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The Golden Age of Travel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries set the stage for the travel industry of the 21st, which is why the nostalgia of vintage suitcases is so appealing to decorators and antiques collectors alike.
Identifying these famous brands of vintage luggage is important for collectors and anyone looking for quality and authenticity.
In addition to who made a vintage suitcase, it is also important to consider what the company used to make it. Packing for a holiday for yourself is hard enough, but packing for children makes the process exponentially more difficult. The smaller stature of the suitcase's owner means that a children's suitcase itself must match accordingly. While a traditional box-shaped suitcase has a lot of use for a child, it is still important to consider whether or not a suitcase is actually the correct piece of luggage in the first place.
When flying, airline luggage allowances are far more generous for checked-in luggage than cabin luggage, though there will still be restrictions in place. Cabin luggage and flight bags are subject to strict guidelines as any hand luggage must fit safely into overhead storage or beneath the seat in front of you. The size and weight allowance for cabin luggage varies between airlines so check with your travel provider before you fly, otherwise you may be asked to check-in oversized and overweight hand luggage.
If a bag is labelled as cabin appropriate, the dimensions will fit within most airline hand luggage limitations. Most of us have experienced that feeling of panic when we cana€™t seem to find our passport at the bottom of our bag. A relic from a bygone era with a history all its own, the vintage suitcase is more than just an old box, however. This means paying attention to both who made the suitcase as well as the materials and processes used to make it.
Though very early versions of the suitcase were wool or linen, leather or other animal hides are by far more popular and valuable.

Over time, several materials appeared inside suitcases including soft leather in the oldest versions and silk, velvet, and canvass in those made closer to and throughout the 20th century.
Many parents find that once they reach a certain age, allowing children to carry and help pack their own suitcase makes the process much easier on everyone. Just like with adult suitcases, choosing between a hard and soft children's suitcase is a matter of weighing pros and cons against personal needs and preferences. Unless you want to end up carrying your suitcase and your child's, finding a suitably small wheeled children's suitcase or one that he or she can lift is essential. There are several cases when other types of luggage such as a shoulder bag or rucksack may be more appropriate for a holiday and easier for a child to manage. The size of your luggage will be determined by the amount of clothing and holiday essentials you need for the duration of your trip, but also where your case will be stored in transit.
Be aware that exceeding your airlinea€™s checked luggage limits will incur further charges. Not only will this mean an unexpected charge before your holiday begins, youa€™ll also be separated from those essentials youa€™ve packed to keep you comfortable and entertained on the flight. Many airlines limit cabin luggage to dimensions around 50cm x 40cm x 20cm, but weight allowance is much more varied. Because cabin baggage is designed to be taken with you through all the requisite security checks, these smaller pieces of luggage usually incorporate several pockets to keep your travel documents, passport and itinerary easily accessible at all times. Before you buy vintage suitcases, it is important to learn more about them in terms of history and quality assessment. Assessing a vintage leather suitcase for proper care and construction, however, means assessing its frame, generally made of wood, as well as the tanning process used. The quality of the lining material as well as its condition is a good indicator of the value of a particular suitcase as well as how well previous owners cared for it. In general, children's hard suitcases have the advantage of protecting the contents in a much more reliable way.

Like clothing, it may be appropriate to have a child 'try on' a suitcase before committing to a purchase.
For example, an aeroplane carry-on bag should be small enough to fit under the seat in front of the child so he or she can access it while in flight.
Make sure your luggage will fit easily into the boot of your car before you fill it with travel essentials, and check with any travel providers about size or weight guidance. Leather tanned in a high-quality fashion stands the test of time with fewer cracks or dried out areas.
Parents must consider the material of the suitcase, its size, and the type of trips they take before deciding on the best model. Hard-sided cases are generally durable and waterproof as well, making them a better choice for lugging through streets and taking on outdoor trips such as camping. In addition, many manufacturers identify the type of leather used, stamping 'genuine cowhide' or something similar inside the case itself. On the other hand, soft-sided suitcases are lightweight, making them easier for a child to lift and wheel around.
Likewise, when travelling for a formal occasion such as a wedding or funeral, a garment bag which preserves the integrity of your child's formal clothes and yours is more appropriate than a boxy suitcase. This idea really took shape in the middle of the 19th century when none other than Louis Vuitton became the trunk master for Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III.
They also generally include stretchable exterior pockets and zippers which allow you to fit in more items and stay organised. Vuitton designed luggage trunks to carry elaborate costumes and gowns for travel across the Atlantic, essentially redefining the industry and becoming its first, and most famous, name.

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