggage shop. With everything filed into those few holders, I know where everything should be at any given moment, but I just do a generic list without referencing what they’re packed in. I think if I were attempting your trips and proposed lifestyle, I would be more vigilant with my packing list. I group mine in categories in my packing lists, and in my pack but they are not necessarily the same eg wires, chargers etc in mesh bag, tops in one folder, grooming in pink pencilcase, clear zip Paranoia pack for liquids… May colour code packing list entries to match container colour. You can easily print out one of these packing check lists to make sure you packed all necessaries for a save and easy journey. If you just want to print a packing list and run, you can download one of the following packing lists in PDF format. Using the template will allow you to customize your own packing list and save it for later use. I always suggest that everyone makes a packing list.  It should include everything you need for a trip lasting anywhere from 2-4 days.
If the trip is for longer than the 2-4 days, you do some laundry, replenish toiletries, and you can go forever. As an example, I take an immersion heater and folding rubber cup, along with some tea bags, so I can make myself a cup of tea just about anywhere. If you’re headed to a warm, sunny beach, you might think a sweater is unnecessary, but hear me out. It has space at the top for your child’s name, plus room to add anything else you might need on the list.
Disclosure: One Mama's Daily Drama includes posts that are sponsored or contain affiliate links. This tested, 9-day honeymoon itinerary takes you through the island’s best beaches, snorkeling spots, hiking, shopping and more. They’ll be no fighting over directions, making plans or wasting time on silly errands.

We make it easy to create your own free online honeymoon registry so your guests can contribute to your dream trip.
Review this honeymoon guide and add all the items you are planning including accommodation, flights, surf lessons, couples massages, a romantic dinner, meals and other activities. Notify your guests that you have registered for your honeymoon along with any other registries you’ve created. Guests contribute to your trip through the safe and secure website.  You can withdraw funds by cheque or direct deposit at any time (even multiple times) to help pay for your honeymoon as you start to book. All payments for downloadable PDF files are processed through our safe and secure PayPal account. Rose + Gully Travel GuidesRose + Gully Travel Itineraries are detailed, day-by-day plans for your dream vacation including activities, restaurants, accommodations and more. I do that with the aid of a packing list and packing accessories such as cubes, folders and sacs. I am just starting with packing cubes but that is how I am organizing my packing list for my next trip. The Vacation Packing List, Business Travel Packing List, and College Packing List are each on separate worksheet tabs. Take something along with you that will help to make you feel more at home or relaxed when the stress gets to you. I picked up a cheap digital food scale that reads to the nearest tenth of an ounce (1 g) and a maximum capacity of 11 lbs (5 KG). If it’s hot outside, chances are all of the restaurants and businesses have the air conditioner cranked up. When the kids are packing to go, have them check off one side and leave the list in the suitcase. Check out my other posts on kids car activities, local DFW vacation ideas, and travel-friendly snacks. We are planning a surprise trip to Orlando with the kids and your tips and the check off sheet are PERFECT!!!!
We’ve planned the ultimate honeymoon including all your accommodations, romantic dinners together, lazy breakfasts, perfect sunset spots, water adventures and a few other surprises.

This guide will save you hours of planning while you’re busy trying to plan your wedding! The tool makes it super simple for your guests to contribute, track who gives what, withdraw funds as needed and fund a life changing honeymoon that you’ll remember forever.
After a while, you learn that your memory isn't good enough, so you start making packing lists, however incomplete they may be. Nothing too bad, but sometimes a paper cut is a near-death experience when you’re only seven. Plus, even here in Texas where we have sunshine and 70-degree temperatures in March during the day, it easily drops 20 degrees when the sun goes down.
They love being the ones behind the camera and it’s definitely a different perspective for your vacation. They created the quintessential New York honeymoon for us, with a personalized itinerary that ebbed and flowed with just the right energy.
The especially smart people (like my wife) have learned to save a copy of their packing list to make life a little easier the next time. You only need a single-use amount of anything, so it is easy to fit a lot in a little case. Trying to keep a bag under the recommended 10% of your body weight can be challenging for just about anyone. Spring break is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so don’t stress out and leave the planning to me. The vacation packing list, travel packing list, and college packing list below were created by group effort from the experience of a number of different people and families. It works really well, isn’t greasy, and is free from all the weird things my kids are allergic to.

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