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For 40 years Tough Traveler has designed and manufactured luggage, bags, and packs that have been used by people worldwide. Tough Traveler in Schenectady designs and manufactures baby carriers, luggage, backpacks, EMS bags, shoulder bags, music bags, briefcases, duffels, dog packs, tote bags, pouches, waistpacks, computer bags, camera bags & more at their Schenectady location. From pencil pouches to super-sized duffel bags, Tough Traveler makes a carrier for just about anything that needs to be toted.
Semi precious stones, sterling silver, found materials and objects are the basis of Pauline Galiana's playful designs. About 6 years ago, they branched out into very One of a kind exotic leather handbags all crafted by the artist.
Steel Pony sells to small boutiques across the country and is excited to announce they will be opening their first retail store in 2015 on 4th St., in the Philadelphia's Fabric Row. Secure Fit Car harness safety system, No Pull Front Lead Harness, Easy Grip no pull leash and the famous double dog walker insures a fun and carefree walk with 2 best friends.
The founder of Gnosis is Vanessa Barg, a Board Certified Holistic Health counselor who began making chocolate in 2006. Diamond 57 creates unique and functional western accessories using recycled cowboy boots, leather, cowhide, saddle blankets and horse tack. Carla Dawn Behrle NYC specializes in luxe, custom-made and bespoke leather apparel for men & women.
Carla Dawn Behrle NYCa€™s atelier creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind custom designed and fit garments featuring the finest domestic and European hides and couture techniques. Dosha Pops is a boutique candy company and social enterprise, specializing in handmade lollipops with ingredients that support a healthier lifestyle based on your Ayurvedic dosha.

French-born Delphine Leymarie sculpts chic modern jewelry in NYC using recycled fine metals, satisfying a craving for mindful & edgy luxury.
Established in 2003 Donn Mason Undergarments is a direct reaction to the stale and unchanging mena€™s underwear market.Taking its inspiration from American roots of the early 1900a€?s. The Schenectady-based company, which has been in business since 1970, sells its locally created products worldwide. The Spongester keeps your sponges neatly separated so you can always tell which is for dishes (Good Sponge) and which is for the sink and drain (Evil Sponge). Be Bop Pet products benefit unwanted and abused animals and are designed with comfort and safety for your 4-legged friend. Raw chocolate is Vanessaa€™s vehicle for sharing her innovative expertise in nutrition, transformation, and conscious entrepreneurialism. As a result this unique design prevents the chafing rash most guys endure when they spend anytime in a wet bathing suit. Made in USA for 40 years, used worldwide, Tough Traveler makes every kind of bags: computer, carry-ons, duffel bags, briefcases, bottle bags, shoulder bags, messenger or totes.
Recognized by the Small Business Administration (Excellence Award) and Parents Media (Excellent Product Award), and featured in many magazines from Backpackers Magazine and Consumers Digest to Good Housekeeping and Kiplinger's.
Clients include Tracy Morgan, Men in Black 3, U2, GodSmack, Dixie Chicks, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Susan Sarandon, Mia Farrow and many others.
Every single thing that is made is measured, cooked, poured, wrapped, and packaged by a real person, using the best ingredients that can found. Donn Mason is a Gentlemana€™s inspired undergarment company that is crafted with pride right here in the United States of America.

Be Bop USA works with Humane Societies, animal rescues, adoption groups, to get dogs into their forever homes.
She integrates holistic principles to design recipes using superfoods and herbs from Traditional Chinese, South American, and Ayurvedic Medicines. Everything from ideas, sourcing, production and management is done by their team in Portland. The company was founded with the idea that candy shouldn't have to be such a guilty pleasure but more a celebration of a balanced lifestyle with healthier candy indulgences.
Clothing is sewn and dyed in New Jersey with two small companies that they have been working with for 25 years and who abide by strict labor laws.
Pick a color that you will like for the long run, because these products are durable and customers enjoy using them for a long time!
Dosha Pops has set out to create sweet, delectable treats that awaken your taste buds with uniquely amazing flavors, and support your specific dosha and to use some of the proceeds for worthy causes and charities that help improve human well-being.
Tough Traveler products are known for high quality designs and high quality manufacturing excellence.
Some feature the rich simplicity of smooth dark chocolate, and others carry a kick of spice, chill of mint, or dash of salt.

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