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I started making these as a fun way to give a gift card to someone who was getting ready for a big trip. My first project was sewing an outfit for barbie with the help of my mom and a sewing machine! Sorry got tutorial now , went to your web site and forwarded it to my iBooks , can get sewing now yeh!!
The key item to this luggage tag is a clear plastic ID badge holder that you can find a office supply stores. With the bias tape trapped between the layers, place the second piece of fabric on top of the other piece, right sides together. Sew around the piece at the seam allowance you included, pivoting at each corner and leaving the section on the side open for turning right side out. Turn the entire piece right side out by pulling it through the opening left in the side seam. Pin the hole closed making sure to fold the seam allowance into the hole left in the side seam.
Edge stitch around the entire piece, closing up the hole at the same time and pivoting at each corner. Set your mating to a buttonhole setting and sew a buttonhole directly on top of your markings from the previous step. Feed the bias tape through the opening at the top of the ID badge, keeping it from being twisted.
One of the best things about this project is that you don’t need a ton of fabric…in fact, this is a great project to use up scraps! To help with cutting, download the luggage tag pattern (below); print it out on card stock, and cut out all the pieces.
Fuse fabric. Next, using an iron and a press cloth, fuse the heavyweight fusible interfacing to the WRONG sides of both fabric rectangles.
Trace and cut. Using the pattern piece provided, trace the luggage tag main body shape onto both fabric rectangles with a disappearing fabric pen. AND…I have them available in four different color schemes: grey, red, navy, and green! THIHMNEWSLETTERGet my best decor and organization tips delivered straight to your inbox each month!
But for me, I prefer a tag that keeps my information handy in case it’s needed, but hidden from the general bystander that might glance over.
However, it’s really quick and easy to do and will not only hold your information, but it will also help you quickly identify your bag on the luggage carousel — no one will have the same beautiful tag as you!

This is meant to be used for name tags that would hang around your neck or be pinned to your chest at conventions, but it’s also a great blank canvas for a multitude of other craft projects.
I created mine from this gorgeous cotton and linen canvas with a cheater print and placed the fold at the bottom right at the change in print to it will look patchworked without having to do any piecing! You can use store bought tape or make your own, just remember that the finished tape must fit through the hole on the ID badge, so measure that and confirm that it will work. Be sure to keep the bias tape away from the edges, so it doesn’t get caught in the stitching when sewing up the perimeter of the fabric.
When you encounter the bias tape at the bottom, reinforce it by sewing a back stitch over it to help strengthen that intersection.
You can easily open it to read the address should your bag be lost, but while traveling, all your personal details are hidden inside this most adorable holder! Simply feed the bias tape under the handle, feed the luggage tag through the loop of the bias tape, pull snug to close the loop, and you’re all set for your next adventure!
I recently re-painted a thrift store table and chairs and designed a magnetic learning station for him and I to play at together. To place the vinyl rectangle onto the front of the luggage tag, place the FRONT luggage tag RIGHT side up on your work surface. Be sure to strongly fix your start and stop points so that your threads don’t loosen over time.
With the seams facing you and centered on the top of the FRONT body rectangle, pin the ends of the strap right next to each other (see bottom photo).
Take the luggage tag front (with the vinyl and strap attached), and place it RIGHT side down onto the RIGHT side of the other fabric rectangle.
Starting in the bottom lefthand corner, sew up and over the luggage tag, pivoting at each corner and stopping at the righthand corner.
With a scissors, CAREFULLY trim away the excess fabric and interfacing in order to decrease bulk once it’s flipped right-side-out.
Before flipping it right-side-out, press open the bottom seam (wrong sides together) with an iron. To make the luggage tag extra firm (and less bendable), we’re going to add some ultra firm stabilizer to the inside of the tag (I used Peltex 72F).
To make it easier to sew the final seam together, fold the backside seam allowance (in the picture below, the grey polka dot) over the end of the Peltex insert.
I love that I now know where everything goes AND there’s a fresh pop of color on the all-white baskets! This is a great pattern to practice and learn how to sewcurves.Once you download the pattern go to my webpage and see the step by step tutorial - with lots of pictures!

Call me paranoid, but I like to keep my name and address hidden while in airports with millions of other travelers or as I roll my bag down the streets of a busy city. This can be any size you like, but the one thing it must have in addition to a slot to put your address is the opening hole at the top, so be sure the ones you find have that feature.
For my heavier fabric, I not only trimmed the corner at a 45-degree angle, but I also shaved off a little bit on either side as well to achieve nice corners. Fold the seam allowance in the opening to the inside so the edges line up on the side seam. Create the perfect travel bag with the Shimmer Cargo Duffle Kit (fabric + pattern all included!).
Make sure your strap isn’t twisted and you are pinning on the RIGHT side of the fabric! Because of the unique corners of the luggage tag, I wanted to make sure I was pivoting in just the right spot. This may be a bit challenging with the vinyl and added interfacing, but it will eventually flip! If you are comfortable with the stiffness provided by the heavyweight interfacing, you can skip this step! Finally, using a press cloth to protect the vinyl, iron the entire tag flat (not pictured).
The height should be the same as the back of the plastic, plus the height of the slot opening on the front, plus seam allowance. My machine did not love a couple of the corners and left my stitching far from perfect, so take care on those corners! Baskets on a bookcase turned out to be the perfect solution for us, but I was going crazy trying to figure out what all was inside my 8 identical baskets! I specialize in renter-friendly, movable, and budget-wise decor and organizational solutions that are high on style, function, and simplicity.
Armed with creativity, ingenuity, and a can-do attitude, I have become a pro at transforming bland and boring rentals into organized, functional, and well-styled homes for me and my family!

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