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SANTA FE, New Mexico – The newest iteration of the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class has to fill a broad position in the marketplace, given that some of its competitors such as Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Infiniti QX56 and Porsche Cayenne cover a wide range of what is considered a luxury SUV.
My first test 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class was equipped with the new, optional quilted motif sewn into all three rows of seats.
The front bucket seats are some of the tallest I’ve encountered, and while this may be safe, it does make it difficult to shoulder check around them. Cargo mode, which is all the seats folded down, provides nearly as much space as the average small truck. Little things like the two heated and cooled cup holders up front compliment the luxury found in the Mercedes-Benz GL.
Roughly 20 assist systems that will make you a better driver, even if you don’t want to be one, are either standard or optional on the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.
There is an optional Turn Assist system that will help you get around corners if you are going a touch too quick. Part of luxury driving is having a suspension that provides that soft cushy ride on almost any surface, and an engine with enough power to move your vehicle at whatever speed you choose to.
When I looked over the controls, I targeted the suspension adjustments that switch between Comfort and Sport.

Later in the day, I turned onto a dirt trail and drove at speeds most owners wouldn’t even consider. This brings about the serious issue of trying to describe how much the air suspension dynamics, including the electronically adjustable anti-sway bars, have improved over the previous generation. Fuel economy is a hot topic these days and one of the main reasons for the improved performance of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class in both fuel economy and acceleration is a new, smooth-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission as well as a 90-kg weight loss. In Canada, Mercedes-Benz sells more than 1,600 GL-Class models each year, and expects that number to increase when all versions of the 2013 GL become available. 2 Suitcases in dark brown colour 30' W x 22" H x 9"D have wheels and in excellent condition. 2 Large Suitcases in dark brown colour 30' W x 22" H x 9"D have wheels and in excellent condition.
There are electronic controls for these actions located at each rear door and at the rear hatch.
I was able to keep my coffee hot and, with the flip of a switch, keep my bottle of water cold enough to make it a pleasant beverage. A sampling of assists turns up my latest favourite, Parking Assist, which is now simple to use and actually does the job right.

The lane-departure system not only vibrates the steering wheel initially, but tosses you back into your lane quite ruthlessly if you are not paying attention. At first, it seemed like a novelty, but when I turned it off, it stayed off for about 10 seconds before I wanted it back on!
I figured all this out as soon as I got into the driver’s seat of the Mercedes-Benz GL that I was to start out in at the International Launch in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On the smooth roads of New Mexico, the Sport setting worked just fine and I was rolling along nice and relaxed, going around corners at what I thought was the posted limit. The Sport setting made the ride just a bit harsh, but I could feel what type of surface I was on. That was until I realized the GL was going around corners at roughly 50% faster than I thought. Comfort allowed for a softer ride and hence a bit more speed, particularly on washboard surfaces.

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