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If you want to avoid checking luggage, these simple carry on luggage packing tips will help you to make that much easier to manage.
These simple carry on luggage packing tips are going to make your next flight much easier to manage! The Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board or HUBB is a fact-based forum connecting over 36,000 adventure travellers.
The Achievable Dream 5-part series - the definitive guide on DVD for planning your motorcycle adventure.
You could just get on a plane with your credit card and passport and buy or rent everything you need when you get there. But if you do want to take a bike and all your stuff with you, start here: Choosing and outfitting the bike. So you've done it - got inspired, planned your trip, packed your stuff and you're on the road!
Tire Changing!Grant demystifies the black art of Tire Changing and Repair to help you STAY on the road!
This section will help you to stay connected to your friends and loved ones, and make new friends along the way! With an HU blog, you'll get a lot more readers than in some obscure corner of the web, it's all set to go, no setup required, and it's free! Travellers seeking TravellersMeet up with other travellers on the road, or find someone to travel with to the ends of the earth! Meet people who don't think you're crazy for wanting to ride your bike to South America or across Asia! Motorcycle Events around the world Post any event of interest to motorcycle travellers here!
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If you sell motorcycles or motorcycle accessories, riding gear, camping equipment and clothing, transport motorcycles, organize motorcycle tours, or have motorcycles to rent, you should be advertising with us! In case it helps to get ideas -or to find some defects to avoid- the rack on my XT the previous owner installed: very solid, but heavy as well. Some nice racks here; I've used a few pix to illustrate a couple of articles on my website.
I was looking to make a platform rack for my GS for the reasons I explain here, then it dawned on me that on one side at least, there's a ready made fixed platform: the silencer. If you get time, drill some holes in the channel, less heat conducted and less weight to load that pipe junction? Actually, it looks like a one-piece system (or push-in, maybe?) but I agree the pipe couldn't take much dead weight so yes, exhaust clamp is on the way to hook the end up to the subframe.
Breaking 15 Incredible Celebrity Vacation Homes Remember That Time The Australian Military Lost A War With Emus?
Long lines, delays, partially disrobing for the sake of security – the airport can certainly be an unpleasant experience at times. Keep the essentials accessible: Make sure your ID, boarding pass (if applicable) and other necessities are in a place you can get to easily. Matt When you pack your bags for vacation, you're probably planning to stay in a hotel. Vivian If you've ever had a long flight then you know that airplane food isn't exactly gourmet. I have welding equipment (and can weld reasonably well), pillar drill, grinder etc but no tube bender so the corners have to be done by cut and shut.

Crimping the ends of box section tubing is also possible you just have to be sure the seam is on a flat side. I thought the great thing with joining copper pipes is that the joints have solder built into a ring inside - as shown here. If you cover or fill the inside of any solder item it will make any repair that much more difficult. Not heard of that being done, and even filled with resin I think the relatively soft copper joints would be exceeding weak alongside the stiffer steel. Now I think about it, it's not the 'soft' plastic of chopping boards or rotomolded kayaks, but probably 'hard' lexan-like acrylic (I don't actually know what these words mean, but I know what they refer to) like the stuff we use to make windscreens. I've screenshot a number of them which I could visualise in assembling a rack - the usual elbows and Ts. And where the hex key force couldn't be expected to resist tension - such as downward loads on a platform base - you can just drill through it to use a regular nut and bolt, as well as glue.
If you must pack an extra pair of shoes in your carry on bag, then you will want to stuff smaller items inside your shoes to use up that space as well. Inspirational stories by veteran travellers Greg Frazier (5 times RTW), Peter and Kay Forwood (193 countries), Tiffany Coates (Mongolia Mayhem) and Rene Cormier (University of Gravel Roads).
This section will help you to plan your trip, whether it's to the next state, country or all the way around the world!
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This insanely ambitious 2-year project has produced an informative and entertaining 5-part, 18 hour DVD series. As it is the silencer is rubber-mounted at the pillion footrest so there is some movement there.
However, there are ways to mitigate your travel woes, it just takes a little prep work and smart thinking. Remember, you’re allowed a carry-on (size parameters depend on the airline so check online) and a personal item (laptops, purses, small backpacks, briefcases, or camera cases).
It’ll save you the hassle of paying the extra fee for overweight luggage or transferring items over to your carry-on. Unless you enjoy the feeling of your bare feet on germ-ridden, cold floors when you go through security. I've previously made two luggage systems for my XR600 and used them trans Sahara so this was done with the benefit of that experience. If no one make luggage for your bike then you don't have much choice but to make it for yourself but I posted elsewhere on here that it took about 20 hrs construction and set me back over ?100 to do this one. I added a tool tube that was originally an owners manual tube off a tractor that you can buy at any tractor dealer or tractor supply house.
For bending the smaller square tubing I just tacked one end closed and filled it with sand, that way it won't collapse. If you find some and are going to use it make sure you put 3 or more coats on cos Ive noticed in the areas where I didnt spray enough its started to rust.
If that were a British website they'd be called Yorkshire fittings, which are used on my rack. That is more brittle when thin and also actually quite heavy, but I reckon at 10-12mm thick would be quite hard to break.
The tricky bit is attaching pipe ends to the bike without doing the 'crush and seal' mentioned earlier, but some clamp types could be drilled and adapted to take a chunky bolt to the subframe. They might be so massive that this won't matter, but hit one hard enough and it will shatter, usually where tapped for the grub screw.
I designed a sidecar body in wood, basically copying aircraft techniques deHavilland used up into the 1950's. Lexan type stuff shatters and cracks when placed under enough load or the wrong temperatures.
Of course, you get our sincere thanks, good karma and knowing you're helping to keep the motorcycle travel dream alive.
Questions on repairs and maintenance of the bike itself belong in the Brand Specific Tech Forums.

But these ones are hanging on the top bar and then pivot down to insert two screws through the holes on the solid bar crossing from one side of the rack to the other, and then screwed on the back with 2 nuts each. Put a label or card with your name and contact information on the inside of your luggage in case outside tags get ripped off.
Thinner wall tubing can be tricky to weld without burning through with my diy level mig welder. I always want to add more loops for straps, brackets to bolt other stuff to (in this case a 2L fuel reserve bottle and a diy chain oiler), triangulate this and that (just in case).
It gave a great high gloss tough finish (better than the rest of the bike!), but 2K paint can be dangerous to spray and the alternative, rattle can paint, always seems to rust after a few rainy trips. Then I heated it with a torch and bent it around a small jig I tack welded to my welding table. Again, it's jigs to form it accurately, the one in the picture I would guess was heated and draped over a former.
They also answer the women-only questions, and entertain you with amazing tales from the road!
Having destroyed a few silencers by rust and falling off, I'm pretty sure this is a weak spot (because the pipe was bent to shape) and when they go here they leak (because the pipe goes out of round).
This extra time give you a buffer in the case of unexpected delays, long lines, and other problems. There is an addition, not in the pic, that goes on the back to support spare tyres that was made from 12mm thin wall tubing from B&Q that I happened to have lying around and that is full of repaired burnthrough holes. If everything is done correctly a weld joint should be stronger than the base metal you are welding, so you really don't have to worry about it cracking.
The trouble is that to do it properly you need to make forming jigs to hold it and the right temperatures to get the glue to cure as you form the laminates. After watching the video, I started to think that perhaps I should get a suitcase with metal zippers, but I haven't found any yet.My wife and I will be traveling to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for our 25th wedding anniversary.
Any and all other material herein is protected by Copyright © 1995 - 2016 WestStar Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. What stuff do I need - riding gear, clothing, camping gear, first aid kit, tires, maps and GPS?
Presented by Lois Pryce, veteran solo traveller through South America and Africa and author of 'Lois on the Loose', and 'Red Tape and White Knuckles.'"It has me all fired up to go out on my own adventure!" See the trailer here!
You'll really make a mess of it if you want to weld something else on after powder coating. Other than wrapping material round the outside - hence my try-out with the fittings sawn in half and clipped around the joints as in the photos above. Thinking about it it does as the hex screw needs a thick-walled steel pipe to resist crushing while securing tightly. If drape forming, a spoon shape like the old plastic canteen chairs is stronger that the shape in the picture which is more like what you would do with laminated wood. I think your idea of adding a clamp round the far end of the silencer and running a bit of tube up towards the indicator is the solution, the pipe then is only loaded in compression and maybe a bit of tension. The results could be first class, but bolted channel only requires hand tools and welded tube at least leaves me with something I might use elsewhere or can e-bay. I thought about trying to recover my mistake by considering wooden poles (28mm) or thick, 29mm OD ally tube, but the fact remains these cast clamps are hefty - 2-300g each?
The sidecar body ended up as bolted, rivetted and bonded aluminium sheet and angle (more Vickers than DH) and worked well, but a box not a rack. Another flaw is that the overlap from hex point to max insertion is only 10mm - fine for a handrail or static structure, not so good for a moto rack. It doesn't matter if the zippers are metal or plastic, the only difference is a few seconds and a stronger push with a ballpoint pen.Since you've seen the video, then you understand how easy it is for someone to break into a regular suitcase. If you haven't seen how easily a thief can break into your luggage, click here to find out.

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