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Have not used it yet but looks like I will tie the front end to keep wind from gapping it open. Prompt delivery and straightforward assembly (a second set of hands, at least until the two pieces are bolted together, is a huge help, as the dimensions make it extremely difficult to manage alone - not impossible, but very challenging). Thule #687XT Atlantis 1800 cartop cargo carriers: Atlantis roof rack mounted luggage gear boxes. Thule #688BXT Atlantis Black 2100 cartop cargo carrier box - Thule Car roof rack top hardshell boxes. The Thule Pulse is the most basic cargo box in the Thule line and that makes its price affordable. For a super-sleek and swift Thule cargo carrier, look no further than the Thule Sonic cargo box. With the wide range of sizes, prices, and technology in the Thule cargo carrier line, there is a box to fit the needs and lifestyle of everyone. The kayak carrier makes it easy to load the kayak onto the roof as it fits to the boats exact shape, and the boat itself is not damaged by being strapped down onto the roof bars.
A rubber pad around the strap buckle protects the kayak and car from scratches during loading and transport.

The rubber support pads protect the hull of the kayak from scratches and damage when transporting the boat. The rubber pads flex in order to mould to fit the hull of the boat for the most secure position whilst travelling. The 874 Kayak Carrier makes loading boats simple as it eliminates the hassle of turning the boat upside down. From rocks to rain, the rugged polyethylene shell is ready to take on anything the road dishes out. Its Aeronose and angle-cut back helps your vehicle and cargo slice through the wind – without sacrificing speed or mileage. With the Thule Force cargo box, you get all the protection and ease of Thule cargo carriers at a friendly price.
Thoughtful passenger-side-opening design means easy loading and convenient access to the contents. Thule helps you get your luggage, gear, or whatever else you’re packing out of the car and onto the roof. Don’t let the small price fool you, the Thule Pulse still comes with a Lifetime Warranty, SecureLock to keep your belongings safe, and attaches to most racks with the Quick-Grip Mounting System.

And, the Quick-Grip Mounting System, SecureLock, and Lifetime Warranty maintain peace of mind. Grabbing your gear from the back of your car is a snap, thanks to the Boxter’s increased rear hatch clearance. Your Thule 682 Sidekick Roof Cargo Box is built in the USA and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. And, Thule’s blend of quality & style extends to this beautiful box’s shell, with its durable, two-toned, high-gloss automotive finish.
Our 130+ Thule 682 Sidekick Roof Cargo Box customer reviews have an average rating of 4.50 out of 5 stars. Best of all, the Thule Boxter cargo box features an aerodynamic profile that reduces wind noise and preserves fuel mileage. To see specific reviews about your vehicle, please select your year, make and model from the drop down above.

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