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An extensive research and development program using our team of professional surfers provides valuable feedback and testing which guarantees FCS travel luggage meets superior standards of excellence.
Condition 6 - Although this board is worn or old, there is still some life left in this surfboard. Condition 8 - A repaired ding or three but professionally done so the board is in overall in very good condition.
That's right, unless you're buying a surfboard, bodyboard, skimboard, or a stand-up paddleboard, if your order exceeds $39, it ships for free! St Vedas Accommodation - St Vedas Surf Shop - St Vedas Surf School, Coldingham Bay, Coldingham, Berwickshire, Scotland.
The new Adventurer Board Case from Nautilus Surf is an innovation in surfboard case design.
Guitar manufacturers have been making quality hard cases to protect their valuable instruments for decades.
Stoked on the great feedback from the Adventurer case, looking forward to getting one, thanks!

Check out the swell shell, it’s already been on the market and costs less and not as bulky at the Nautilus. I have not used a Nautilus case before but I borrowed my friend’s swell shell once and it was not very user friendly.
Ergonomic Handles – Two handles in just the right places for convenient, comfortable carrying and rolling.
Secure Lock Loop – Solid loop designed to accommodate a TSA approved lock of your choice for air travel. Triple Latches – Three Heavy Duty latches ensure that the Adventurer board case never comes open unless you want it to, while still being quick and easy to open.
Roof Mounting System – Convenient pass through points and recessed mounting locations make attaching the Adventurer to your roof rack a breeze.
Oversized Wheels – Five-inch urethane wheels make rolling over rough terrain or up stairs easy.
I have had more issues with boards breaking during travel than anyone on the planet, I think.

My friend is a pro surfer from North Carolina so I assumed the case was going to be awesome. Storage areas in the front for your extra gear and 2 sets of fin slots in the back for removable fin storage.
I had to wrap my boards with bubble wrap and foam just so my boards would not slam against the plastic inside the case. Then the baggage claim representative asked me to open my case and show her how many surfboards I had in it and it was an extreme hassle just to open and close the case.

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