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Adam Rowe, commercial director of Tigerair Australia, announced that guidelines will be amended for all domestic flights booked by customers from March 17 and depart from April 17.'Over the past year we have been working hard to communicate with our passengers about the importance of planning ahead and carrying the correct weight of luggage on board,' he said today. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Cheap travel fans keen on hand luggage-only short breaks take note, budget airline Tigerair Australia is reducing its free carry-on baggage allowance from 10k to 7kg.
The new regulations will come into force on April 17, with passengers exceeding the weight limit having to pay charges of up to $46. The hand luggage charges will apply to all Tigerair Australia flights booked from March 17, for travel from April 17. Tigerair has explained the move will help cut down on congestion on its planes, and so reduce the chance of delays. The new 7kg allowance brings Tigerair into line with competitors Virgin Australia, Qantas and Jetstar. This entry was posted in Flights and tagged flights, Tigerair on March 23, 2015 by The Chief. Tigerair announced its international flights for the first time to Bali and adds more domestic flights to its Sydney, Cairns and Adelaide routes.
In March 2016, Tigerair will commence its first International services to Bali (Denpasar) direct from Australian cities: Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Also Tigerair introduces more domestic flights from September 2015, with additional Sydney – Cairns and Sydney – Adelaide Services. The three new services which go on sale starting from AUD $89* one way between Perth and Bali), represent the first international flights to be flown by Tigerair Australia and deliver over 6,500 additional seats weekly to the Tigerair Australia network. Tigerair Australia CEO Rob Sharp said the airline is pleased to be announcing more domestic services in response to consumer demand and providing new international services for the first time to one of Australia’s favourite leisure and tourism destinations.
Tigerair Australia will use three Boeing 737-800 aircraft from the Virgin Australia Group to facilitate the airline’s first short haul international services. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft will provide a mix of free and paid wireless inflight entertainment for use on passenger’s own devices for the international services. A brand new Airbus A320 aircraft will join the existing fleet of 13 A320 aircraft and will be based in Sydney ahead of commencing operation in early September 2015.
Fares direct from Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide to Bali are on sale starting from Just AUD $89 one way (departing Perth). All fares are subject to availability and may vary until ticketed.  Prices are based on a one way economy Light Fare.
That’s correct, you won’t get Champagne and Caviar on Tigerair Australia because it is a low-cost, budget airline and does not pretend to be anything else.
Most international visitors to Australia will make their way to the iconic Great Barrier Reef. The easiest way to get to Topical North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef is to fly into Cairns. Our experience with the low budget carrier Tigerair Australia was seamless because it positively addressed all of our needs.
There was a lady from Tigerair with an iPad, checking people in the queue and printing boarding passes on the spot for those with carry-on luggage and thus thinning out the line considerably.
On board, our seats were comfortable and wider than seats we have had on non-budget airlines.
Because Tigerair turns around quickly, the bags were on that carousel as we sauntered towards it.
I posted on my Facebook that we were flying with Tigerair from Sydney to Cairns, Queensland and got back the response “good luck with that one”.
Tiger Airways Australia is now a subsidiary of Virgin Australia and with that acquisition; there has been an enormous change in everything that they do. Tigerair is the major competition to the other low budget Qantas carrier Jetstar, and Jetstar are not too happy with the dramatic improvements shown by Tigerair.
Customer satisfaction also rose 11 points to 75 percent, meaning the majority of passengers are happy with what Tigerair is doing. No people, you are not going to be served champagne and caviar on a budget flight that you paid very little for. Tigerair has also expanded their product offerings considerably, far beyond just offering affordable fares.
Even the hardened industry watchers are now saying that Tigerair Australia has dramatically improved under Virgin’s reign.
SERENDIPITY - THE ART OF MAKING HAPPY DISCOVERIESJoin our mailing list and let us help you make your own happy discoveries. I flown with Tiger many times between Melbourne and Sydney and have to agree that I’ve never had any problems with them and would recommend them to anyone.
I haven’t flown Tiger air, but I firmly believe that when you book anything flights, accommodation, cruises etc.

You had a positive experience and seems like the airline more than met your (realistic) expectations. It is great for us as customers to have an efficient airline that gets us where we want to go and on time. I have flown several budget airlines over the years and find them easy to deal with and as a matter of fact…usually the flight crews are amazing and super nice. I think that is what we all want, to pay as little as possible, to have friendly staff and to leave and arrive on time.
I haven’t flown Tigerair Australia, but you are right that customers need to understand budget means budget.
You have nailed it Jackie, budget does mean budget.I am pleased that you had positive experiences also. Virgin Australia is pulling out of its leisure-oriented routes to Bali and Thailand in a bid to stem heavy losses of some $A69 million on its international operations. The 25.9% Air New Zealand-owned airline will cut its Perth-Phuket operation from February and services from Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth to Bali from March. The Bali services will be transferred to Virgin's budget offshoot Tigerair Australia from March 23 – Tigerair’s first international routes. Virgin will redeploy some of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft it has used flying to Bali and Phuket to transtasman routes, including Sydney-Christchurch and Melbourne-Christchurch.
Three aircraft will be transferred to Tigerair, which has also announced additional domestic services between Sydney and Adelaide and Sydney and Cairns.
Virgin chief executive John Borghetti says the airline expects its international business to be profitable by the end of the 2016-17 financial year.
Lufthansa has introduced a “restaurant service” for long-haul business class passengers in its Airbus A380 flights over the Atlantic.
The German airline says this includes welcoming passengers by name, taking orders and setting tables with ceramic crockery, serving meals directly from the galley, and replacing trays and flight trolleys with service plates. The service, which is already available on flights from Germany to New York and Miami, will also apply on superjumbo routes to Houston, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Delhi, Beijing, San Francisco, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore. The same service will be available in Boeing 747-400 and 747-8 flights from Frankfurt on October 1 and A340 routes from Frankfurt and Munich to Asia and the Middle East from October 25. A group of US air carriers have come out against any restrictions on Gulf-based airlines in the latest twist to the big battle of skies. FedEx, Atlas Air Worldwide, Hawaiian Airlines and JetBlue say restrictions on three Middle Eastern airlines – Emirates, Etihad and Qatar – might harm national security interests.
The big three US airlines, United, American and Delta, backed by the labour unions, say they face unfair competition because of subsidies from the Gulf governments that control the airlines.
The other group of US carriers say any restrictions might provoke the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to respond with sanctions of their own, posing threats to US security interests in the Middle East. Global passenger traffic for June showed a 5.7% increase in demand (based on revenue passenger kilometres or RPKs) compared with a year earlier, Iata figures show. The LATAM Group, which is a merger of Chile’s LAN Airlines and its affiliates in Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador with Brazil’s TAM, has adopted a new logo and consolidated all of its brands under the one name. The LATAM network has a total of 140 passenger destinations in 24 countries, with an even bigger cargo network. Emirates has signed a codeshare agreement with Thailand-based Bangkok Airways, significantly expanding its network in Southeast Asia. It will also add 14 more cities to Emirates’ global network, allowing it to connect passengers to new tourist destinations such as Koh Samui and Chiang Mai in Thailand, Siem Reap in Cambodia, and Yangon and Mandalay in Myanmar.
In addition, Emirates says the codeshare will help provide better connectivity to passengers from Australia and New Zealand.
If booked online in advance, it will cost $18 for short flights and $23 for longer flights.
Tigerair Australia flights mean it will become even more accessible for those looking an affordable and relaxing tropical getaway any time of year. The aircraft will be reconfigured and rebranded in the Tigerair livery before the airline’s new international services launch in March 2016. Passengers will be able to purchase (or pre-purchase) food and beverages from Tigerair’s extensive inflight menu and purchase extra luggage over and above the 7kg free carry-on luggage allowance if required.
Delivered straight from the Airbus factory in Hamburg, the new A320 will be the first in the Tigerair Australia fleet to feature “sharklets” on the wingtips, one of the latest aerodynamic design features from the aircraft manufacturer. Domestic travelers will also travel to the Great Barrier Reef, as this is the world’s largest coral reef and one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Max Airport by Levarti is an app, and this means that they can move out from behind the desk and engage with customers from anywhere in and around the terminal. Another response was from a friend who uses Tigerair a lot and loves them, particularly in the last year or so, who said, “They are fantastic”. Too many times we sit on the main carriers waiting for all of the customers to show the courtesy of arriving on time so that we can all leave at the designated time.

These include web check, self-serve check-in kiosks, and automated bag drop facilities in key ports.
Tigerair Australia has recently announced new international services from Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide to Bali commencing 23 March 2016. I don’t want these things, and if I did, I would add them on, at my expense, and not at the cost of all of the other passengers.
We will look forward to getting through check-in quickly, leaving and arriving on time, being smiled at, and having our bags riding round the carousel waiting for us. Follow all the hosts of Weekend Travel Inspiration who are working hard to spread the word on what wonderful work travel bloggers are doing. I think sometimes people are unable to manage or adjust their expectations when it comes to budget airliners and this leads to dissatisfaction rather than something the airliner did or did not do. There are a lot of people who are not very realistic and also do not bother reading some very obvious things like when to arrive at the airport and baggage requirements. Will we be able to fly from Perth to Sydney and how much will it cost for my wife and 3 children? I have provided the link here so that you can check the prices for your family, as prices do change according to when you travel and how old your children are.
Tigerair allows you to use your electronic devices on the flight, so would probably fill my iPad with movies.
As long as they run smoothly and have a good value I don’t really care about the extras. It flies to New Zealand daily from Santiago to Auckland in a flight that also goes to Sydney.
Our special feature audio offers a mix of comment from journalists, experts and panel discussions. The new services will feature all economy seating for up to 180 passengers, with five rows of extra legroom seating (18 seats at the front of the cabin and 12 seats in exit rows) that can be purchased in advance of travel for extra comfort.
International fares departing Denpasar may vary with the addition of local taxes and charges. This is one of the reasons that we were making this trip, the other being to sample the culinary delights of the Atherton Tablelands.
If you want assistance to change flights or purchase optional add-on items such as extra luggage or extra legroom seating, then this can be done on the spot. The staff came around with the food trolley, called the Tigerbites menu, where you can purchase if you choose or even pre-purchase if you select this option.
A budget airline gets you from point A to point B, and does it efficiently just as Tigerair Australia does. They pay security officers (not police) to weigh passengers carry on and charge them $25 per kilo of extra weight. You don’t want to pay a lot for this flight, considering that Australia is not the cheapest country though it is the most beautiful country in the world. Plus, they are very friendly and the innovation of using the iPad to get out and amongst the passengers is genius.
You definitely want the flight to leave and arrive on time, to be comfortable, and not to be waiting around for your bags at the end. We were out of there to explore the Atherton Tablelands of Queensland before the Great Barrier Reef and some serious snorkeling. If you are looking for ideas of what to do in Sydney, you will see a lot of ideas on our site. The booking and service fee does not apply to payments made using Australian-issued MasterCard debit cards. I was 3kg above as it is impossible to pack carry on for 10kg with laptops and cables weighting already 5kg. So I proceeded to threaten I would leave stuff on the counter or wear everything – which I did. Bookings may be changed by paying the fee and any applicable fare difference in accordance with our conditions of carriage, as published on our website on the day you request your change.
For Light Fares, additional charges apply for optional extras such as checked-in baggage travel insurance and reserved seat selection. We bargained to 1kg extra and I paid (after wearing all the clothes I could and stuffing my pockets with tshirts). Flights between Australia and Denpasar are operated by Virgin Australia International providing a tigerair australia service and are subject to regulatory approvals. Now, I’ll stop flying tiger for it too bot because they are charging for overweight but because the ugly way they are doing it.

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