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The 2011 guide included everything from luggage and toiletries to travel art, stationery, wine clubs and more.
Then as you shop, remember to check out my posts on Maximizing Your Points and Credit Card Spend This Holiday Shopping Season and the Top 10 Holiday Shopping Bonuses. Get 40,000 points after you use your new Card to make $3,000 in purchases in your first 3 months.$200 Airline Fee Credit. Editorial Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Editorial Note: Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you!
Don’t forget to Like The Blog on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, or create your own study abroad blog! My name is Nate Nault and I’m the creator and editor of The Study Abroad Blog and author of The Ultimate Study Abroad Guide. You do have to be careful because most airlines now won’t let any individual bag weigh over about 32 kilos (70 lbs) for health and safety reasons. I used to always carry my toiletries in hand luggage because they were heavy and take up space. The big mistake I made once was buying 200ml of something duty free, then, on the return trip, I decanted half into a 100 ml bottle and took the rest in the original bottle. The most amazing piece of packing I’ve ever seen was a friend travelling Europe for a few weeks with the biggest, heaviest suitcase ever – now, she really was a fashion victim carrying all those shoes and bags. Depending where you’re going – or how much you have annoyed the check-in staff – there is always the fear that check-in luggage may not meet you at the other end.
Our following guide, with handy tips from industry experts, will assist you in choosing the perfect luggage or ‘portable wardrobe’ for your exciting adventure.
Wheels: Hell yeah, it’s all about the wheels, satisfyingly rolling your suitcase, secretly (smugly) watching fellow travelers buckle under the weight of their backpack, this convenient feature gives a major edge to the suitcase. Organized Packing: Clothing can be packed neatly into a suitcase and therefore easily located once you reach your destination. Safety: One big lock can secure the whole thing, you can feel safe knowing that no one can have a nosey around your personal belongings. Olivia Hulett, Ricardo Beverly Hills, advises that ‘Where am I going, and how am I getting there’ are the two most important questions to ask yourself when choosing a suitcase, picking the right case for the destination and length of your trip is essential.
To learn the pros of traveling with a backpack, please read: How to Choose a Travel Backpack.
Size is an important factor when choosing luggage, no one wants a suitcase that is too big for them that they cannot manage – travel nightmare, Jacquie Whitt, Co-Founder of Adios Adventure Travel, notes that the overall size of the bag should be limited to what the traveler can handle, there may be times when no one is around to assist you.
As a general rule check ALL of the airlines you are traveling with websites for information of what size luggage you can take on board and make a note, different airlines had different size requirements, so don’t get caught out. It’s a good tip to test your suitcase before you travel, check that the handle is long enough for your height, that the feel of the fabric suits your needs and if the case feels robust and hard wearing for all your traveling adventures, if you plan to order your case online make sure you do it well in advance, this way you can have time to send it back and search for another if it doesn’t feel right. Experienced traveler Sandra Yacura, Kamshed Communications, advises that a travel suitcase should ideally measure 22” x 9” x 14”, this way it is large enough to fit in plenty, yet small enough to squeeze into the overhead compartments on MOST airlines, as a general rule opt for a carry on no larger than 45” (length + width + height) and a checked bag no larger than 62” which are standard for most US airlines. 18 – 20” International Carry-on – Considered the international carry-on size, perfect for weekends away or short trips as they have the optimum amount of space for a few essential outfits, shoes and toiletries. 21 – 22” Domestic Carry-on – Generally the most popular size of carry-on luggage for a US domestic flight with restrictions of 45 linear inches, this is the ideal size for business trips or weekends away.
23 – 24” Medium Checked – The size perfect for travelers looking for small, light luggage to check – ideal for trips of 3 to 5 days.
25 – 27” Large Checked – Generally the most popular size of luggage to check as it has lots of room to pack for 5 – 7 days or longer (depending on how you pack), yet still remains easy to manage and handle. Different features can suit different travelers – lots of pouches are ideal for super organized packers, whereas waterproof sections are ideal to hold wet swimwear or leaky cosmetic and shampoo bottles. Today’s suitcases come with a wide variety of cool features that affect transportation, packing and protection, reading all about a suitcases handy features is all well and good – if you know what they’re for. Piggy Back Clip: A looped clip on the top of the bag, known as a piggy back clip, allows you to clip a second bag to the larger one, bonus! Wheels: Who wants to carry a suitcase these days, Barbara King, from Great Getaway Travel, notes that several airlines servicing safari lodges ban wheeled luggage, it’s always best to check with your travel adviser for details. Telescoping Handles: Everyone loves a suitcase they can effortlessly pull behind them, a rolling suitcase is so much easier to manage as you can pull the weight instead of carrying it, make sure the handle is sturdy and easily retractable.
Compartments: Pockets and compartments are a useful feature to help organize all your belongings, for example keeping your liquid bag in an external pockets make it easy to locate at the airport (no airing of underwear while your rummage).
Handles: Top and side handles make maneuvering your luggage much simpler, choose luggage with strong and durable handles that will withstand the weight of your belongings. Tie Down Straps:  These stretchy, adjustable straps are great for helping you pack lighter and tighter, they are great for keeping your personal belongings in place and ensuring they remain secure.
The durability of the suitcase is important; it should be well-made and able to withstand the rough and tumble of travel, traveler Marcey Rader, Workwell Life Balance Solutions, notes – ‘High-quality luggage is a necessity.

If you travel at least once per quarter, a quality piece of luggage is important because it can last a lifetime. Handles: A broken handle is common when luggage is being thrown around at the airport, opt for a two-bar handle that is sturdier than a one-bar and can withstand more. Wheels: Jacquie Whitt, Adios Adventure Travel, notes that if possible, choose four wheels over two as they glide easier, she advises that wheels should be high quality, similar to skateboard wheels, hard plastic wheels are more likely to crack or break when dropped (I’ve had this happen whilst roaming the streets of Paris trying to locate my hotel, utter nightmare). Zipper: Zippers leave luggage susceptible to water damage when in contact with rain, opt for hard cases with a latch system to avoid this, if you choose a suitcase with zippers select pulls crafted from tough metal or durable plastic. If your bag is going to get stolen, there’s not much you can do to prevent this, the best measure to keep your luggage safe is to take out travel insurance to cover your loss and to only pack valuables in your carry-on luggage that you have the ability to keep an eye on. Adding security features to your luggage is common sense, anything is better than nothing to make your suitcase less accessible to thieves or smugglers whilst traveling, invest in sturdy and durable locks, cable ties and shrink wrapping, be warned though, expensive looking security mechanisms can scream ‘VALUABLES INSIDE’. Locks: Ahh the trusty lock, a favorite with travelers, it is guaranteed to at least slow down a thief or put them off all together.
Shrink Wrapping: Many airports now feature a shrink wrap station, costing around $10 a go, it’s a great way to deter people slipping illegal items into your case or more commonly stealing items from your bag.
Invest in travel insurance that cover lost or stolen baggage, you’ll most definitely regret it if not. Keep all valuables and travel documents in your hand luggage, this way you can an eye on them at all times. Include a waterproof label on each piece of luggage depicting your up to date contact information, (not your home address, this could highlight to thieves the opportunity of a free house) that way, if your case is lost, it has a greater chance of returning to you in swift time, don’t forget to removes tags from previous trips.
Check your luggage as soon as you land, that way you can quickly contact the airline and your insurer if anything is missing. Read more about safety in this post: Money Belts and the Best Anti-theft Travel Accessories. We all know it; travel luggage can be expensive, if you’re an avid traveler you must remember, this is not your average suitcase, it’s about to become your portable wardrobe for the duration of your travels, you need luggage that will last. Visiting a store will allow you to test the bag before purchasing, this way you can determine what style, size and brand suits you the best. If you are online shopping order your case well in advance, this way you can return the luggage if it is not suited to you, look for a retailer that offers free returns, such as eBags , this way you can order several cases to see which you prefer, returning the others free of charge.
For guidelines on what clothing to pack, please read this post about How to Choose Travel Clothing for Travel and RTW Packing List. For regular duffles, personally I like having the alternate option of rolling them if they feel heavy after a while.
After flying 200,000+ miles this year so far, I definitely have a lot of ideas for what to get my fellow travelers, but I want to hear your thoughts, so please comment below on what you would like to see included on the gift guide, the kinds of presents you would love to receive as travelers, and what you’re planning to buy the frequent flyers in your life. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear).
I’m leaving for Japan to be a missionary for a year and have no idea how to start packing. I had originally planned on staying in Scotland for the entire school year without any trips home, so anything I wanted to bring had to come with me on my first flight over, which is why I brought 2 suitcases and a carry-on.
I leave for my year abroad in America in 4 days and am currently in the midst of my packing. Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and my goal is to help students make the most of it. This is particularly relevant for those lucky enough to be in business class and allowed to take at least this much. Some people claim that laying clothes flat fits just as much but I have to say since I started rolling things I have many more wardrobe choice on the road.
In Russia, they have such rampant theft that when you take your bag off the carousel, someone checks your ID against your baggage ticket against the bag before you are allowed to leave. The funniest thing I ever heard, actually I think I read it in a book, was about someone checking through a camel suit (don’t ask) and then seeing one of the baggage guys on the tarmac running around the plane wearing it. For example, at Zagreb airport in Croatia, they will sometimes ask if you have anything with batteries in your check through luggage. Some English airports now have a two-stop system: your bags are checked then you go through another security barrier where you take off your shoes and they are checked. I have computer leads and camera and phone chargers and they all end up with different outlet points. You might think it looks intrepid and retro but when your back is breaking and you can’t find that last pair of clean socks which is hiding right down the bottom, the wheelie suitcase is going to start looking pretty attractive. Although no need to panic because I have a theory that packing takes as long as you’ve got. Here at Travel Fashion Girl we aim to make your adventure as calm and hassle free as possible. Marcey Rader, from Marcey Rader Coaching, suggests testing the suitcase before you buy, making sure it doesn’t hit you on the heels as you walk or drag too far behind you and annoy other travelers. Breanna Wilson, Caffeine and Whiskey, advises choosing a suitcase with a padded handle.
You will regret buying a ‘good enough’ bag when you are running down the terminal with your suitcase flopping along and then your handle breaks!

Sue Belson, president of Just Label It, notes that a great way to identify your suitcase is to buy vibrant, oversize, fun luggage tags that will make your suitcase stand out from the crowd allowing you to locate your bag easily. They have in-depth knowledge on what luggage comes back for repairs, what goes on sale and which have a great guarantee, their expertise are priceless. I don’t like backpacks and I think a wheeled suitcase might give me too much temptation to overpack. I don’t understand the laws of physics that make it true (is it physics?) but it works for me.
So, it’s into the case for longer trips, or decanted into 100 ml plastic bottles for shorter ones. Even though the bottle was half full, it said 200ml on it so they would not let me carry it on the plane.
My Dad likes to carry a clock, a torch etc – he had to unpack and remove all the batteries and repack them separately.
I definitely do not advocate ripping up books, barbaric, but guidebooks are more tools than literature so I have got into the habit of ripping out the section for the place I’m going, then throwing it in the bin as I leave. Especially when it comes to pulling out the money belt full of cash – this is just a green light to a scammer. My sister calls my suitcase The Tardis (a la Doctor Who) because I pull so many different outfits out of it. A sure way to decrease drama whist traveling is to ensure you’re using the best travel luggage for your needs. Business travelers might be delighted by a bag with an easily accessible computer and electronics compartment.
Although you can still be hassled at security if you have lots of little bottles in your required Ziplock plastic bag.
I think telling them that the rest was in the other bottle only made it worse; I really did have 200ml of one substance, and man, that bubble bath could have really caused fragrant mayhem on the plane.
This is the airport where they made me take off a suit jacket that had metal jewellery on it – luckily I was wearing a camisole that day. A small sewing kit is also good to have (although make sure scissors and needles are checked through). Carry your wallet, like always, just be sensible and don’t put it in your back pocket, which is good advice anywhere.
Feel free to print out both posts and use them as your complete guide on how to pack when your studying abroad!
It just feels like too much (plus the cost of the second bag), but I know I want the carry on for weekend trips. Although I have resisted the lure of the Austrian travelling clothes a la the Von Trapp family, I did once succumb to a red nurses’ cape.
But, of course, as soon as you are wearing only underwear, the line stops while someone in front of you has his or her bag searched… Really luckily it was quite a pretty camisole. I don’t want a repeat of the ugly incident when the English cricket fan took my case and I got his… That did no wardrobe favours for either of us.
Why is it that people who live in popular tourist cities don’t get pickpocketed as often as tourists? For every outfit, I pack the appropriate bra, makeup colors and jewelry, the right shoes and handbag, and even a flat hanger all at the same time (because the ones at the hotels are bulky, clunky wood ones and they give you like three). The day I am leaving I put the makeup I want with me on the plane into two clear baggies: one for liquids, one for powders. I have it all: eye makeup remover, face wash, face cream, eye cream, body cream, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, and more. I have these bottles and jars at the ready in a bag in the closet, I just fill in more when it’s time to travel again! I then have a special fabric bag for my hangers that fits in there, with hats and some handbags perhaps. Here is my great secret: nothing really needs to go in the carry on but my laptop, so I put a lot of shoes in there, in small plastic bags, and my jewelry of course.
I have three zip lock bags with panties, bras, and stockings, and those go in the carry on for padding.
Imagine going to breakfast at a beautiful island resort with the perfect Lauren mini-dress and matching sun hat. Having night after night of dinner dresses with the shoes, handbags, jewelry and makeup to make everything just pop and shine.
Having the right day outfits to walk around with your feet not hurting but still looking good.

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