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With compression systems, built-in laundry chutes and even audio speakers, today’s best carry-on bags are great multitaskers. OCD travelers, rejoice: This boxy bag has five zip-closed, color-coded and removable compartments that stack and slide out like little drawers, so you can put socks in one compartment, shirts in another, or organize outfits by day, color…or whatever system appeals to your persnickety side. Like a lot of frequent travelers, Chambers is also pretty particular about his carry-on bag. As airlines have ratcheted up baggage fees—and arguably done only a middling job at keeping track of checked-in luggage—finding a high-performance carry-on has become essential for frequent flyers. The first wheeled carry-on debuted about 25 years ago, and today’s most cutting-edge luggage, according to the Travel Goods Association, reflects its continuing evolution. When we looked at the best new bags on the market, we found practical features that also have a sense of fun: collapsible bags, compression systems and even laundry chutes. The most dazzling trend, however, may be the increased movement within four-wheeled models, which now turn 360 degrees so that you can pivot the bag as you cruise down the plane aisle.
The best luggage is strong enough to make it through baggage handlers and good looking enough to be pulled around international airport terminals.

An example of an affordable and popular polyester suitcase is the American Tourist DeLite collection. For a high quality and lightweight nylon suitcase, try what some call the best luggage brand: Samsonite B-Lite Spinner. Luggage is great because the hard sides prevent the suitcase from caving in, perfect for protecting your belongings. Another question you’ll be faced when trying to determine the best luggage is how many wheels you want on your suitcase. Delsey’s Helium Aero Spinner is a great four-wheel suitcase that will glide easily through any terminal. Suitcases are not as easy to pull through airports as four wheeled ones, but they are significantly easier to navigate on cobble stone roads where gliding on four wheels isn’t an option. Are great for travelers who travel with significantly smaller suitcases or that are looking for weekender bags. Alternatively, if you like this style but need the wheels, check out these rolling duffle bags which also make great alternatives to travel backpacks! Are best left for people who are 6’ or taller and specifically need to pack a larger quantity of items. Samsonite’s Cosmolite Spinner is the perfect height and size for average height travelers who don’t want to travel carry-on. With so many flashy suitcase colors it’s hard to buy a suitcase that will stand out from others on a baggage carousel. The aluminum alloy frame is designed so that the bag can also function as a seat at the airport gate (as long as you weigh less than 300 pounds).
Carry-on bag features—such as increased capacity, TSA-friendly tech compartments and, of course, those wheels—can mean the difference, literally, between a smooth trip and a chaotic one, especially when you’re sprinting through the airport. This year, “bags are more functional, lighter and have improved-upon, game-changing options,” says Michele Marini Pittenger, president of the TGA. Other bags prepare you for the high probability that you’ll spend a few hours hanging out at the airport: One bag incorporates a seat into its frame, while another has a secure cradle for your tablet, so you can wait out your delay by watching a full season of Game of Thrones. Los Angeles–based travel consultant Antoi Antzoulides recently bought a multiwheel bag from Rimowa and is so pleased with it, she reports, that “my husband says I’m obsessed with it.
You can usually find these suitcases on sale in a local mall, but they won’t last you very long. Being able to push your suitcase (versus pulling it behind you) is a lot easier on your body, especially when your bag is heavy! If you do a lot of Europe travel, you may want to consider sticking with the traditional two wheels.

If a duffle bag is all you need then it’s worth it to got without wheels so that you can save on overall luggage weight. I thought a 30” suitcase would be perfect for bringing 8 pairs of shoes and endless bikinis…. With smart packing techniques and organizers such as those shown in this video tutorial, you can travel carry-on for any destination or trip length.
I was heartbroken when I discovered that my Heys Smart Luggage was significantly larger than advertised. Jot down the maximum measurements for the airlines you’re most likely to fly with before buying luggage. I once fell in love with a Samsonite, but when I had trouble using the zipper in the store I knew I couldn’t buy it. Stuff a smaller suitcase into your suitcase at the store to get a better idea of how it will perform. Her passion for travel and world-wide experience led her to starting her own travel planning business and blog. You can even add on flashing LED light wheels, to bring a little shock-absorbing disco fever to your ride. One growing trend: mod-looking hard-sided bags with traditionally soft-bag features, such as easy-access outside pockets and more internal compartments. Deciding what factors are most important will help you narrow down the best luggage for you.
Some nylon suitcases are made from the same technology used in military gear- so you know you’re stuff will be safe!
Many travelers consider polycarbonate hard suitcases the best luggage type because they are known to be lightweight. If you’re really worried about extra weight it’s worth noting that a four wheeled suitcase will weigh slightly more than a two-wheeled suitcase. The strap gives you added security, and your black suitcase will look chic whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. She recently bought a one-way ticket to Barcelona, where she’ll be living by the beach and traveling around Spain.
On top of that, even with four wheels it was really hard for my 5’1” body to push this suitcase around.

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