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Barbara King, from Great Getaway Travel, says the luggage brand DOES matter. Suitcases, especially if used for air travel, are tossed, thrown, pulled, dragged, rained on, squeezed, and any other action that would destroy a poorly made product. Also a Baggalini Town Tote computer bag with a sleeve for sliding over the Hovercraft handle.
Olivia Hulett, Ricardo Beverly Hills, discusses why her luggage brand tops the list of suitcase recommendations. If you are checking luggage, pick a large, durable, lightweight 4-wheeled case that has a lot of interior organizational features including zippered pockets, shoe pouches and tie down straps. Since the wheels on 2-wheeled cases are usually inline, the bodies of 2-wheeled carry-on cases tend to be about 20% larger than those of 4-wheeled carry-ons, and more packing capacity is always a good thing.
The price for this suitcase was $150 (I think) – which is slightly more than what you pay for (compared to the amount of space you pay for with the larger suitcase). Sarah-Jane Begonja, Chasing the Donkey – My arthritic spine and fingers always appreciates my 4 wheeler. My last purchase was the High Sierra Evolution Wheeled Duffel and I was pleased how it held up. To find out why rolling duffle bags make great alternatives to a regular suitcase or backpack, please read this article. Jacquie Whitt, Co-founder of Adios Adventure, has been using the Osprey Sojourn bag for the past 5-6 years.
Vanessa, Turnipseed Travel, says that everyone focuses on the size of their bag, but weight is just as important. Anwar Yf  also uses an Osprey Porter 46 and sometimes a Gregory palisade bag for trips that require more space. I use a Jansport Backpack for 2 weeks or less travel (light packer here!) with a Chloe Messenger bag to put my camera.
Hope you found these suitcase recommendations and the best luggage brands for travel helpful.
Several questions have come in recently about what type of luggage a new business traveler should get. I’d take Tumi off the list unless you are strictly a casual traveler looking for something pretty.
Ebags own brand is very strong, less costly than many, and very popular with flight folks as well.
Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge this well American-made brand, seriously is missing out. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I guess you missed the Biaggi carry on luggage brands, well famous for its folding feature, foldable to half of its size. Rimowa – 8 years of 100K+ miles and only a few minor dents from the rare gate check (Classic Flight model). My J Peterman leather satchel (made by Mulholland, I believe) never fails to draw compliments every time I travel with it.

That said, I love the Mulholland line of briefcases and carryons, and have more than a dozen of them. My other mainstays are a Briggs and Riley expandable bag, various TUMI products, and a ZERO Halliburton wheeled case. I am currently in the market for a TUMI 22″ wheeled expandable carryon or similar, in ballistic nylon. Simply click the on any product that interests you and My Favorites will keep track of all items on your list. Well-respected, top luggage brands although perhaps more expensive than generic luggage, often have guarantees or warranties that come with the bags. Choosing a lightweight suitcase will enable you to pack more without worrying about surpassing airline weight restrictions.
Store your boarding pass and other important travel documents in the exterior pockets of your carry-on so that you can easily access them as you go through check-in and security.
However, since I pretty much live in my suitcase, the price was non-trivia considering the fact that it suits all of my needs. Not only is it great to push with one finder, but the kids can ride on it too and it saves us losing them in the airport. It rolls along easier and I’ve been known to use it to stack my bottles of booze on top. It has a pull-out handle that zips into its’ own compartment and runners on the bottom that keep the material dry, but no frame the way an average upright suitcase has. Plus so many are now made in bright colors and are easy to spot as they come down the baggage carousel in busy airports. I normally try to always purchase checked luggage at under 8 pounds (5 pounds is ideal) and this worked out well. I tend to travel roughly and visit numerous cold weather destinations where my gear takes over.
It  features wheels as well as hidden shoulder straps should I be in a place without roads. One of the reasons I like Osprey is because of their guarantee. I’ve written a post about what to look for in a rollaboard, but wanted to give some specifics. One of the best things about them IMO is their fabric—reviews say it is very water repellant.
I have the Skytrain (carry on luggage that has backpack straps – gotta love it), a computer bag, travel purse, and other accessories. I have a Tumi soft-sided bag that is somewhere in between a messenger bag and a brief case that goes under the seat, and a Kipling duffle that I absolutely cannot live without for the overhead bin. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. They’ll replace your wheels within a year and have a complimentary 2 year warranty for all other wear and tear issues.

It was big enough to carry all of my products for my traveling pop up events, and spacious enough to fit a week of wardrobe for New York fashion week. The middle size is good if I need to take more stuff (which I’m trying to learn not to) and the largest is a bit ridiculous. Go with the Samsonite with the clips, bags with zips break too easily and fragile pieces are in better car in a hardcase. A good rolling duffel will cost you around $100-$150 and look for large sizes between 28-32 inches. One compartment serves as a garment bag, the other compartment serves a normal carry-on purpose (holding shoes, toiletries, gym clothes, etc). My first bag wore out after 4 years of traveling around South America and when I took it in for repair, they replaced it with a new bag. I’m currently trying out the Osprey Porter 46, a soft sided travel bag with backpack straps that weighs just over 1 kilo. They make some incredibly lightweight bags, which can be handy if you are traveling in Europe (with stricter weight restrictions than the US). It will expand so much that I can fit almost everything from my rollaboard inside it, and it is still comfortable to wear. It felt weird to give up wheels, but I love being able to fit the bag in small spaces, even on little commuter jets. Four spinner wheels will really come in handy as you maneuver your bag through the airport. My only complaint is that the handle isn’t as easy to push in or pull out anymore, although I’m pretty sure some WD40 would take care of that….
I rarely take a trip where someone doesn’t ask about it, wondering if its as useful as it looks.
I finally just wanted a newer looking bag after all those flights it was looking worn but still held up like iron. Even black cases, you just don’t see it until it rubs off on your light colored clothes or furniture. I’m actually looking to replace it with something lighter so that I can hoist it up in the bins easier. I will say though, I have checked out other people with similar gray Swiss stuff, and there stuff seems filthy too.

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