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After having a family member recently recover a lost travel baggage that had been missing in action for over 3 months, I thought I would offer a few helpful tips on how to help prevent your luggage from going missing and possibly recover that missing luggage as well.
First, check out this short video on some of the new high tech gadgets that make recovering luggage easy!
My son was on his way home from the United Kingdom after spending a term as an exchange student in University. Another thing to keep in mind, is that when traveling by land such as bus transportation, always keep an eye on your luggage at bus stops, as companies can always use the excuse that someone else must have removed your bag that looked the same as yours! After numerous emails and telephone calls to the bus company, the bag could not be found and a claim for the bag was denied because of the possibility that another person must have taken the bag from the curb, thus taking the blame away from the driver.
Needless to say, without naming the bus company involved, we will never recommend this company to any of our family or friends in the future. I then began to search on the internet the two airports lost and found departments.A  As luck had it, these departments were so organized that it was easy to track the day in question, type of article and so on, making a search for the luggage simple.A  There it was, sitting at the wrong airport for months! To make a long story short, we contacted the bus company and they accepted blame for the lost luggage and had it promptly shipped home to our door.
Imagine arriving on your fabulous all inclusive vacation to some beautiful Caribbean Island wearing and having only the clothes on your back! Around the world a staggering amount of luggage does not arrive with their owners at their final destination. In concluding this article, here are a few extra tips to help prevent lost or delayed luggage. If you are a frequent traveler, especially by air, do consider some of the new high tech tracking travel gadgets available on the market as outlined in the video above. Be sure to remove all previous destination labels, tags and or stickers as to prevent any confusion in the baggage handling areas. Again, immediately report and complete a lost luggage claim at the appropriate counter, whether traveling by land, sea or air. Continue to check with lost and found departments where it may be possible your luggage has arrived.
If you have expensive items and clothing in your lost luggage, then it is advisable to keep a detailed list of each item in the bag and its value.
Losing luggage is a drag, but above all, try not to let it ruin that long awaited vacation.
Taking a few steps to help prevent loss and prepare yourself ahead of time in the event of loss, will make things a little bit easier to deal at the time. I was sitting in row 8 in an aeroplane when boarding on a plane back home from Bali few weeks ago, and many passengers were busying loading their hand luggage in the overhead bin and hogging the way of other passengers who are looking for their respective seats. Ironically, there are few strange items that you can pack in your carry-on which you wouldn’t expect these items could be hand-carried into the plane.
If you are hopelessly disorganised when it comes to packing your hand carry luggage – check out this ‘minimalist’ packing method below.
Every time I post a picture of my suitcase on the blog when I am packing for a trip, I’ll inevitably receive a few comments or emails from you guys asking me for my tips on packing everything in a carry-on. By planning your outfits around black OR brown (not both!) shoes and purses, you can limit the number of shoes and and handbags you bring. I almost always only bring one purse with me when I travel and I try to make it as practical as possible!
I can usually get away with packing a smaller number of bottoms when I travel and typically limit myself to one pair of jeans and a pair of shorts or a skirt (if weather permits) or leggings since pants can take up a lot of room. If I am traveling somewhere with my sister, only one of us will pack certain items like a straightener or a curling iron. Another great tip is to wear the heaviest piece of clothing you’ll be taking with you on the plane. My favorite trick when I’m unsure of the temperature is to pack a few short sleeved shirts and a cardigan that I can wear with either jeans or shorts.

I would love to for everything in a carry on but what do you do about bringing shampoo, or contact solution or things like that since they are over the 3 oz limit. I plan out my whole trip’s worth of outfits in advance so that I only bring the necessary items. I keep travel size toiletries from hotels and use them on future trips, and suck it up and spend the $5 to buy a travel size contact solution and toothpaste when I need them.
Ryan used a vacuum seal bag thing before when I needed to bring a blanket to a bridal shower. When you are away from home, no matter where you go, it makes good sense to take extra care to ensure that your journey is safe and pleasant. 5)      Don’t leave purses, cell phones, wallets or keys unattended or in plain sight when you’re at the pool or on the beach.
Please bear in mind that local police and resort patrol officers are easily identified by their uniforms. He had to pieces of heavy luggage, one piece made it home, the other was lost upon stepping off the bus upon arrival at the airport.
The driver was immediately notified and after a search at the previous airport the bag was Gone!A  A claim was made with the bus company immediately and my son boarded his plane for home.
Most however, do allow a daily allowance to assist in purchasing clothing, incidentals and so forth. After thinking about this over a period of time, it then occurred to me that the majority of airports around the world have a Lost and Found Department!
Strangely, I noticed a handful of the passengers were bringing in odd-looking souvenirs like large paper kites into the plane which seems‘improper’ to be brought into the plane in the first place.
If you think ‘Snakes on a Plane’ movie is merely a fiction – think again as there was a rattle snake found in an unclaimed luggage. Grab a right hand luggage size, and make sure it doesn’t store prohibited items and exceed 5 kg, and then, place it into the overhead bin and BAM! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
I have a quick layover and then I’m off to Park City, but I wanted to pop in and say hello! I hate checking a bag and want to do everything I can to avoid the fees airlines are charging for checked luggage these days, so I have a handful of tips and tricks I use to ensure I can carry-on nearly every time I travel. By packing a dress, you’re essentially packing a top and a bottom, but you’re saving a ton of space in the process. I love the ability to wear a crossbody purse in the day when I’m traveling around town and want my hands to be free, but a clutch is fun for the evening when I might want to dress up a bit and carry a bag that looks a little more formal. I always bring my roll-on suitcase and take serious advantage of my “personal item.” I never make a purse my personal item because I can bring so much more if I use a backpack or a duffle bag.
I will often wear boots on the plane when I travel bc they take up too much room in my suitcase! My husband taught me that rolling items of clothing as tightly as possible instead of folding them all up helps free up room too. I once packed for 2 months in Europe in a carry-on; it took a lot of planning, but it was awesome to only have a carry-on once I got there.
Slim down your bulky suitcase to a carry-on luggage size and use the following tips below to lighten your load without lightening your wallet.Make a list of your barest essentials before packing to avoid the temptation of overpacking.
We care about you here in Jamaica, so we’ve prepared some travel tips to help make sure your time with us is as enjoyable as possible. You don’t want to end up in the wrong hotel, paying another cab because the first one left you stranded. We know this may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised with how many people leave their jewelry lying about and then mysteriously disappearing.
While small, local agencies may save you a couple of bucks, you don’t want to be disappointed when the tour you were promised is not quite what you expected.

Even if you tell your friendly sunbed neighbor to look after them, he may need a bathroom break or want to jump into the pool as well! They also wear badges and carry identification so in case of need, don’t be afraid to contact them. We are proud of our marvelous tradition of guest hospitality and regard every visitor to Jamaica as our special guest here. This will be necessary for insurance purposes as well as for reclaiming your lost luggage in the future.
I spent some time working on the following blog post on my last flight and wanted to share it with you this afternoon. You can also change the appearance of a basic dress by throwing on a cardigan and belting it or wearing a cute top over the dress so it works as a skirt, too.
I try my best to communicate with friends and family ahead of time and consolidate as much as possible so we don’t end up somewhere with four hairdryers! A lot of the different face creams and lotions I use don’t come in travel sizes and there I rely on checking my bag. I find that shoes take up a ton of space, so I try to pack outfits that don’t all need their own pair of shoes.
Like you I only bring 1 pair of jeans and minimal bottoms, and wear my heaviest shoes and layers on the plane.
I pack clean socks in my shoes and always wear my bulkiest items (heavier jackets, boots, etc.) on to the plane.
Wear your bulkiest items (like heavy coats and boots) while in transit to save up on luggage space. Finding yourself in the airport without the cash you were counting on may not be the best feeling.
We want your visit to be special, for you to leave us with fond memories and eager to come back again soon. This is basically the same when traveling by sea and or taking any form of land transportation as well. I will often rely on a soft long-sleeve shirt that I wear when I travel to a destination as my pajama top once I arrive at the destination so the only thing I have to pack for sleepwear is a small pair of sleep shorts. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way! Pick a certain color pattern or design and try to pack all the rest of your clothes around that.
Also, I used to follow the black and brown rule, but it seems as though browns and blacks “go together” now, so that allows a little more flexibility! I also pack a black dress that is very versatile, and remember that I only ever wear 50% of what I packed so I lay everything out I want to bring and edit it down before I pack. I’m typically freezing on flights anyways ?? I also always bring those space saver bags for dirty laundry (you zip it shut and roll out the air), giving me room on the return trip for souvenirs. Roll instead of fold and when possible, nest items within one another.To truly maximize your space, use vacuum packs and packing cubes. I also make sure to only bring items that I really love, because that’s all I want to wear on vacation anyway.
When I backpacked through Europe, I had 2 space saver bags (1 for dirty and 1 for clean clothes) which saved me! As clothes tend to take up the most space in your luggage, bring only a few days worth of outfits and pack laundry detergent to minimize the number of outfits you need to bring.Got your own tips for traveling as lightly as possible?
When packing for a super active trip I’ll wear the same quickdry baselayers, socks, and hiking pants almost every day, which can be washed at night and will be dry by morning, and all I really need is one good functional day outfit and 1-2 night outfits that can be refreshed with a necklace and lipstick.

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